May 22, 2022

About Us

Homearama is a reputable decor gift shopping address, where customers send sincerity and love through each small but meaningful gift. is website specializes in collecting price information and introducing selected Amazon products in decorative gifts, home appliances, toys & technology … The product meets the sophistication, fussy and meticulousness of today’s customers, creating a distinct highlight for the space with unique – exotic – quality items. We have been and continue to perform the mission of hunting and providing customers with information and products MOST WANTED specializes in:

  • Unique decorative gifts.
  • Innovative, multi-purpose household goods.
  • Toy products & technology.
  • Smart home – smart living

With the starting point of gathering simple product information from reputable retailers like Amazon to tighten the supply-demand relationship, we are looking to apply the self-production and sales model. Unique and novel products create its own brand.

1. Mission is more than just a ‘start up’ company. We are a dynamic and experienced team. We accompany our partners and customers in the process of continually striving for success. provides consumers with complete and useful information about products with unique design, quality, versatility and intelligence, contributing to improving the value of life, helping people to save money. search time. is a reputable decor gift shopping address, where customers send sincerity and love through each small but meaningful gift. acts as a bridge between potential customer groups and online businesses, helping to strengthen and strengthen the relationship of the online shopping community based on honesty and trust in synergies. long-term cooperation and in the spirit of mutual benefit (win / win) will continue to develop well in the future.

2. Vision

In the future, strives to build a community of smart consumers through a network of modern, professional and friendly e-commerce websites. At the same time, our staff also strives to make become the number one choice of customers when they need to shop online and gradually move to a major e-commerce site in the country. About gift items, decor decoration.

3. What’s special about

Single – beautiful – complete aims to find and supply high quality, unique, creative products, giving you more options in expressing your personality through home decoration and easy purchase. gifts for loved ones.
All products are carefully updated with complete, accurate, thorough image, origin, color specifications, price and latest super attractive promotion information.

Best price – most prestigious

With such features as a web filtering and price comparison. For each product, in addition to careful selection and full details also provides customers with locations for the best prices with applicable conditions and discounts (if any). ), actual buyer reviews, after-sales service, warranty … For customers to regret saving time and shopping experience in a seamless, safe and enjoyable way.
Smart online shopping address

The most outstanding feature of is the function of comparing products of online retailers such as Tiki, Lazada, Sendo, Adayroi … and its own products to give customers the most overview view, contribute to the most objective, most economical decision

Dedicated customer service always tries to maintain a close relationship with customers by regularly issuing gift vouchers, giving birthday gifts to guests, applying incentives for close members … At the same time always trying learn and analyze the most practical needs of customers to serve better and better.

Smart home and technology products

The world is in the wave of the industrial revolution 4.0, the smart home becomes the indispensable standard of modern housing. Used to be considered as a luxury product, suitable for a number of upscale objects nowadays, “smart home” has been increasingly popular, more diverse than the price is also more optimal. The concept of smart home is no longer constrained in the limit of “Smart home” – “advanced technology”, but has become “Smart Living” and is gradually changing all human habits, especially in the to consume and enjoy life. is one of the rare e-commerce websites in Vietnam to join this wave, helping customers step by step to touch the comforts of life.