July 1, 2022
What is The Best Unique Birthday 50th Birthday Gifts for Women The Little Cube The book Young women of fifty The connected cooler light The EcoCube Palmier Message to Personalize

Best Unique Birthday 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

Discover our Best Unique Birthday 50th Birthday Gifts for Women. What to give to a 50 year old woman? How to give an original gift to a fifty-something? Check out our ideas for what to get a 50 year old woman . A watch, a gift box, a funny gift will be gifts appreciated by a woman on the occasion of the 50 years anniversary.

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What is The Best Unique Birthday 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

The Little Cube

The Petit Cube is a 100% personalized surprise gift. The Petit Cube is a small surprise gift box to compose in 3 simple steps. The lucky beneficiary receives a designer gift box with little touches, sweet words and photos. Le Petit Cube is a surprise package full of emotions to create and send to your loved ones for small and big occasions.

The book Young women of fifty

The book Young Women of Fifty is a great gift idea for a woman in her fifties. In this removed book, Mylène Desclaux takes an honest and tender look at herself and the fifties around her. From her small personal laboratory, she takes stock of the lifestyle of a new generation of quinquas, from the distribution of household chores to the choice of the ideal companion, including sexuality or the use of social networks …

The connected cooler light

The connected cooler light is a great gift idea. It is a mood lamp, a bluetooth speaker and a cooler to keep your drinks cool, what more could you ask for!

The EcoCube Palmier Message to Personalize

The EcoCube Palmier is a personalized gift that is sure to please a woman. This gift is ideal to please a woman who dreams of sun, beach and palm trees every day. It is possible to repot the EcoCube after 6 months because the inner pot is 100% biodegradable and will turn into an effective fertilizer for the plant.

The BelleauNaturel organic beauty box

The BelleauNaturel organic beauty box is both elegant and eco-responsible because it is made from recycled cardboard and nicely decorated. There are 4 to 6 essentials each month in large formats, to take care of your skin naturally.

Well-being, cosmetics, make-up… all adapted to the season and selected from among the most beautiful French brands. Several formulas are offered, from gift subscriptions, to individual products …

A massage and Spa session

What woman would refuse a moment of zenitude? Treat her to relaxation with a massage and spa session ! Whether it is to enjoy it on your own or with your partner, your wife will certainly be delighted with this well-being outing which will allow her to relax in a zen and warm atmosphere! Besides, why not add a romantic moment to this experience, to end the day well? It costs nothing and she will have an absolutely perfect day!

The digital impedance meter

The Ozeri Touch digital scale is a practical gift. This scale accurately and reliably measures your weight and body fat. It is one of the best impedance balance on the market. The Ozeri Touch also calculates the amount of water, muscle and bone in the body within seconds. This digital scale can contain 8 different profiles with for each profile the age, sex, height and weight.

The organic gardening box

The organic gardening box from Mon Petit Coin Vert is a perfect gift for a gardening fan. Each month the lucky beneficiary of the box will receive in his letterbox the gardener’s gazette, 2 bags of organic seeds and a surprise. It is a Made In France gift for beginner or experienced gardener.

The Unusual Vegetable Kit by Plant Theater

The Unusual Vegetables Kit by Plant Theater is an original gift for a fifty year old. This gift box contains everything you need for growing these five unusual vegetables in one box: Purple carrots, red Brussels sprouts, striped tomatoes, yellow zucchini and multicolored chard.

Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone

The Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone is a great gift idea for a woman in her 50s. This new generation of weather stations fully controllable from your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer will please a woman whatever her age. It is very practical to save on heating and to know what to wear during the day. This connected weather station is simple and efficient. It allows you to consult the outside and inside temperature, the CO2 concentration, as well as the sound volume of your home on a smartphone or tablet.

An unforgettable experience

Offer him an unforgettable experience thanks to the LoisirsEnchères.com site! Whether it is to enjoy it alone or with your partner, a 50-year-old woman will certainly be delighted with this unforgettable outing which will allow her to have a good time!

Passport for 50s

The 50s Passport is a funny gift for a 50 year old woman. An original guest book for the 50th anniversary: ​​a real-false passport of the fifties in which the guests will write their “visa”. 50 years… a turning point… a milestone… a peak ??? A new world anyway. And to enter this unknown territory, the “passport for the fiftieth” is the ideal guestbook.

The 50 Years Book, So What?

The book 50 years, so what? is a gift for a 50 year old woman. For Régine Labrosse, this period of transition is on the contrary a great opportunity to take stock of her life by reorienting – finally – what should be. Living in harmony with your aspirations and values, maintaining quality relationships, taking care of your health… aspects that are essential for a more fulfilling life.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine

The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine is a great practical gift for a woman.

The box of show tickets

The show tickets box is a gift idea to support cultural institutions! With this gift, a 50-year-old woman who loves going out will be able to enjoy more than 1,200 must-see shows and plays ranging from one-man shows to classical theater, including boulevards comedy, contemporary theater , dance or dance. magic . A great gift idea for.

The bouquet of dried flowers

The bouquet of dried flowers is an original and eco-responsible gift idea for a 50-year-old woman. The Flowrette.com team offers bouquets of dried flowers made with love and passion in their Parisian workshop. Poetic and refined creations, sustainable and responsible. Giving a pretty bouquet of dried flowers is a great idea to please and to enjoy pretty arrangements without seeing them fade.

The J’aime La France gift box

The J’aime La France gift box allows you to discover the many treasures of the country for moments rich in sensations and emotions. Wonderbox undertakes by not taking any commission on the activities offered. With this solidary and 100% French box set, you are helping to revive and support leisure players in France!

The Lacoste watch

The Lacoste watch is perfect for the 50 year old woman: it is useful, elegant and timeless. Thanks to you, your mom will always be on time and she will most likely be noticed by her absolutely chic and unique style. With its white leather strap, this watch can match virtually any outfit and will suit whatever style you want to give it.

The scented candle set

These four natural soy wax candles will perfume the home of a 50 year old woman. With these four scents (spring flavor, lemon, lavender and Mediterranean fig), she can choose the one that is most appropriate for the atmosphere she wants to create. With a burning time of 25 to 30 hours, the set of scented candles will certainly please a woman who is celebrating her 50 years!

The bamboo bathtub tray

All women deserve a five star bath! The bamboo bathtub tray allows you to watch movies on the tablet, read a book or have a glass of wine. In addition, this tray is an eco-responsible gift made from renewable and sustainable material And you don’t have to worry: the tray is extendable and its length can be adjusted between 75 cm and 109 cm. Make them happy with this useful gift!

The wooden box of organic infusions

The wooden box of organic infusions includes 10 sachets of different infusions: Special infusion of 5 organic plants, organic licorice mint and fennel infusion, organic Verbena infusion, organic Strawberry Blueberry infusion, organic Apple Cinnamon Honey infusion and organic Lime Tangerine infusion. If you get mouth watering reading these words, it’s totally normal! These infusions are just as delicious as they seem! To offer to all the women around you!

The microwaveable llama hot water bottle

One minute in the microwave for hours of happiness… Worth it, right? The microwaveable llama hot water bottle is the perfect gift for chilly people who adore animals or who are fans of the llama trend! In addition to warming the person who will use it, the llama hot water bottle diffuses a relaxing scent of lavender. With this hot water bottle, we ensure a warm and zen moment!

The Chocolate Flower EcoCube

Did you know that there is a beautiful plant with a sweet scent of chocolate? It is called the chocolate cosmo and it grows in just 18 days. The Chocolate Flowers EcoCube is the perfect product to grow a chocolate cosmo at home in a completely eco-responsible way in a 100% biodegradable cube. The sweet fragrance of chocolate that will be released by the plant will certainly delight gourmets who do not necessarily have a green thumb!

The BetterThanFlower Balloon Box

With the MieuxQueDesFleurs Balloon Box, you can be creative and offer a unique gift to a loved one or friend who is celebrating her 50th birthday. It’s a much better gift than flowers with specially selected small gifts as well as one or more helium-filled balloons that fly out of a package with your message.

The Mon Jardin Fleuri box

The Mon Jardin Fleuri box is an excellent gift idea for garden fans who want to brighten up their exterior with flowers. In this box: poppies, blueberries, sunflowers, marigolds and marigolds. These seeds are French, certified AB by Ecocert and lovingly prepared in Lille by people with disabilities.

The oyster mushroom cultivation kit

The oyster mushroom cultivation kit is an original gift for a 50 year old woman passionate about gardening . This Ready to Grow Mushroom Kit allows you to grow delicious gray oyster mushrooms at home in a week.

The Tabblue 2.0 speaker table

The Tabblue 2.0 speaker table is a great gift idea for a woman who loves music . This is a table with a powerful speaker. Thanks to his phone, the lucky beneficiary will be able to listen to all his favorite songs and broadcast them in a room. This speaker table even takes hands-free calls with a built-in microphone.

Ultra-soft micro-fiber bathrobe

To combine comfort and elegance, nothing like an essential home accessory. The ultra-soft micro-fiber bathrobe will keep you warm while providing an unmatched touch of extreme softness that will make you want to never take it off.

The cat heating pad

Are there any cat lovers around you? The cat heating pad is sure to give them a smile and they will be happy to use it on a daily basis. This hot water bottle in the shape of a cat is used both to warm up and to relieve certain ailments, including neck pain caused by the many hours spent in front of a screen.

Has an important woman in your life passed the milestone of 50 years? Are you looking for an original gift that will please her? We have compiled for you the top 15 gift ideas for women over 50, whether it’s your mother, your wife, your sister, your friend, your aunt or just a woman you know and appreciate!

The NEWA Face Collagen

Although they are symbols of experience and bearers of personality, few people like to expose their wrinkles and prefer to hide them in a natural way. NEWA Face Collagen is the ideal solution to reduce wrinkles, firm and lift the skin of the face and neck. In fact, NEWA stimulates the natural production of collagen under the epidermis, thus reducing wrinkles.

The Zen fountain

The Zen Dao Fountain , accompanied by its Buddha statue, offers you a very relaxing waterfall, in addition to having a harmonious and elegant aesthetic. The fountain is very easy to use: just insert the end of the pump into the hose, fill the basin with water, then place the pump in the water so that it is completely submerged . Then just plug in the electrical outlet and enjoy the atmosphere it creates. A completely zen gift that would certainly appeal to any woman!

The Garmin vívomove HR connected watch

Much more than a simple watch, the Garmin vivomove HR connected watch reads your messages, your heart rate, your sports activity… And it can even count the steps, the calories burned and monitor the stress level of the person wearing it! This gift will appeal to both the trendy woman and the athletic woman !

Nivea Pure Skin face brush

The cleaning brush for the face NIVEA Pure Skin is essential to have in his bathroom toilet face everyday. The brush gently removes excess dead skin cells, cleans clogged pores and stimulates blood circulation to facial skin in just seconds, in addition to being completely waterproof, so it can be used in the shower .

The pair of Swarovski earrings

This pair of Swarovski earrings has been designed to perfectly represent the woman who wears it by being feminine and sophisticated. The black swan, symbolizing rarity, can be accessorized perfectly with most pieces of the modern woman’s wardrobe and even adds a touch of uniqueness to each of her outfits. A must have in your jewelry box!

The BetterThanFlowers Bam Box

With the MieuxQueDesFleurs Bam Box, you can offer an original gift and make a nice surprise. A BAM Box is a large, very light package, delivered to its recipient by post. Intrigued, the recipient opens his package and then discovers a balloon filled with confetti that he must burst to discover the surprise hidden below! For more surprises, at the bottom of the package are one or more gifts as well as a little note.

The personalized wooden cutting board

What could be nicer to receive than a 100% personalized gift? Give this bamboo cutting board as a gift and have the message of your choice engraved on it so that the woman who receives it will think of you every time she uses it to cook ! The personalization of the text is very simple and the sheet will be delivered to you within a more than reasonable time!

The Mon Petit Apero box

The Mon Petit Apéro box is an excellent gift idea for gardening fans who want to taste their own organic vegetables as an aperitif. Thanks to this box, the lucky beneficiary will be able to cultivate 5 delicious vegetables to eat, with surprising shapes and colors. He or she can follow the advice of a horticultural teacher in the grow guide full of gardening tips.

Le Creuset bottle cooler

The Le Creuset bottle cooler allows you to refresh and / or keep a bottle of wine cool by sliding it into the sleeve previously placed in the freezer. A very simple invention that is a great pleasure for wine lovers ! The strong point of this cooler? The shape has been studied to refresh to the top of the bottle: even the first glass is refreshed!

The organic lip balm making kit

The organic lip balm making kit is an unusual gift to give to a woman. This DIY box allows you to make your own organic lip balms . The happy recipient will be able to make 4 and embrace the chosen one of his heart for ever more tender kisses …

The box around the truffle

The box around the truffle is a gift idea for a woman who loves truffles. This gourmet basket is filled with delicatessen products made from truffles. The lucky recipient will find in this tasting box an assortment of condiments and spreads that will delight their taste buds.

The Big Book of Creative Sewing

The Large Creative Sewing Book is a great gift idea for a woman who loves sewing . With 46 models of accessories, from the simplest to the most original, to store or protect your sewing workshop, for yourself or to decorate your home, this is the reference book on the subject.

Japanese organic matcha tea

Japanese organic matcha tea is an original gift for someone who loves tea. Rich in Catechin, an antioxidant that prevents cell aging. Matcha has a high content of Theanine, an amino acid capable of stimulating the brain by reducing stress and anxiety, and capable of increasing concentration. Studies at the University of Colorado show that a cup of Matcha tea contains 20 times more antioxidants than a cup of regular green tea.

The practical guide to home cosmetics

The practical guide to homemade cosmetics is a gift idea for a woman who loves natural care. This complete book allows you to make all your homemade cosmetics based on essential oils, hydrosols, clays … by focusing on efficiency and naturalness above all.

The Mojito mix in a carafe

The Mojito mix in a carafe is the perfect present for a woman who loves cocktails! Prepare a sparkling and refreshing cocktail in minutes. All you need to do is pour 40 cl of white rum into the carafe and mix. Wait an hour before serving with crushed ice and sparkling water. You can also prepare a Royal Mojito for your more chic evenings. You just need to replace sparkling water with champagne!

The kit to make your pastis 1L

Giving alcohol as a gift will always be a classic, especially when you prepare it yourself. With the kit to make your pastis 1L , prepare a timeless and refreshing cocktail in a few minutes. All you need to do is pour 40 cl of fruit alcohol into the carafe and mix. Wait 4 hours, filter, then serve lying down with very cold water and ice cubes. Health!

The plant that dances to grow

A plant that dances all alone to the sound of music, isn’t it curious? The dancing plant to grow is in fact a sensitive plant, native to Asia, and it belongs to the same family as the carnivorous plant. This small kit therefore contains everything you need to grow this mysterious plant: a terracotta pot with a hole in the bottom, a terracotta saucer, a bag of seeds of a plant that dances to grow and a lozenge of clay. 6 cm coconut moistened with lukewarm water.

The lama to grow

The llama to grow is a very original gift idea for a 50 year old woman. Thanks to the chia seeds that grow on his back, he will have a sublime green coat. In short, an excellent gift idea that is out of the ordinary.

The insect hotel to manufacture

The DIY insect hotel from Mon Petit Coin Vert is an ecological gift idea for a woman. This hotel will accommodate earwigs, natural predators of aphids and wild bees that will pollinate the flowers in the garden. This kit is produced from 100% FSC pine wood.

A bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers is a very nice gift idea for the occasion of a birthday. It is a red floral creation made according to the trend of the moment with the artistic touch specific to the craftsman.

Other Best Unique 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

Are you looking for a Best Unique Birthday 50th Birthday Gifts for Women? You do not know what gift to give to a woman for her fiftieth? 50 years is an important turning point in a life. But finding what to get a 50 year old woman is not easy. At this age we generally have everything we need and tastes and desires are well marked.

Our gift ideas are only leads to find a present but do not hesitate to ask your spouse or a friend to avoid any mistake in choosing. The gift can be related to a passion or a desire. A woman born in the 60s may like the Garden for example.