March 5, 2021
What is The Best Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

Best Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

12 years old is the youngest adolescence when the girl is already beginning to feel an adult. Gifts presented to the 12-year-old girl should be useful, stylish and interesting. It can be board games, stylish decorations, sports accessories. The Best ideal Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls can be chosen even in the price category up to 10-20$.

What is The Best Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Under 20$

Kids Glitter Makeup

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If the girl likes to be striking and unusual, then she will need an ensemble to create unusual color effects on her hair. The set includes colored chalk sticks, gels with glitter, and also the brush for applying the gel. The gel with glitter can be applied in the same way on the skin of the face and body. A strand of color in the hair will diversify the image and help to transform literally in an instant.

Neon makeup for black light

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For girls who know how to have fun, the gift is a set of 8 tins of fluorescent paint in different colors. The paint glows in the dark. By using fluorescent paint, one can create intricate designs on the face and body that will only be visible when the lights are out.

Tape machine for making tape rolls with stencils

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The multi-colored ribbon maker is a fun accessory that any girl needleworker will love. Using the set of stencils, stamps, stickers and other accessories, one can create unusual ribbons and use them as bracelets, jewelry for pencils, pens, phones, etc.


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If the kid likes to draw, she will definitely appreciate such a gift as a drawing set. The set includes coloring pictures with the pictures of beautiful mermaids, a few cans of paint, brushes and more. Drawing is a great way to take advantage of its benefits – take a break and develop your artistic skills.

2 light bulb for Christmas night disco bar

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The black bulb with the capacity of 7 Vt with 16 ultraviolet light-emitting diodes is a magnificent device for lighting the room during the party. To this gift we must add a set of fluorescent paints for body painting. Now we can arrange the real evening for friends!

Twister Board Game

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Twister is a popular game suitable for girls who know how to have fun, love to laugh and are not afraid to be funny. With such a game, meetings with friends will become twice as cheerful!

Concept board game

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For the girl who does not like active sports and prefers to spend time at home in the company of her beloved friends, the board game will be a wonderful gift. With the board game time passes quickly and happily.

Fortnite Monopoly Board Game

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Popular board game – Monopoly. It can be played with friends of the same age and with adults. It’s the game with clear rules. During the game, one can joke, laugh and “supercharge” one’s strategic thinking skills.

SmartGames Jump in’

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For the active girl who likes to play in the great outdoors the device called “Jump and Count” will be a great gift. The device works without batteries and is equipped with a counter up to 1000 revolutions. With such a useful toy, it won’t be boring even on its own.

Wooden bead loom

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Wooden loom for making pearl bracelets is a wonderful gift that will delight the girl who loves unusual work and accessories. With the loom you can make a beautiful bracelet with an unusual pattern for yourself or as a gift. It’s so much fun!

Wooden box of traditional board games

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The wooden box with fields for traditional board games and the set of wooden pawns and figures is an ideal gift for the sociable girl who enjoys meetings at home with her girlfriends. With this box you can play popular board games such as goose, checkers, hopscotch. Board games are a great way to have fun with your loved ones.

2 necklaces for girl

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If the girl has a real girlfriend, then a truly magical Christmas gift for her will be a double pendant in the form of halves of a heart. One half will have to be left on its own, and the second is to be presented to the girlfriend in the name of everlasting friendship.

Pair of earrings and a yoyo in Ladybug’s colors

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The ladybug with the red fins with the black spot symbolizes something summer and cheerful. Accessories in red-black color are perfect for girls who like to look shiny and stand out from the crowd. The set of accessories includes the earrings-clips and jo-jo. Being shiny is all the rage!

Christmas Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Under 50$

Silver ring with zirconias safety pins pendant necklace

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The silver chain with the English pin pendant is the wonderful youth gift that will appeal to any young fashionista. The pin adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia is unusual and very attractive. Such a decoration will adapt to any style of clothing.

Love or friendship bracelet

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The young fashionista will definitely love a silver bracelet with heart shaped pendants with lock and key. They really are symbols for teenagers. This youth bracelet can be combined with all styles of clothing.

Wool loom

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B009UOMMWQ&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

Hardworking girls-needleworkers will like such a gift as a set for weaving. The set includes the loom, colored threads, needles and other weaving devices. With this set you can make yourself an elegant wool thing like a bag, belt or scarf for yourself or as a gift.

Temporary body makeup kit

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The set for creating color patterns on the face and body is an ideal gift for the girl who likes to be the center of attention. The set includes stencils for creating tattoos, all kinds of paints, glitter, glue, brushes. Tattoos hold on the skin for 3-7 days, they are easily removed with makeup remover or soap, and the paints are safe for the health of the child, which will appeal to health-conscious parents.

Euro Coin Album for 26 complete Euro sets

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B00OU2TD48&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

Numismatics is a rare and unusual hobby. If the girl collects coins, she will definitely like a cardboard album for euro coins. The album is nicely decorated inside and out. Maybe thanks to this album the girl will in the future become a real collector.

Expert’s case

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The set for creation of figurines from multicolored beads will appeal to hardworking girls who love the work. No need for glue to make figurines from these beads: the beads are glued to the base using ordinary water. The creation of figurines from multicolored beads can be practiced both alone or with girlfriends. Parents can be calm: girls are having fun and don’t get dirty with glue.

Game controller for dji Tello

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07CPFL5SK&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

If the girl likes unusual gadgets, the GameSir T1s gamepad for Android will be the perfect gift for her. The gamepad is specially designed for controlling drones, but it can also be used for game operations. With this device, the ordinary mobile phone easily turns into an unmanned aircraft controller.

Foldable and adjustable scooter

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The folding scooter in a color that will appeal to any girl is not only the means of transport, but also a stylish accessory. The scooter will be appreciated by the amateurs of active pastime. The scooter is convenient to take outside and store at home.

Sports protective equipment

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B088D68QF2&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

Protection for the palms, elbows, knees, head is what any active hobbyist needs. Protection will be needed while riding a bicycle, scooter, roller skates. With such protection, the fall will be less traumatic, and the soft pink color of the protective elements will emphasize the elegant and sporty image of the girl.

Adjustable rollerblades with flashing skates role

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Roller skating is good for your health and a lot of fun! You can ride alone, with friends, with the whole family. The casters are convenient to transport and store at home. The pink coloring of the roulettes will appeal to any girl.

LEGO Friends, Andrea’s speedboat transporter

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B071VNLCBV&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

The LEGO set is a gift that will appeal to the hardworking girl with a rich imagination. With the help of vivid details you can build a boat with an outboard motor, a beach car with a trailer, an evening stage with a bar counter, two sun loungers, barbecue area, etc. The set also includes Andrea and Emma mini-doll figures and other figures. With the help of the LEGO set we can create a whole beach story!

Christmas Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Under 100$

The 10 in 1 junior camera with dual lens

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B08NJ5KV8S&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

The camera in a stylish case is the perfect gift for the girl who loves photography. You can take pictures of anything: yourself, nature, objects and people around. The “10 in 1” camera allows you to take quality selfies with a resolution of 5 MP, record videos and music, add photo and video effects, record a voice.

Kidizoom Smartwatch

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B071JQ6LCC&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

The “smart watch” is a device that can not only display the time on the screen, but also perform the functions of alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, camera, video recording, motion tracking and many other things. The “smart watch” with fashionable shiny strap will appeal to all modern girls who love stylish gadgets.

Alarm clock radio with light effects

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07X8ZYXBB&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

The clock is the right thing in the bedroom. The cute clock with an interesting design will fit into any interior. Now the schoolgirl will certainly not be late: neither for lessons, nor for extra lessons, nor for a meeting with friends.

Luxury 2 story 4 room dollhouse

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B005ZLT3HU&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

Girls love doll games. The universal gift for all girls will be the Barbie house where you can house your favorite dolls. The house has two levels and several bedrooms equipped with various furniture and accessories. Games with the dollhouse are not a waste of time, because during the game the child perfectly develops the imagination.

Karaoke microphone with light effects

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07QY21Y4B&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

If the girl dreams of performing and becoming a singer, the microphone on the stand with karaoke function will be a perfect gift for her. The microphone with integrated disco ball and karaoke function creates beautiful light effects and allows music to be played without words. The device is also equipped with the voice recording function, the possibility of supplementing the singing with sound effects, etc.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Under 150$

Girls’ bicycle in pink and purple

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B071NFFHMZ&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL550 &tag=homearama 20

The bicycle is a wonderful gift for the active girl who likes to go outdoors often. The bike rides can be done by the whole family. It is useful and fun. The unusual bright colors of the bike will delight the girl who likes to be the center of attention.

How to Choose Best Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

What gift can be given to The 12 year Old Girl for Christmas

Active 12-year-old girls will accept sports accessories as Christmas gift, such as protective helmet for roller skating, skateboarding, cycling. Fashionistas will love stylish jewelry: bracelets, pendants as well as trendy gadgets, such as “smart watches”. If the girl likes to organize meetings at home with her friends, she will need board games and sets for co-creation.

What not worth giving The 12 year Old Girl for Christmas

It is not worth giving the 12-year-old girl clothes and things of a size up for the next year, because teenagers have a changeable character and such things after a while can become quite unpleasant to them. It is also not worth giving gifts that will not be known to please and be useful to the girl. For example, the girl who does not like jewelry should not be given a bracelet and pendant. It is better to clarify in advance what the girl likes, what pleases her, what can be useful to her.

Christmas gift decoration ideas

If the girl has favorite cartoon characters, her gift can be wrapped in a package with a print of her favorite character or wrapped in wrapping paper with such a print. If the girl likes everything bright and lush, her gift should be wrapped in a cheerful box with a large ribbon bow. If the gift is already packed in the box or has small dimensions, it can be supplemented with a toy. By the way, the gift box can be not only standard, that is, square or rectangular, but also figurative: in the form of snowflakes, Santa Claus, Christmas toys, Christmas trees, snowman , etc.

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