June 24, 2021
Best Headphones for Women and Girls

πŸ₯‡ [Top 13] Best Headphones for Women and Girls in 2020

Women love music and know how to beautify everyday life with the right rhythm. Whether for relaxation or inspiration, music is an essential source of energy and balance to make our demanding life more comfortable.

When it comes to choosing the ideal Best Headphones for Women, women often turn their attention to the design and performance of the headphone. The device must have a good fit and be supported by innovative technologies and numerous additional functions that offer high, well-balanced sound performance.

But that’s not all. As unusual as it sounds, there are headphones that take into account the physiological differences in the anatomy of the skull in men and women. This is why the design concept of headphones that are specially designed for women focuses on their narrower bone structure in order to produce the perfect headphones for women. Mind you, most headphones are purely unisex models, the standard versions of which for women only differ in color and with the addition of jewelry.

Best Headphones for Women and Girls

The perfect headphones for you

From circumaural and over-the-ear headphones to earbuds to in-ears, the diverse range of great headphones that can be used perfectly for every occasion and for all occasions is simply overwhelming. In addition to choosing the right type of headphone, first-class sound quality and the right design are of course in the foreground of the factors that women consider when buying the right headphones.

Those who rely on unlimited freedom of movement for sport and fitness are well-advised to have stable, wireless in-ear headphones and earbuds, which are supplied with different sizes and ensure excellent wearing comfort. With the help of the high accuracy of fit, in-ear headphones are able to isolate all disturbing environmental noise to a high degree. At the same time, they are particularly practical to stow and transport.

For pure relaxation and recreation at home or on vacation, on-ear and over-ear headphones are ideal, which are placed directly on the ear and allow a comfortable listening experience as well as an undisturbed music experience.

The Best Headphones for Women and Girls Reviews

In ear headphones

The Bose SoundSport wireless headphones

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The fact that Bose is one of the world’s best manufacturers of headphones is once again clear in this ranking: The Bose SoundSport wireless headphones are our clear number 1 in the field of headphones for sport-loving women Due to an outstanding sound experience with balanced highs and great bass , annoying background noises when jogging or in the gym are extremely reliably faded out.

Another real highlight is the fact that the two In-Ears always stay securely in the user’s ear, even with jerky movements: This is ensured by the well-thought-out StayHear ear tips, which can cope with even strong head shaking. The class is also runtime of the integrated battery, which brings it to a whopping 18 hours.

In fact, there are hardly any other wireless headphones that are worth such a good value – but you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for just under 130 $. A charge of just 15 minutes gives you an hour of battery life, so you can spontaneously decide to run around the block.

Libratone Lightning in-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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The Libratone Lightning In-Ear Headphones Q Adapt Elegant Nude, designed with innovative technology and minimalist design, will fascinate every music-loving woman. A highlight of the device is definitely the patented “CityMix” noise suppression system developed by Libratone, which allows undisturbed music experiences, telephony or the enjoyment of absolute silence. The in-ear headphone set comes with a convenient 4-button operation, with which telephony, music, mute or the noise-isolating “City Mix” mode can be regulated.

The battery-free power supply is secured via the individual iPhone or iPad Lightning connection, which at the same time ensures fantastic digital high-resolution sound quality via a digital audio output. A high degree of accuracy is guaranteed by the three different earplug sizes that are included in the scope of delivery. The battery system operated by a personal IOS device has an impressive 25 hours of running time. The headphones are available in four different colors.

BeatsX wireless in-ear headphones

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The second place in our ranking went to the BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones, which at first glance seem quite inconspicuous and not very stylish, but know how to convince with an impressive sound and very rich bass – one of the best for many users Sound qualities that are currently on the market. Thanks to a well thought-out, tangle-proof design, the In Ears sit perfectly in the ear without accidentally falling out, and if they are not used for a long time they can be stowed away in a backpack or handbag to save space.

The fact that the integrated battery lasts around eight hours is also really greatand thus ensures musical entertainment for a very long time – many models of the competition run out after around 5 hours. Hard to believe: After an ultra-short charge of just 5 minutes (!) You can look forward to a full 2 ​​hours of music.

It is a bit of a shame, however, that the BeatsX wireless in-ear headphones are primarily aimed at owners of an Apple device, as the functional properties of devices from other manufacturers are quite limited.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit 2100 Bluetooth

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Numerous in-ear headphones for jogging and running are extremely light and comfortable, but not always 100% waterproof: In heavy rain, they can only be used to a limited extent or not at all. On the other hand, things look completely different with the Plantronics Backbeat Fit 2100 Bluetooth: The extremely high-quality headphones have no problems with smaller or larger rain showers and are even sweat-resistant- which, in combination with its very light and flexible neckband, makes it ideal for top athletic performance.

Also practical: the headphones are equipped with a reflective surface so that the user can also be seen in the dark. Also on board is the current Bluetooth 5.0 generation, through which a quick and easy connection with various mobile devices is possible, annoying cable clutter while jogging is completely eliminated. The running time of the headphones, which cost around 100 $, is also exemplary: after a full charge, you can look forward to around 8 hours of music enjoyment. The headphones also impress with their great mids and clear bass.

For Apple fans: Apple AidPods

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Apple lovers get their money’s worth with the Apple AirPods: These small, wireless headphones are placed in the ears without a neckband or other protective device, where they are surprisingly secure thanks to their well thought-out shape – although you can see them at first glance could well assume that the exact opposite is the case.

The Apple AirPods can be easily connected to the iPhone or iPod via Bluetooth, but ideally a connection is also possible with other mobile devices (for example with smartphones from Samsung or Huawei). The quick charging function of the AirPods is really positive: after just 15 minutes, they give their user up to 3 hours of musical entertainment

However, with a purchase price of 150 $ or more, the simple headphones are anything but cheap.

The Apple alternative: Jabra Elite 65t

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If you don’t want to buy the Apple AirPods because the white in-ears are simply not stylish enough, you should definitely take a look at the Jabra Elite 65t in-ear headphones, which in our opinion are an excellent alternative to the AirPods – and these even look old in some areas.

The price of around 140 $ not only includes the silver-black headphones, but also a practical charging case, which Apple can also pay for, for example. With a full charge, the elegant headphones have a good runtime of up to 5 hours , and by using the charging case, you can even enjoy up to 15 hours of music.

This model, too, connects quickly and easily to all Bluetooth-compatible end devices via Bluetooth 5.0, and the highly efficient equalizer also provides a really impressive sound with clear highs and rich bass. We also really liked the fact that the Jabra Elite 65t can be easily controlled via the popular Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, and thanks to its IP55 protection class, it is optimally protected from rain and dust.

For Samsung fans: Samsung Gear IconX

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Most wireless headphones need to be plugged into an MP3 player or cell phone to play music. Not so with the Samsung Gear IconX headphones: With this in-ear model, the manufacturer has come up with something very special and conveniently installed an MP3 player that is able to play the music previously stored on the headphones – you can carry a smartphone with you so no longer necessary , especially since the individual songs are controlled directly via the headphones. A whopping 4 GB of storage spaceare available to the user to store their favorite songs; this is sufficient for around 900 to 1,000 MP3s.

Alternatively, the Samsung Gear IconX can also be connected to the end device in a classic way via Bluetooth. This even has a small plus point: If the small earplugs are accidentally lost while hiking or jogging, they can be easily found using the β€œFind my Earbud” app previously installed on the smartphone. In addition to a really great music playback with bright highs and rich bass, the Samsung Gear IconX headphones also impress with a variety of integrated fitness functions: For example, the time, the distance covered, the pace and the calorie consumption are measured while jogging.

Happy Plugs 7737 Earbuds, Rose Gold

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With the Happy Plug Earpiece II headphones gold, headphones have been created for active and trendy women that optimally meet all requirements for a reliable, powerful and durable device. The Swedish manufacturer delivers classic, minimalist earplugs in a modern design with fresh colors in a metallic look. With the Mic & Remote mode, music and calls can be controlled easily and without problems.

The wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headphones are the perfect companion for all occasions and shine with their ergonomic fit and high wearing comfort. 5 hours of music enjoyment and an additional 3 hours of telephony provide the battery power for on the go. The device is compatible with all Bluetooth supported devices. The scope of delivery includes three different sizes of earpieces.


Ifecco Bluetooth Headset Wireless ear cushions headphones

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Anyone looking for simple headphones that can be used in various situations will definitely get their money’s worth with the Ifecco Bluetooth Headset Wireless ear cushion headphones. For a purchase price of around 17 $, you can look forward to nice-looking over-ear headphones, which in the color β€œgolden rose” are aimed primarily at young and young-at-heart women.

The supple ear cushions ensure optimal wearing comfort, while an integrated Bluetooth interface enables quick and easy coupling with mobile devices – alternatively, the headphones can also be connected in the old-fashioned way using the included 3.5 mm jack cable. Further highlights of the Ifecco headphones:Built-in microphone for making calls .

PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

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The PowerLocus Bluetooth over-ear headphones impress at first glance with their stylish design, which is aimed at women in particular in the colors rose / gold, white / violet and purple. In addition, the over-ear headphones are surprisingly cheap to buy: they change hands for less than 30 $. Despite its affordable price, the PowerLocus Bluetooth headphones impress with their great high-definition stereo sound, which is even equipped with noise suppression technology, while deep bass and dynamic power sound, indirect combination, also ensure a balanced sound.

Practical: The pretty headphones can be connected quickly and wirelessly to all Bluetooth-compatible end devices (including smartphones and tablet PCs) via Bluetooth 4.2, but the scope of delivery also includes a classic 3.5 mm connection cable. Those who opt for wireless use can look forward to 9 hours of music enjoyment after a charging time of around 2 hours, and for those who like to make calls, there is also a built-in microphone that can be used to make incoming calls.

SOMIC G951pink Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, Laptop

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The SOMIC G951 over-ear headphones are aimed at women who would prefer never to grow up. It is not only deliberately kept in pink, but also comes with attachable cat ears, which are guaranteed to quickly turn out to be a real eye-catcher in the tram or at university.

The fact that the headphones, which cost around 55 $, are not only convincing in terms of their appearance but also in terms of their technology, becomes clear when you look at their datasheet: While a special 360-degree virtual loudspeaker multi-channel Technology ensures an optimal and balanced sound, rich basses also provide an acoustic highlight in hip-hop music and other bass-rich songs.

Very practical: you can make phone calls with friends using an integrated microphone that can even be bent flexibly. These fancy headphones are also very suitable for girls from the age of 9.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Leica edition

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A very special highlight among the over-ear headphones is the MW60 wireless over-ear headphones with AptX Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The model from the New York house Master & Dynamic impresses with its overwhelming design, the high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and extra soft leather as well as memory foam for the exchangeable ear pads.

The exclusive headphone model comes with a 45 mm neodymium driver and guarantees the highest sound quality thanks to the excellent combination of powerful sound, wearing comfort, sophisticated design and performance as well as the patented, attached aluminum antenna .

The rechargeable battery power of the splendid headphone set in brown and gunmetal lasts up to 16 hours and shines with four times the industrial signal range and the foldable stainless steel hinges. The scope of delivery also includes a 1.25 m long standard cable, a micro USB support cable, a canvas case and a leather cable box.

The brand bargain: Sony MDR-ZX110 foldable headphone

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With the MDR-ZX110, the Japanese manufacturer Sony proves that high-quality branded headphones do not necessarily have to be expensive to purchase: The over-ear model is available for less than 15 $ and is aimed primarily at women who are up are looking for easy-to-use headphones that do not have a lot of frills.

The model, which comes in soft pink (but is also available in white or black), convinces with a great sound ( for the price ) despite its affordable price, although the basses, in particular, should be a little more intense – many women rarely attach great importance to them anyway.

You have to do without a connection via Bluetooth due to the fair price, but the 1.2 m long connection cable can be plugged into almost every imaginable end device (smartphone, tablet PC, MP3 player, sound system) without any problems. Also practical: the Sony MDR-ZX110 can be easily folded up when not in use for a long period of time and can therefore be stored in a backpack or hand luggage to save space – ideal for longer trips.

By the way: In its standard version, this model does not have an integrated microphone for making calls. For around 5 $ extra, there is also a premium version in which the said microphone is installed.


The demand for high-performance, elegant, and above all, practical Headphones for Women and Girls is growing day by day. Every woman should be aware that headphones for women should meet different performance criteria in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The style and design of women’s headphones are on the one hand dependent on the purpose and frequency of use, on the other hand, they should also meet all expectations in terms of sound quality. The models presented meet these criteria and are available in stores at a very good price-performance ratio.

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