March 5, 2021
Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men 2021

60 is a respectable age, and many men are philosophers about the anniversary. By the age of 60, a man, as a rule, already has adult children and grandchildren, he is surrounded by loving people, therefore, at this age, men most often celebrate their holiday with the family. A gift for the 60th birthday should be approached with special care. The main task is to choose a gift that will be useful to a man, make his life easier and simpler, and bring him pleasant emotions.

What is The Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

60th Birthday Gift Ideas: Under 20 USD

Original coffee mug

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If the man is passionate about photography and also likes to drink a hot cup of tea or coffee, the perfect gift for him would be an original insulated mug in the form of a digital camera. The cup has a large volume and perfectly retains heat. You can hardly distinguish it from a real photographic lens!

KAI Top Glass Bead Eyeglass Chains for Women,

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Glasses – an item that gets lost very often. Usually they are never at hand when needed. If the person regularly experiences this problem, a glasses holder would be a useful gift for them. Support, made of solid wood, has an unusual design and looks like part of the face with a nose. It is an original gift and above all, a practical gift.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas: Under 50 USD

A good gift for wine lovers

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If the person enjoys entertaining guests and is not averse to offering them a glass of wine, they will need a set containing the bottle opening accessories for neatly uncapping bottles. The bottle opener included in the kit is suitable for any type of cork. The kit also includes the corkscrews, a foil cutter and other accessories.

A gift set for wine lovers – wine accessory kit

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If the person knows a thing or two about a drink as noble as wine, he or she will certainly love a wine accessory gift set in a luxurious antique wooden box. The kit contains accessories with which it is possible to easily open and serve a bottle of wine in the glasses: corkscrew, wine pourer, wine thermometer, etc.

Sportsman gift – walking sticks

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It is not that sport prolongs life and improves mood. Walking in the great outdoors is a great way to actively enjoy your time. Hiking poles are a useful accessory for brisk walking. The poles can be adjusted in height, they are light and easy to hold in the hands. With such poles it is not only comfortable to walk but also to ski.

Pocket Multi-Tool Kit – perfect gift for a DIYer

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Pocket Tool Set – Universal gift for men who like to have everything under control, whether at home or on the go. A multifunctional set of pocket tools consisting of pliers, screwdriver with nozzles, cutting knife / saw, bottle opener, pliers. The tool kit is protected against an unexpected opening and in addition all the tools are made of stainless steel, so they will serve longer for its owner.

For more comfort when traveling – comfort travel kit

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Travel Accessory Kit includes travel pillow, cervical support pillow, sleep mask, earplugs and carry bag. The pillow is made of high quality velvety material and is filled with breathable memory foam which allows the neck and head to relax during long trips. The pillow has a removable cover which is machine washable. With such a pillow, the effect of “stiff neck” will remain in the past, and all trips will be easily achieved.

Wallet with Money Clip – compact but effective gift

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Universal gift for all men – a stylish wallet with a money clip. This compact wallet is made up of 6 interior compartments and 1 exterior compartment. The small size of the wallet allows it to be transported discreetly even in the trouser pocket.

Smartwatch to monitor health and stay connected

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Connected watch – a stylish gadget useful for a man who monitors his health. Smartwatches can not only display the time but also perform the functions of a pedometer, heart rate monitor, alarm, they can view the distance traveled and count the calories burned. The gadget is equipped with a GPS, it can inform its owner of calls and messages received on his smartphone or on social networks. In addition, the housing of the gadget is waterproof, so the watch can be worn even in the rain and on beach days.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas: Under 100 USD

Leather belt for respectable men

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A genuine leather belt is a stylish accessory that will appeal and be useful to all men. The belt is suitable for all styles of clothing: urban, professional. Such an accessory will add respectability to the image.

For those who travel often – Globe du Monde

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A keen traveler will appreciate such a gift as a globe. The globe is made of a special material that allows it to leave marks where the traveler has visited before or where they plan to visit. Special buttons to mark places are included.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas: Under 300 USD

For those who travel often – Globe du Monde

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If the person has a lawn near the house or in the countryside, the brush cutter will be an ideal gift. A powerful lawn mower with an ergonomic design will help you quickly mow even the stubbornest grasses and make the lawn perfectly smooth.

Practical gift – Connected alarm clock

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If the person appreciates comfort and likes to surround themselves with modern gadgets, then it is worth giving them the Echo Spot. It is a small device with the built-in voice recognition function. You can connect other devices to Echo Spot, for example a smartphone to listen to music while staying in bed, the weather forecast, audio books, controlling everything only by voice.

Gift for music lovers

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Turntable is a vintage device that will appeal not only to music lovers but also to people nostalgic for the past. The retro hi-fi system is equipped with all modern features: the device works as a player, a radio, has a USB port and an AUX socket, as well as integrated speakers, a socket for headphones and external speakers.

Personal pollution sensor

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If man takes care of his health, a stylish and compact gadget such as an air pollution sensor will undoubtedly please him. The sensor can be attached to a bag or to a piece of clothing and be synchronized with a smartphone. The sensor therefore analyzes the purity of the air and creates an air quality map from a special application installed on a smartphone. With this sensor you can create a walking route through the cleanest areas of the city.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas: How to choose the right one

To choose the perfect gift for a 60-year-old man, one should check with him what he would like to receive for his birthday. If you plan to surprise him, it is best to choose a gift based on a man’s interests and hobbies. At 60, men can be interested in many things: sports, gardening, fishing, reading and even cooking. For example, for a man who enjoys gardening, one can give a lounge chair, a folding table, a bag or a box for garden tools.

Universal 60th Birthday Gift Ideas Man

Universal gifts for a 60 year old man are usually mugs and t-shirts with funny or motivational lettering, slippers and socks. At 60, many men watch their health carefully. One can, for example, give a man a fitness bracelet with the function of a watch, a heart rate monitor and a tonometer.

What gifts should not be given to a 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

You should not give a 60 year old man gifts that do not match his age or interests. Clothes, for example, pants, sweater or suit, jewelry, perfume are not suitable for a gift to an unknown man. Puzzles and board games should not be given to men who are not keen on family games.

How to wrap a birthday present for a 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

A gift to a 60 year old man can be wrapped with coffee, emerald, or blue paper and tied with a ribbon to match the packaging. If one plans to give a gadget to a man, it is better to do it without gift wrap, because, most likely, one needs to train a man to use this device. In this case, we can simply put a box with a present in a gift bag.

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