May 9, 2021
The Best Gaming Headset Under 100 [ Wireless, Bluetooth ] Reviews

🥇 [Top 10] Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Reviews

Headphones are an indispensable element of equipment for gamers, not only because they should avoid the spread of noise outside the room. Headphones allow the gamer to immerse themselves in the game and are equipped with a micro that allows participation in team chat. Headphones like this don’t have to be expensive. We present you the Best Gaming Headset Under 100. Criteria for assessing the gaming headsets include:

  • processing
  • Seat and comfort
  • Sound
  • service
  • Furnishing

The Best Gaming Headset Under 100 [ Wireless, Bluetooth ] Reviews

HyperX Cloud Alpha – Gaming Headset

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Kingston Technology Corporation from California owns a gaming division that supplies excellent gaming accessories. The clear favorite comes from this experienced company, the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset.
The visual impression and the feel give you the impression that you have bought a professional device. The wearing comfort of the device, which surrounds the ears with artificial leather, is outstanding due to the low weight of the aluminum construction, even after hours of playing the set is not annoying and sits comfortably on the ears, but without firm pressure.

The noise-canceling microphone is built for team discussions, is easy to understand and has a slightly muffled sound. If it is not needed, it can be removed from the headset just like the cable. Practical inline controls for controlling the headset volume are installed directly on the cable.

The basses are controlled in the double chamber system via a separate loudspeaker so that they do not overlap or distort the mids and highs. The acoustic properties are well above average for this price range. The headphones convince with a rich sound, the mids sound transparent and the highs sound decent, but could do with a little more pronounced character. The local position of acoustically occurring opponents can be precisely determined. The headphones are also good for video and movies. The frequency range covered is excellent for a gaming set with 12-27,000 Hertz, the volume at 98 dB. Because of all these properties, the de

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Sennheiser GSP 300 – Gaming Headset

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The design and the color contrasts on the Sennheiser are chic. The headset is well made and stable, but is made of plastic. The microphone can be folded away if it is annoying and not needed and is automatically muted. With a weight of just 290 grams, the headphones sit comfortably on your head and will not disturb you even during long sessions. The length of the headband is adjustable, the headband is soft and comfortable to wear over the head pad. Overall, these headphones are rather elegant and simple.

The volume is controlled by a rotary switch on the auricle. The connection is made via separate jack plugs for microphone and headphones, adapters for the four-pole jack plug are included. The sound can meet the high expectations placed on the Sennheiser brand. Even at high volumes, nothing is overdriven here, the sound is balanced and always harmonious, even at maximum volume, especially because the midrange is very powerful. The frequency response ranges from 15 to 26,000 Hertz and is therefore very decent. So this headset is good for gaming, but also suitable for movies. The bass could be a bit stronger, and a software equalizer can help.

The microphone reliably filters out background noise, and the voice is transmitted clearly and easily understandable. The soft ear cups are a good compromise because they provide a clear shield without the outside world disappearing completely. Unfortunately, the upholstery is not interchangeable.

The best price-performance ratio with the Corsair HS50 Gaming Headset

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The Corsair HS50 only costs around 60. For this price, the device delivers good workmanship and a pleasant and very clear sound. The low price has at most a reduced wearing comfort, but the pressure of the swiveling and foam-padded ear cushions increases after a few hours of gaming.

The sound quality is very decent, the basses don’t boom in the middle and highs, but are still audible. The sound is precise, localizations are easy to carry out. The detachable and noise-canceling microphone allows easy-to-understand participation in the team speech. Loudspeaker control and microphone mute are located directly on the closed ear cups. According to the factory specifications, the headphones reach a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz that is suboptimal for film sound, but is really sufficient for gaming. Auricles and headband look high quality. The device is connected with a jack plug (Y adapter included). Performance and volume are convincing. There is no need to install drivers. It connects perfectly to PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices

Logitech G Pro X 2nd generation with surround sound

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Logitech is one of the best accessories suppliers in the world and has a lot to offer when it comes to gaming headsets. In terms of price, the device is at the upper level at just under 100. The headphones deliver a clear and balanced sound without the bass dominating or the mids and highs rattling at high volumes. The headphones can create an impressive surround effect. Bass and treble come well into the ear. The frequency range extends from 20 Hz – 20,000 Hertz. Opponents can be precisely located in the field with the headset.

The wearing comfort is good, the weight unfortunately a bit high. The detachable microphone can be influenced with high-quality filters, reduces background noise and is removable. The device requires the Logitech G Hub software to be installed and connects via USB. The microphone requires the supplied external USB sound card, a Windows PC and Logitech software. It is very comfortable to wear, the auricles adapt to the ears with a memory-look function.

The processing quality of the gaming headset, which is made of steel and aluminum, is excellent. Logitech offers downloadable equalizer profiles.

Optimal comfort with the Roccat Khan Aimo Gaming Headset

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This closed headset, which is mainly made of plastic, has four small lighting strips, the lights of which can be varied using the software. The design looks chic and fashionable. The most outstanding feature of this device is its wearing comfort and its very low weight. With the soft foam shells, the device sits comfortably on the head. Even after hours there is no noticeable pressure, an advantage that should not be underestimated for passionate gamers.
The Roccat Swarm software allows an optimal setting of the successful microphone on the team speech. The voice transmission is therefore particularly clear and the set is ideal for every raid. The microphone can be folded away and thus muted.

At high volumes, the treble rattles, although the device has a good frequency response of 10 to 40,000 Hertz. Bass, mids and highs could be better coordinated. The lowest criticism is the bass, which is quite rich. The surround sound gives off a certain reverb. The volume is controlled by a rotary control on the right earcup. The gaming software could be clearer. The set is connected to the PC via a USB 2.0 connection. The Roccat has fallen sharply in price and is now available for less than 100 $.

The rugged Razer Thresher

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The Razer Thresher Headset gives gamers a 7.1 surround sound experience. This model can be used completely without cables, so that the game session can take place without any movement restrictions. The use of the headphones is very easy and proves to be pleasantly uncomplicated. One push of a button is enough for the device to connect to the console.
The product has a high-quality workmanship and proves to be extremely robust even after prolonged use. For this quality, the manufacturer demands a reasonable price of around 80. Thanks to the gentle foam elements built into the headset’s bracket, the Razer Thresher is a very good headphone for people who wear glasses . For example, users who use a visual aid while gaming report that they did not feel any pressure on their head even after longer gaming sessions.

The impeccable surround sound is convincing all along the line and is particularly impressive with first-person shooters. Thanks to the delay-free ambient acoustics, players can locate their opponents based on their noises without them being visible in their own field of vision. The only drawback that we have to list in the case of the Razer Thresher is that the volume level of the device leaves something to be desired in some places. Although the tone can be adjusted manually, the maximum level can still be perceived as too quiet for some players. At the end of the day, however, this is a matter of taste. The noises themselves are easily perceptible at all times, only a little intensity is lost. Apart from this small point of criticism, we can recommend the Thresher to you with a clear conscience.

Gaming headphones for PC only: Plantronics Rig 600 Dolby Atmos

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This headset is another example of the fact that good headsets with a clean sound, weighing only 250 grams and good comfort can be had for less than 100. The wearing comfort is pleasantly soft with the circumaural earpieces, artificial leather prevents the ears from overheating. The fabric-covered bracket is well padded and adjustable in 16 levels. So nothing stands in the way of hours of gaming.

The design of the device is deliberately kept in simple, minimalist lines for lovers of understatement. The black finish is only accentuated by a few golden elements on the ear cups. Alternatively, a cable with and a cable without a microphone boom are available. The volume and microphone muting are controlled on the cables. Fixing the very flexible microphone arm is a bit difficult. The cable is rather short at 1.6 meters. The frequency response ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz and produces a broad sound in which many details can be identified and opponents can be easily located. The virtual surround sound is very helpful here. The present mids are easy to hear and are optimally complemented by the highs. The bass also hums pleasantly. Ambient noises are disturbing


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The headset came on the market in 2015 and is considered a true all-rounder within the gaming scene. The padded ear cups of the headphones completely enclose the user’s ears, thereby blocking out external noises and optimizing the immersive sound experience during the individual game sessions.
In addition to the fairly light weight of around 318 grams, a special memory foam built into the temples of the product ensures that the headset is particularly comfortable to wear and that it does not exert any pressure on the wearer’s head even after prolonged use.

Thanks to the AGC function, the desired volume level of the microphone is kept constant. An extremely pleasant circumstance that your online friends will particularly benefit from. This also applies to the foam protection of the microphone included in the scope of delivery. The device ensures that hard background noises are filtered out of the acoustics and creates a particularly pure sound image of your voice.

Should you decide to buy the HyperX KHX-HSCP-RD Cloud II, you will receive a lot of useful accessories in addition to the actual headset. This includes, among other things, an aircraft adapter for use when traveling and a bag for transport.

With a price of around 80, the HyperX KHX-HSCP-RD Cloud II is one of the medium-priced headsets. The gaming headphones are particularly suitable for multiplayer-savvy players and are also compatible not only with the PS4 but also with the PC and the Xbox One. Excellent voice reproduction has now also been certified by Teamspeak.

Together with the excellent sound quality, the dashing design and the fair price, the headset from HyperX ranks first in our selection.

Super affordable Speedlink Maxter Gaming Headset

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The German manufacturer Speedlink shows that you can buy sensible headsets for around 30 today. Since the market launch in 2017, the price has dropped from 80 to 30. The Speedlink Maxter makes a solid and extremely powerful visual impression with its red and black play of colors. The illuminated auricles with their soft padding surround the ears. The headband is practically adjustable so that the headphones fit well on people with different head sizes despite their heavyweight of 350 grams. However, violent head movements can cause the listener to fall. The loose, light fit has the advantage that long sessions are not stressful.

The drivers, 50 millimeters in size, deliver solid bass, transparent mids and clear highs with 20 watts of power. The frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hertz is sufficient for games; classical concerts should be listened to with other devices. The surround sound is very helpful for locating game opponents. The device is connected to the PC via a USB cable. The generously dimensioned cable length is three meters. There is a separate model with a shorter cable for the Playstation. The microphone is also illuminated, can be easily aligned using the gooseneck and transmits flawlessly.

Creative Sound BlasterX H7 with strengths and weaknesses

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Creative Labs is a global provider of consumer electronics. The very solidly made blaster shines with its balanced sound, is rather light at 275 grams, sits comfortably on the head and allows good enemy location.
The design of the blaster does not look playful, but classy and reserved. The headband made of metal is adjustable in many ways. The auricles are big enough to enclose the ears and greatly attenuate outside noise. The seat is solid, the artificial leather upholstery on the ears is annoying, which makes you sweat.

The robust device can be bought for just under a hundred and is well suited for long gaming sessions. The weak point of the device is the detachable microphone, which is not very convincing with its tinny sound. The device, which is connected via USB, comes with a 24-bit capable sound card. The software can be used to change the sound with equalizers and activate the virtual surround sound, which helps to precisely locate all rooms within the playing field.

The sound is realistic, highs and mids are clear, the bass is pleasant without being annoying to dominate. Alternatively, the gaming headphones have a jack plug with which they can be connected to smartphones, for example. The sound from the 50mm drivers is solid and balanced. The frequency response ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, which is completely sufficient for gaming, but a little tight for movies. Unfortunately, the cable turned out to be short at just 1.2 meters.

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