April 18, 2021
What is The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

25 Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas Reviews

Are you or the person to whom you wish to give a gift a fervent protector of the environment? Given the wide choice of eco-responsible items, there is no shortage of ideas. Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, wedding, birth, etc., discover our list of Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for the end of the year.

What is The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Bambaw – Safety Razor with Bamboo Handle

The Bambaw safety razor can be offered to a man or a woman. It allows a close shave and the user will not feel any irritation or redness. The risk of clogging is minimized by having only one blade. Made of bamboo and stainless steel, it offers a very good grip.

RAVPower – Solar panel charger

With 16 W of power, this solar charger offers excellent energy conversion. Thanks to its USB ports, you will be able to charge 2 peripherals at the same time. It is certainly one of the lightest and most compact of the moment.

Wilford & Sons – Stainless Steel Insulated Mug

This 360 mL stainless steel mug is dishwasher safe. It can keep a drink hot for 4 hours or keep a cold drink for 8 hours. Its double wall provides optimal insulation. Equipped with a push button, the ecological mug (phthalate and BPA free) has a silicone grip.

Eono by Amazon – Reusable bag

This set of reusable bags can be very suitable as an ecological gift. Ideal for storing fruits and vegetables, this pack consists of 16 lightweight and sturdy mesh bags. You can turn them into eco-friendly shopping and shopping bags. Note that all bags are reusable and effectively resist stains, snags or tears.

Varvara Home – Organic linen bread bag

This organic linen bread bag is available in several sizes which can vary according to your needs. Made from 100% organic linen with a density of 245 g / m², the Varvara Home is easy to machine. The manufacturing material displays a natural charm, something to delight all green people. In addition, the quality of the flax allows your bread to be consumable for up to 3 days.

Benecos – BDIH and vegan lip balm

Suitable for both a woman and a man, whatever her age, this colorless vegan lip balm promises up to 5 scents to choose from. Several organic vegetable oils constitute its base such as orange oil, raspberry seed oil or olive oil.

Pioniers Verkauf – Sheepskin rug

You don’t have it in your ecological gift idea list yet? This sheepskin rug will look great in a child’s bedroom, living room or master bedroom. Soft and fluffy, it will not let perceive any white seam. Its timeless design makes it suitable for all seasons and all styles. On the floor or on an armchair, it will fit perfectly into your decor.

Homtiky – Cork Yoga Mat

Do you have a friend or a close yoga enthusiast? Give him this natural cork wood rug. Designed with 100% recyclable materials, its outer face is made of soft cork while the inner face is made of TPE. It is relatively light since weighing only 1.2 kg despite a thickness of 6 mm. In addition, Homtiky has a high thermal insulation capacity and high abrasion resistance.

Bambaw – 22cm bamboo straws

This is a great alternative to plastic straws! Biodegradable and reusable, they have a fairly long lifespan, which considerably reduces waste. They are also very strong, almost impossible to twist. Note that the bamboo used in their manufacture comes from organic farming.

Repairing cream with aloe vera

Ideal for the body, face and hands, this repairing cream with aloe vera soothes the tightness of the skin. It will become more flexible and softer the next day! In addition, the cream ensures optimal hydration and can be complementary with organic nourishing balms. And no smell will be felt.

Cocobowlco – Polished Coconut Bowls

As an original gift, here are visually appealing coconut bowls with a rustic and natural style. You can use them for your culinary preparations, meals or to present your salads … In addition, the finish is very successful. Note that you will receive, among other things, an antimicrobial acacia wood spoon.

LilBit Alva Baby – Washable and Reusable Baby Diaper

It’s not just adults who will benefit from ecological gifts! To teach children to respect the environment, offer toddlers this set of 6 washable and reusable diapers delivered with inserts, a storage bag and a roll of disposable viscose fabric. An excellent birth gift, ideal between 3 and 15 kg.

Wilds Wood Watches – Automatic and ecological wristwatch

This all-wood wristwatch will make a great gift for a green dad. A specific mechanism allows the bracelet to be adjusted. Designed 100% with natural wood, except for the clasp composed of a folding buckle with ardillon closure, the dial and the cogs, this watch displays incredible robustness and resistance. The scratch-resistant tempered glass finish completes the ensemble.

BFWood – Bamboo hairbrush

This ecological gift will be suitable for all women. Designed with bamboo, the BFWood hairbrush has an ergonomic handle ensuring an easy grip. It adapts to all types of hair: smooth, thick or curly.

Bambaw – Washable paper towels

This ecological paper towel consists of 20 sheets that can be reused as desired. Made from 80% bamboo fibers, it is tough, super absorbent and thick. Each sheet measures 28 x 28 cm and can be used throughout the house (kitchen, living room, bedroom …) and on all types of surfaces, ceramic, metal, wood, or even glass.

Home Organics – Bamboo Cutting Board Set

This set of cutting boards is both practical and decorative. It consists of 3 boards made of top quality Moso bamboo, known for its high strength and density. Their silicone edges guarantee optimal stability during use. The 3 ecological cutting boards measure respectively 21 x 15 cm, 28 x 22 cm, and 33 x 22 cm for 1 cm of thickness.

Bambaw – Bamboo Cutlery Set

Forget about disposable plastic cutlery and say hello to this reusable bamboo cutlery, completely ecological. The kit delivered in a jute pouch does not contain any toxic components. It includes knife, spoon, fork, straw and cleaning brush.

Our Alternative Worlds – 4 solid organic cosmetics / zero waste

This batch of zero waste cosmetics made in France will give you all the benefits of a peppermint toothpaste, a citrus deodorant, a shikakai shampoo and an artisanal soap with natural glycerin. Please note that all packaging used for shipping is recyclable and biodegradable.

UMI. Essentials Silent Wooden Wall Clock

This irresistible composite wood wall clock weighs just 204g. It is quite robust and resistant. The clock is distinguished by its exceptional Youngtown quartz movement. Not very noisy, even very silent, it will enhance your decor.

SourceDIY – 100% authentic salt candle holder

These 24 100% authentic salt candle holders will give the person who receives them as a gift a fabulous moment of relaxation. Each candle holder weighs an average of 900 g. Made with natural salt crystals from the Himalayas, they display a rough texture. The colors, unique, can vary from pink to deep red. Their use purifies the air.

Cedar soap dish

Cedar Soap Dish increases the life of natural soap. It is moisture resistant and allows your soap to dry on all sides between uses. Available in two models: small or large

Shampoo bar

Introduce your friends, colleagues and family to shampoo bars! This one, signed Les Trappeuses in collaboration with Savonnerie des Diligences, is made from an oily macerate of marshmallow roots and organic nettle leaves (ONEKA). It is soft, nourishing and strengthening. Because often the best way to adopt it is to try it!

Eko Nature soap bag

New Eko Nature soap bag, both waterproof but breathable! This means that you can put your wet soap in it, that nothing will flow in your bag but your soap will be able to dry! Handmade in the Eastern Townships.

Face care

Here is a hydrating, all-natural, long-lasting facial treatment, based on white spruce hydrosol, ideal for very delicate, dry, hyper sensitive or reactive skin that does not tolerate any essential oil. Serves as a day, night and eye cream. Nourish your skin with food oils rich in essential fatty acids! For Her and Him!

Simone soap for dogs

We couldn’t resist bringing you Simone dog soap! A super soft and hydrating bar soap for your doggie! It will nourish your dog’s hair wonderfully and make it super soft!

The big bag

This Quebec-made and durable bag is ideal for shopping at the market, for the beach or any other occasion! Strong enough to carry all your groceries in an environmentally friendly way, this reusable bag will last you for years and reduce plastic in the environment.

Bulk bag set

These reusable bulk bags are great for bulk purchases! They can replace plastic bags at the grocery store when shopping for fruits and vegetables! Its very practical format also allows it to be used for storing small items. These bags are also used in the manufacture of nut milk.

Bread bags

The kit for bread lovers! A bread / loaf bag and a baguette bag.
Perfect bags for carrying bread from the bakery and keeping it at home for up to 2-3 days. Ideal for reducing your ecological footprint!
Cotton is a natural fiber that lets bread breathe. Say goodbye to mold!