March 5, 2021
Best Board Games for Adults

Best Board Games for Adults 2021

Who said board games are only played with the family? And in life, it’s not just scrabble or Monopoly, even if we have nothing against these timeless classics. To spice things up, there are Best Board Games for Adults, often naughty, some of which are won only by cheating!

These include board games, playing cards and board games for couples based on original ideas. Enough to brighten up your evenings with friends or lovers, around a good bottle. There are many creative, fun and enjoyable board games to enjoy games that are as fun as they are unforgettable.

In this selection, we’ve rounded up 33 of the best adult board games around. Some offer rules that are very easy to learn, others require some adaptation time or a little mischief. But all will allow you to spend a pleasant evening.

What is The Best Board Games for Adults

Adult board games

Killer Party

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With Killer Party, your evening with friends or your bachelorette party will be unforgettable. In this macabre and totally addicting game 8 to 50 players can play. A player embodies the organizer of the game. It is he who gives each participant a murder to commit on a given victim. The method and conditions of the murder will be indicated by the organizer. Whoever commits the most validated murders wins the game.

The Werewolves of Thiercelieux

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Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux is a party game in the form of a board game perfect to spice up your evening with friends. 8 to 18 players can play it. Each participant embodies a villager or a werewolf. For the villagers, it will be about finding and killing werewolves, and vice versa.

Beat That! – The game of crazy challenges

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Aimed at ages 11 and up, Beat That! is considered more of a board game for adults due to the difficulty of a lot of the 160 silly and wacky challenges. It will be about betting whether you can do them or not! Able to accommodate 2 to 8 players, each participant starts with ten tokens. The game begins with a roll of the dice and whoever rolls the highest number chooses the first challenge card.

Monopoly: Game Of Thrones

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Monopoly: Game of Thrones features the familiar Monopoly gameplay, but players now navigate Westeros, using in-game tokens inspired by the honorary coats of arms of the great houses to buy, sell and trade iconic locations in the Seven Kingdoms and build castles in their quest to rule the Iron Throne.

Cluedo: Game Of Thrones

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If you and your friends feel that the original Cluedo isn’t intense enough already, the Game of Thrones version will leave you glued to your chair. Featuring a double-sided game board and 12 characters to choose from, players must solve a murder mystery in Meereen. Who is responsible for the murder? Where was the crime committed? What weapon was used? Use a process of elimination and instinct to solve the murder.

The Lie Detector

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The Lie Detector is an electronic board game for adults. The object of the game is to reveal the truth. The player who scores the most points wins the game. He’s using a real lie detector. You will have fun and get to know your friends a little better. A player connects to the lie detector and the other players ask questions that must be answered by yes or no.


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Abyss is a strategy board game for 2-4 players that takes approximately 45-60 minutes to play. Abyss is best played with 3 or 4 players. The throne is vacant. The king of the abyss is dead and a successor must be found. Using your cunning, skills, and maybe a little luck, you could be the next to claim the throne and become the King of the Abyss. To become the new king of the abyss, you must acquire the most influence points (victory points).

Drawing Without Dignity

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Drawing Without Dignity is like an adult version of your favorite drawing game. The game consists of drawing cards and making people guess, with generally naughty drawings, crazy situations in life.


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Megableu is a board game for adults only. You have a question and 3 answers to give in just 5 seconds. For example: “Name 3 things you find in a nightstand.” If you answer correctly within the allotted time, you score a point. Of course, if the questions were always that simple, everyone would win the first time. In addition, questions can be very trashy and very sensitive.

Adult playing card games

I have never

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To liven up your evenings and aperitifs with friends, the I never have playing card game will bring atmosphere and joy. 3 to 10 players can participate. The object of the game is to uncover the worst secrets of others. The rules are relatively simple.


In JUDUKU you have 8 seconds to guess the most bizarre thoughts of your friends, family or simple strangers with whom you will have to share honesty, spontaneity and uncensored answers. Essentially, it will be about answering such funny and controversial questions.

White Eat Coco

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For those looking for a funny and addicting board game to spice up their evenings with friends, Blanc-manger Coco is the ideal game. One player reads a question card, that is to say a sentence in which a word is missing, and the others complete the sentence by offering, face down, an answer card. The player who has read the question chooses the answer he prefers and thus designates the winner of the round. All the magic of the game lies in the total gap between the questions and the answers.

Without mercy

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Sans Pitié is a board game with corrosive humor intended for adults. From a first sentence, represented by a card put down by a player (the game master), the other players must choose the answer that will be most likely to make you laugh among the cards they have at their disposal. The game master thus chooses the answer that pleases him the most and the author scores a point and becomes the game master for the next round. The first player to score 7 points wins the game. 3 to 10 players can play it.


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Découvrez vos amis dans ce jeu de société pour adultes ! “Dites à voix haute ce que vous pensez et découvrez ce que vos amis pensent de vous.” Voilà comment on pourrait résumer le but du jeu. À chaque tour, chaque joueur vote pour le joueur qui correspond le mieux à la question posée. Le joueur qui pense avoir obtenu le plus de voix lève la main. Et si c’est réellement le cas, il remporte la manche.

Limite Limite Limite

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In Limit Limit Limit, the goal is to create the funniest combinations of cards. This is the official expansion of the original Limite Limite game. 3 to 10 players can participate. The rules of the game do not change. Each player draws 7 red cards. The players designate a “Boss” who will have to read a credit card aloud. Each player will then have to complete their sentence with one of the quotes on the red cards in their hands. Whoever offers the best answer becomes the “Boss”.


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3some, is the new card game for adults for aperitifs and parties with friends that will make you regret having an unhealthy mind. The goal is to quote 3 things as quickly as possible, related to the theme of the card drawn. The first to reach 10 points wins the game and can spend the night with the player of their choice.

The tribunal

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Board game for adults that can accommodate 2 to 8 players, The Tribunal is ideal for having fun while discovering the most trashy and unsuspected aspects of your friends. Using different question cards, it will be a question of guessing the reaction of each player in the face of incongruous and sometimes unhealthy situations.


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Kantu uses the same principle as Limite Limite, but the question card with an empty space to fill is replaced by a “meme” image. So here’s how a round unfolds. Each player draws 10 “situation” cards. A “Boss” is designated and turns over an image card. Everyone should respond to the picture with a card that describes a certain situation. The funniest becomes the “Boss” in turn.

3 eggs on the head of a duck

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Board games for adults with a very trashy tone, 3 eggs on the head of a duck is presented as a game of eloquence. The principle is simple: starting from a situation card drawn at random, each player, in turn, will have to tell a story aloud, using 4 “Words of Shit” and 6 “Words to Papa” as they go. ”, All drawn at random. The less gifted becomes the Duck. Normally you will need to break 3 eggs on your head. But the group can decide on another pledge.


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Komojo is a crazy board game in which the goal is to make as many words as possible in 45 s. Each game takes place over 3 rounds. It will be necessary to make one word become by speaking, another by miming and a last by drawing. If that was all, it will be a game like any other. To stand out, Komojo adds constrained cards that make the game completely confusing and fun.

Bayana Club: Anekdot

If you really want to find out what your friends or colleagues really think about you, organize a party with ANEKDOT during an aperitif. You will not be disappointed ! The goal here is to vote for the player most connected to the issue. The player who receives the most votes draws the next question card. There are 400 totally crazy questions, full of black humor. Laughs guaranteed!

When Memes

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If you are looking for a game of memes to spice up your evenings with friends or your aperitifs with colleagues, Quand Mèmes promises you incredible laughs. So here is the principle of the game: at the start of the game, each player takes six cards in their hand. On each card, a proposition that always begins with “When…” followed by an often twisted situation, but always funny. We then draw an image card and each player proposes a situation that best fits the image.

The Mother Seal

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If you and your friends don’t mind black humor and trashy talk, Le Mother Phiquer is for you. Even at 3, you can start a game. The Seal is designated at the start of the game. He is responsible for distributing 6 Answer cards to each player. He then reads aloud a first Phrase card where there is a gap to be filled. Each player completes the sentence with one of their Answer cards. The player with the funniest proposition wins and becomes the new Seal.

Gigamic – Privacy No limit?

This board game is not recommended for the faint of heart. It is the ideal game to liven up your evenings with friends and learn about their real personalities. The game features over 400 trashy questions filled with scathing dark humor. You must answer it with Yes or No. Since the votes are anonymous, you can say anything, even your most shameful thoughts, because no one will know it’s you. Then, you bet on the total number of affirmative answers, before the counting which holds surprises. Laughter guaranteed!

You laugh, You lose!

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This adult board game made a buzz on Aziz Aboudrar’s YouTube channel. Whoever stays the most serious in this battle of bad jokes to win the game. 2 teams face off in a duel of rotten jokes. If you laugh, the opposing team wins points. The wages and the constraints will fuel the game.

People who

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People Who is a board game designed to judge all those who annoy us on a daily basis. They are all gathered on the cards of the game, in order to finally receive the judgment they deserve: Death penalty or Heart on you? To win, you’ll have to guess what the Judge is thinking. On each turn, a player is appointed Judge. He will give his opinion on 3 “People Who” cards, which he has drawn. For example: people who sniff instead of blowing their nose, those who say “I’m not a racist, but…”, or even “people who forget to put on their flashing light”.


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Les Nominés is a 100% French board game for adults. If you’ve always wanted to know what your relatives, friends or colleagues think of you, you will find the funniest and quirky questions in the box to have a fun and memorable time. Dark humor, trashy talk, and giggles are waiting for you.

Board games for couples


Whether you are looking for a naughty game to relax with your partner or rekindle the flame of your love, JOKUBO Duo is the perfect board game for creating interactions you never imagined. It is a party game exclusively for two. The goal is to discover or rediscover through naughty questions, but also through meaning. You will have understood!

(En) Love Games

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The board game (En) Jeux Amoureux is a wonderful idea for a successful evening and to have a good time with friends or colleagues. This game is played as a couple or with several couples. Above all, it’s a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Challenging questions and creative tasks will bring lots of smiles and fun to both of you.

Totem Couple Edition

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No one wants to have a romantic dinner in a noisy place. Stay at home and take out Totem, the party game for couples that will guarantee unforgettable more fun moments. This is a rewarding card game that captures and emphasizes the positive qualities of your partner and the magic works. This game is played with a couple or four.

Clash of Couples – Who will sleep on the couch tonight?

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Clash of Couples the game you need to liven up an evening between lovers or with other couples. It can be given as a Valentine’s Day, birthday, engagement or even Christmas gift. The principle is simple. You draw a question card and your partner has to guess what your answer is. 1 to 4 couples can play it together.

Zenagame Together

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Zenagame Together is a 150 card board game that offers endless replayability. This is a board game for couples. It is mainly about having fun while developing listening, communication and argumentation, the 3 essential qualities in a couple. This couples game is made to address diverse and rewarding topics in order to deepen your relationship.

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