November 28, 2021
The Best Earbud Headphones Under 100 reviews

🥇 [Top 10] Best Earbud Headphones Under 100 Reviews in 2021

If music lovers opt for in-ear headphones, they are usually spoiled for choice because there are numerous in-ear models in different price ranges on the market.

They vary between bass-heavy headphones for bass-heavy music and technically neutral earphones for classical music. Therefore, your own musical taste plays an important role when choosing the right in-ear headphones – and not only that! Not every ear is the same and it is not uncommon for in-ear wearers to complain about the lack of strength of the earplugs.

In particular, athletes who like to listen to music while doing sports need a model that fits tightly in their ears and yet is ideally comfortable to wear. This is where the desire for wireless in-ear headphones is often loud.

Obviously, there are many factors to look out for. The customer does not forget the price-performance ratio either, because nobody wants to dig deep into their pockets to find out later that the product is worthless. Which in-ear headphones up to 100 $ are there? We introduce you to the best headphones in the most popular categories.

The Best Earbud Headphones Under 100 reviews

1More Triple-Driver In-Ear

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The 1More Triple-Driver In-Ear model offers the best price-performance ratio in every respect.

  • Sound quality
  • longevity
  • large selection of earplugs of various sizes

These are the properties that convince here. Even if wireless models have exploded into the market for in-ear headphones in the last year or two, there are still enough old-school friends among users who still prefer headphones with classic cables. Why not?

The 1More Triple-Driver In-Ear product is ideal for people who

who carry several devices with them every day and need a quick change for quick availability.
who have to commute back and forth between work and home, sometimes for hours.
who want to be on the safe side and want a reliable backup in addition to their Bluetooth headphones

The wearer with Bluetooth headphones enjoys the lack of tangled cables. He will not have this with the presented product either. Rather, the variant has the advantage that the change from one technical device to another can take place quickly, while this unproblematic switch cannot always be managed without problems with Bluetooth devices.

Commuters can also listen to music for a long time without worrying about running out of batteries. The Bluetooth wearer should therefore at least consider having another ace up their sleeve. And what is better for this than a product that the customer can always rely on: the classic in-ear headphones.

Best in-ear headphones for sports: Sony XB50BS

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Athletes need in-ear headphones that don’t keep falling out as soon as the body starts moving. This can be extremely disturbing during sporting activities, with the result that the headphones quickly end up in the trash.

But it’s not enough with a good fit, because if you do a lot of sport, you sweat well. That’s why in-ear headphones should also be sweat-resistant. There is a lot on the market up to 100 $ in this regard. But of course the customer only wants the best.

The best version for everyday sporting use is the Sony XB50BS wireless headphone. Because of these properties, they are number 1 among athletes:

  • specially developed for athletes
  • Batteries last over 8 hours
  • Stable and comfortable to wear during exercise
  • stuck firmly in the ears, even when jumping
  • sweat resistant
  • four different silicone earplugs
  • bass-heavy sound

The firmness of the seat in the ears may be one of the most important factors when wearing this model. Often enough, conventional versions fall out of the ears, to the annoyance of all athletes who want to focus on sport and music and not on the poor properties of their headphones.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

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The best true wireless in-ear headphones under 100 $ are the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air for convincing reasons:

  • Batteries have a long run time
  • Sound quality is good
  • small, practical storage case
  • fast connection establishment
  • IPX5 certificate
  • high quality microphone
  • This model is especially suitable for people
  • who want a better comfort like when wearing AirPods.

Even if the quality of AirPods justifies the high price, they would not be of any use to Android users because they are not made for these devices. A comparison between Airpods and true wireless in-ear headphones therefore does not necessarily have to be sought. The comfort is the same as the expensive versions and saves the wearer an empty wallet.

The model scores above all with its practicality. The supplied case is so small and rounded that it fits perfectly in any trouser pocket. It closes magnetically, so there is no need to open a zipper.

The automatic connection to other devices is established quickly without the wearer having to deal with the Bluetooth settings. As soon as the headphones are stowed in the small case, the music pauses and the connections to other devices are interrupted. Those who want to stay below 100 $ will find the right companion in these headphones.

Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd

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Beyerdynamic is also in a slightly higher price category with the Soul Byrd model. However, the excellent headphones are great value for money.

The product is particularly suitable for people who

  • need a lot of bass.
  • who care about longevity.
  • want to have the sounds of the outside world isolated as well as possible
  • Don’t plan a large budget for in-ear headphones.

The bass is unbeatable for the low price. While rich, full sounds intoxicate the ear, annoying noises are well isolated from the outside. Siren sounds from passing emergency vehicles, conversations from the people sitting next to you and street noises no longer penetrate the ear, so that you can concentrate entirely on the music. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this in-ear model for less than 100 $ is the best choice.

Bose SoundSport headphones

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The Bose SoundSport headphones are one of the most highly recommended sports headphones today, largely thanks to the design of StayHear technology. This technology uses a wing-like, soft silicone design that is also available in 3 different sizes to suit all types of ear sizes.

When it comes to comfort, the Bose SoundTrue is one of the most comfortable headphones on the market. The open design helps improve comfort, and there are even situations in which you might forget you are wearing headphones.

One thing that we have to complain about, however, is the ability to suppress noise. Unfortunately, there is no noise canceling. If you wear the headphones in public when there is strong outside noise, you have to increase the volume to almost the maximum just to drown out the surrounding noise.

When it comes to audio quality, you can expect BOSE to deliver nice, solid performance with their headphones. Bose is known for delivering an impeccable balance in sound, and they’ve managed to get the same results here while delivering pretty good bass performance. If you are looking for sports earbuds and you like the quality and sound, this could be the headphone for you.

The highs are a bit disappointing, however, as the compressed quality sounded a bit rough to the ears. That being said, the sound quality of the BOSE SoundSport will be excellent for everyone else except audiophiles.


  • Safe and comfortable design.
  • Full bass performance.
  • Comes with a sturdy carrying case.
  • StayHear design technology optimizes comfort and stability.
  • Tonally balanced.


The noise cancellation leaves a lot to be desired.

The Bose SoundSport headphones are highly recommended for those who prefer in-ear headphones but are not fans of how the earplugs have to be wedged into the ear canal. This is a pretty sensible choice for people who frequently wear headphones to workout sessions. It offers good sound quality and first-class comfort.

Shure SE215

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The Shure SE215 in-ear headphones offer the best comfort. This is especially important for people who have small ears . No matter how good the sound is – if the earplugs don’t sit properly in the ears or if they start to hurt after a long period of wear, they are no good for those who want to enjoy the music.

The model scores with one

  • good sound quality.
  • good isolation from any outside noise.
  • flexible cable device that leads directly to the ear.
  • comfortable earplugs

The buyer should be advised at this point that the inline microphone has to be paid for separately. If the choice falls on the model Shure SE215, the buyer will not go wrong. Especially not when he is looking for headphones that cost less than 100 $.

Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Headphones

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The Momentum in-ear series delivers powerful bass in a light and attractive housing. These are not suitable for audiophiles, but the sonic performance of these in-ear headphones under 100 $ is reliable and very accessible.

The first thing you’ll notice about these earbuds is that the physical design looks a little different from many of the other options available. This unique in-ear design from Sennheiser fits the ear very well and the lightweight construction is comfortable for long listening sessions. Four sizes of silicone earbuds are provided, but as mentioned earlier, some users might benefit from trying foam or other types of earbuds.

The silicone earbuds provide a reasonable level of noise isolation, but some users may want to try third-party foam or double-flange silicone earbuds for added comfort and noise attenuation.

The unique design of the plastic case is lightweight, but it doesn’t look and feel cheap either. The moisture resistance is okay, but the headphones are not waterproof in any way.

The 3.5mm jack is compact and sturdy enough for everyday use. The 1.3 m long cable is neither round nor flat. The oval / elliptical cable design enables reliable and tangle-free use.

As is common with many in-ear monitors, the frequency response of the Momentum In-Ear tends to follow a V-shaped frequency profile, with the middle frequency component dropping significantly with certain types of music. However, this does not mean that the overall sound quality is poor. A powerful bass underlines the listening experience with these earplugs. The mid-tones can be perceived as sufficient by audiophiles, especially with rock pieces that are heavy on electric guitars. The highs are balanced and clear without creating too much sibilance. The upper treble range can tend to appear a bit bright.

With the in-ear model, Sennheiser is further expanding its quality brand Momentum headphones, and the overall quality of materials and audio performance is reliable. Bass enthusiasts will appreciate the enhanced low frequency response these earbuds offer. Users looking for a tasteful blend of style, comfort, and quality will surely want to try this one out.


  • Powerful bass
  • Clear audio quality
  • Great midrange driver
  • You can choose between the iPhone and the Android version


  • The mids are only reproduced sufficiently.

Sennheiser CX 300S In Ear Headphone

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The model variant Sennheiser CX 300S does not belong to the class of wireless headphones, but it is still perfectly compatible with other devices such as tablets, mobile phones, or portable pods. Here, too, the listener can concentrate on the music without annoying external noises entering the ear. Noise sources are effectively reduced.

The asymmetrical cable, which is shorter on the right and longer on the left, turns out to be advantageous. This increases the wearing comfort and saves annoying handling with cables of the same length. If there are no ways to bring these together, there can be an undesirable tangle of cables. The earplugs or tips are made of soft silicone, which makes them comfortable to wear.

The sound quality is very good and the headphones have a clear sound reproduction. This model is also priced well below 100 $.

We have introduced you to a number of great models for little money.

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