June 24, 2021
10 Best Cat Ear Headphones Cuter than Baby Cats

πŸ₯‡ [Top 10] Best Cat Ear Headphones Cuter than Baby Cats

A very hot trend from Asia is spilling over to us in Europe: Cat ear headphones! We wanted to know more about what that is and why sooner or later you cannot avoid the trendy accessories.

Why wear ordinary, boring headphones when things can go crazy too? That is exactly the question and that is why they were invented, the cat ear headphones. It’s unbelievable fun to walk through the city in a stylish cat look and to attract attention. Not only the young people have recognized this, the β€œcat ears trend” is now also enjoying growing popularity among the 30 plus generation.

As a very special gift, the cat ears are the hit of the season for every age group! In short: With these fancy things you are guaranteed to attract attention everywhere, but what are the differences between the different models and which headphones are the right ones for which purpose? We took a closer look at the 10 Best Cat Ear Headphones for you!

10 Best Cat Ear Headphones Cuter than Baby Cats

The Best Cat Ear Headphones for you

The cat throne: Razer Kraken Kitty

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Our number one and thus the winner of our ranking is a device that leaves little to be desired and is still affordable. The Razer Kraken Kitty delivers almost everything a cat fan needs to be completely happy. With it you get a classy gaming headset that knows how to satisfy even the highest demands.

The adjustable RGB chroma lighting provides a real light highlight in the truest sense of the word and looks simply great in the dark as well as in the light. The cat ears can light up in different colors and the elegant microphone is also noticeable through a light element. The streaming lighting of this model reacts to online interactions and expressions of emotions through, for example, emojis with color changes, which makes working with this model a special experience. The greatest thing about this model, however, is the quite serious appearance, so it can easily be worn by men without creating greater feelings of shame and it still looks damn good in every respect. An indispensable accessory for every proud hangover!

But the Razer is not only appealing on the outside, there is also a lot technically. The microphone with active noise suppression ensures the best voice quality for telephony, streaming or chatting. The Kraken Kitty can also score a lot in terms of sound quality. The sound is full and vivid and even the bass is convincing (really the best bass from this top list, be careful when choosing the volume).

Although the Razer cat ears headset, unfortunately, does not have a Bluetooth function, it is connected via USB via a cable, but this deficit is easily made up for by the high level of comfort, the longevity of the headset and the sound quality. The earpads contain a cooling gel, which ensures that the ears do not hurt even after many hours of wear and that the headset sits comfortably. This guarantees hour of music enjoyment or video games fun. The headphones are also built to last and the frame has been made with bauxite aluminum to make this possible. Despite all that, the headset is very light and super comfortable to wear.

All in all a very good price-performance ratio and our clear winner in all areas!

SOMIC G951S pink gaming headset

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The Somic G951 headset in feminine design impresses with its cute appearance. Here, LED lamps flash and sparkle on the side of the ear cups in the form of cute cat faces. The SOMIC headset has removable cat ears so that they can be attached to or removed from the headset depending on your mood.

The sound can be heard, is very low-noise and impressive even for this price range. Highs, mids, lows and bass are where they belong (even if the bass, as with almost all models, still leaves room for improvement) and the built-in vibration technology, which also puts you physically in the middle of the action, is the hit with Gaming.

The microphone is flexible, solidly built and can also be heard acoustically (no hissing or hissing, easily understandable sound for telephony and gaming) the only disadvantage here is that the microphone cannot be muted on the headset. If that doesn’t bother you, the G951 is a really decent model that sits comfortably and without pressing even after hours (when fully charged, over 10 hours should not be a problem).

Riwbox CT-7

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The Riwbox CT-7 immediately catches the eye. Not particularly valuable, but totally spacey and wacky, it is a model for the courageous birds of paradise and simply has to be mentioned here!
Despite its relatively low price, it can keep up with much more expensive models in terms of feel, comfort and, last but not least, sound quality. Those who are not put off by the poppy exterior will get solid highs and relatively good bass for a budget that is not too big.

The only drawback here is the size of the model, which is probably intended for smaller heads, a fact that you should definitely take into account before buying to avoid nasty surprises. The battery life with a full charge of just over 2 hours is also significantly shorter than that of most competitors in the same price range. All in all, the Riwbox triggers mixed feelings, which we are ready to forget quickly when we see this piece of jewelery! Here it means nothing like out into the city and the eavesdroppers present! Guaranteed to be an eye-catcher – day or night, a model for real party cats and hangovers!

These headphones in the entry-level price range offer flashing, color-changing cat ears in a rather inconspicuous design and unfortunately they are also very small. A microphone is not included, but the headphones are foldable, rechargeable (the battery lasts approx. 40 hours in continuous operation) and the wearing comfort is not earth-shattering, but still quite pleasant after more than an hour of music enjoyment.

The sound quality is really very decent for a model in this price range. Only the bass … and I suspect we will come to this conclusion more often in this article … leaves a lot to be desired.

Conclusion: For those who do not care about sound quality and comfort and who listen to cats first and who want to use them to the fullest and, above all, show them off, this device is not particularly well advised, as there are clearly thicker things on the market ! The technical performance, however, is satisfactory. So if you don’t really dare to run through the streets with full cat power, you might have found your model of choice with the Picun.

New Edition 3RGB Wireless Bluetooth5.0 Cat Ear Headphones

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Our next model can come up with an absolutely elegant design and huge, glowing ears. The Edition 3RGB Cat Ear Headphones are impressive, also in terms of price! Although it is not a sound miracle, it is surprisingly good with the bass and there is a lot of β€œthump” in the small auricles. The wearing comfort is not world-shattering and yet can be described as sufficient, the battery lasts about 7 hours fully charged and is therefore good entry-level to middle class. All in all, good and, above all, chic headphones that look a lot more expensive and valuable than they actually are.

iClever BoostCare kids headphones

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If you want it to be cheaper and easier for the youngsters, you can use the iClever BoostCare children’s headphones. This model, without flashing or removable ears, made entirely of hard plastic and of course without a microphone, is also ideal for very young cat fans and can even be bought with your own pocket money!

Of course, you shouldn’t expect any surprises with this economy model, as the sound quality is quite thin, the bass is hardly noticeable and the wearing comfort can be rated as sufficient. The design is, as I said, rather unspectacular, but as an entry-level model for fur noses in kindergarten age, this should be exactly the right thing for daily use and the resulting daily stress on the material, especially since the headphones are also very light at 118 grams and can be easily moved can be stowed in the satchel. However, you shouldn’t expect miracles here when it comes to battery life either. Nevertheless, 2 to 3 hours of fun with a fully charged battery is realistic.

Limson children’s headphones

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This chic model with cute, flashing cat ears is specially made for the very little ones and is an absolute eye-catcher!
As expected in the price range, the sound can be described as acceptable. The big weak point of this model is definitely the bass. If the middle and high notes are represented quite cleanly, the Limson with the lower registers has its problems.

All in all, the sound quality offered is more than sufficient for children’s headphones and not only ensures fun for young and old thanks to their appearance. The model does not contain a microphone, but this is also a third priority for this junior model. The batteries included allow listening fun for about 3 to 4 hours (after all, the flashing ears are also supplied) and the model is therefore also in this price range at a very good level. As far as wearing comfort is concerned, there is nothing to complain about, assuming the head is small! The padding is sufficient, nothing pinches or pinches!

So if you want to give your little ones a quick treat and don’t want to dig deep into their pockets, the Limson gives you a lot of meow for little money.

AOUTOS cat headphones

Next, we took a look at the AUTOS cat headphones, which, despite their surprisingly low price, cut a very good figure!
Although this is not a Bluetooth model, which will probably be an exclusion criterion for one or the other buyer (who likes to struggle with tangled cables when there is another way). In terms of sound quality, these Cat Ear headphones can definitely surprise and deserve to be mentioned in this list!

You shouldn’t expect miracles here either, but highs and lows are pleasant, basses acceptable and the wearing comfort is still really pleasant even after hours. Only the processing, made entirely of hard plastic, looks quite cheap. If you don’t let that put you off, you will get a beautiful model with eye-catching, well-designed cat ears, with LED elements that know how to shine!

Whether for listening to music, gaming or streaming – you should definitely be able to find the right cat-ear headphones for you with the help of our top 10!

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