September 21, 2021
Best Headphones Under 500

🥇 10 Best Headphones Under 500 in 2021

The best headphones under 500 are very popular among gamers. So it’s no wonder that numerous users are now looking for a new gaming headset for their console with which every step of the opponent can be heard. In the following, the 10 best headphones under 500 are listed, which, in addition to a fair price, are also of excellent quality and are therefore all worth buying.

What is The Best Headphones Under 500 Dolla

SteelSeries Arctic 5

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The SteelSeries Arctic 5 could not only win a design competition, but also a sound contest. First of all, the sound is convincing in the bass as well as in the highs and lows, which is raised to a completely new level thanks to the support of the DTS Headphone: X v2.0 Surround Sound. This gives the sound a spatial level, which is an immense advantage in numerous games. In addition, the high-quality ClearCast microphone with noise suppression can hardly be topped, as it can be retracted as far as you want in addition to the extremely clear sound. This function is truly unique and only a few headsets support it.

Even if the SteelSeries Arctic 5 comes with a cable connection, the integrated ChatMix controller is a very practical gimmick: This allows the balance of game and chat sound to be adjusted directly without having to leave the game first. In addition, there is the noble design, which impresses with a matt black and additional subtle LEDs as a border around the ear cups.

When it comes to ear cushions, SteelSeries relies on well-known AirWave ear cushions, which in the Arctic 5 are expanded with a high-performance fabric from the sports sector. These should ensure that the ears stay cool and dry even on the hottest summer days. The sporty design is continued on the head pad: The “premium ski goggle strap” also impresses with its very elastic fabric, which prevents pressure points and pain when wearing the headset.

In terms of price, the SteelSeries Arctic 5 is in the mid-range segment, which means that it is convincing in terms of price-performance across the board. A small point of criticism that is noted by some users is the unsatisfactory quality of the microphone, which is okay for a mid-range headset, but not excellent. However, the majority of users are very pleased with the overall quality of the headset.

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound

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Of course, a product from the market leader Razer should not be missing from a headset list. Known for its high quality, the Razer Nari Ultimate is a remarkable overall package. The sound color of the headphones is excellent, not least because of the integrated “Windows Sonic Surround Sound Technology”, which makes every single detail in the game sound crystal clear and really intense Gaming experience delivers. Comparable to the SteelSeries Arctic 5, the microphone of the Razer Nari Ultimate can also be extended and retracted.

The special thing about the product from Razer is made clear by the extraordinary Hyper-Sense technology. This causes dynamic vibrations on the headset to adapt to the game, thus ensuring an extremely high level of interaction with the player himself. According to the manufacturer, this unique function is available for all available Xbox games and should always be compatible with future games.

Razer also uses a typical green and black design with strikingly wide ear pads and a unibody frame made of aluminum. This means that the Razer Nari Ultimate is anything but simple, which is a reason for the purchase decision for many users. The company also wants to put an end to the annoying cable, which is why the headphones connect directly to the Xbox and can maintain this connection at a distance of up to 12 meters. With the typically illuminated Razer logo and activated Hyper-Sense function, the battery lasts for up to eight hours, or a full 20 hours when the extras are completely deactivated.

Overall, the Razer Nari Ultimate offers an unbelievable overall package of high-quality basic functions and some special features at a price of around $ 200, where the Hyper-Sense technology stands out. At the same time, however, this is also a weak point for some users, as the function only partially accompanies the game and at some points is rather annoying instead of supporting. Nevertheless, the high quality and long service life are particularly outstanding.

Corsair HS35 – Stereo Gaming Headset

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The Corsair HS35 also offers a comfortable gaming experience on the Xbox, even if it is priced well below the alternatives presented above. The sound has good highs and lows, which also offer an immersive 360 ​​° audio experience thanks to the compatibility with “Windows Sonic Technology”. There is also the convincing microphone, which is not only removable, but can also be bent as desired.

Externally, the Corsair HS35 scores with its variability: The right color should be available for every taste from a total of 5 variants. The fabric-covered ear pads and head pads also impress with their pleasantly soft feel, which offer the right comfort for the gaming experience. There is also a volume control on the ear pad, which means that the sound can be adjusted quickly and easily. The headset is only included in the cable version, which means that the headphones do not need to be charged.

At a reasonable price, the Corsair HS35 is an inexpensive alternative to the expensive Xbox headsets, which seems unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio. While some users note a short lifespan, others claim that this headset is “unbreakable”. Even if you have to compromise on the low price, the Corsair HS35 is still a qualitatively convincing budget headset.

Performance Designed Products LVL50

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If you don’t want to spend too much or too little on a convincing gaming headset, the LVL50 from Performance Designes Products (PDP) is an extremely good choice. Although the powerful bass is in the foreground of the timbre, the mids and highs are also on a decent level. In addition, two buttons are mounted directly on the headphones, with which you can choose between the sound modes “Pure Audio” and “Bass Boost”.

What really stands out about the LVL50 is the high-quality microphone. This certainly cannot be retracted or dismantled, but the flip-up and bending function is satisfactory for the mid-price segment. Above all, the integrated noise-canceling feature underlines the already convincing quality of the microphone.

The design of the PDP LVL50 is strongly reminiscent of a Razer product: The bright green inside of the ear cups and the black appearance with small, green accents appeals to both the elegant and the extravagant eye. Described by the manufacturer as “unbeatable”, the level of comfort can definitely keep up with high-priced headsets.

Not only the ear pads, but also the head pad consists of a breathable nylon fabric cushion that sits comfortably and especially “airy”. This way, ears stay free of heat and sweat in any case. The user is also freed from annoying tangled cables, as the headset is wireless and simply connects directly to the console.

All in all, the Performance Designed Products LVL50 knows how to impress with its microphone quality and comfort. The price of approx. 80 $ is criticized by some users because of the very bass-heavy sound and a too tight sitting for some. Nonetheless, the headset is a solid and recommendable mid-range product that we recommend buying again.

Xbox One Stereo Headset Xbox One Stereo Headset

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Yes, Microsoft actually offers a headset for the Xbox Series X and S. This is particularly impressive due to one keyword: simplicity. Microsoft relies on as few extras as possible with the stereo headset and concentrates on the essentials: the sound and the microphone. And it is precisely these points that impress with the headset. On the one hand, the headphones find an ideal balance between lows, mids and highs, which means that the gaming experience can be experienced unadulterated. The integrated microphone, which can be folded up, is also completely sufficient to be understood by other players.

The simplicity of the headphones is also made clear by the design: a matt black covers the entire product and is only interrupted by a glossy black Xbox logo on the ear cups. Seen from the outside, the ear pads look extremely thick, which gives the ears a very comfortable hold when playing. Even if a fabric cover is used here, a thin synthetic leather is used for the head cushion. Although the Xbox stereo headset has to be connected with a cable, Microsoft provides an adapter for this, which means that functions such as “mute”, louder or quieter are located directly on the controller as a button. This practical detail enables sound adjustments even in the middle of the game.

The price of around 40 $ is therefore justified by the convincing sound and microphone quality. Small compromises have to be made with the cable, as some users describe it as vulnerable and sensitive. The mid-range headset should still be sufficient for a long time when used properly.

ASTRO Gaming A50

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The next candidate in the list is the ASTRO Gaming A50, probably the most extravagant and unusual of them all. Starting with surround sound, which provides a breathtaking timbre from powerful bass to crystal clear highs that not many headphones can keep up with. This is also compatible with Dolby Atmos, which increases the already high level of timbre even further. Furthermore, the foldable microphone offers an impressive quality, which is automatically muted when it is folded up.

The wireless headset lasts a full 15 hours on a fully charged battery and can also be charged wirelessly on the extremely luxurious base station supplied. Both the base station and the headset itself come in black with gold accents. The design is particularly “upspaced” due to the height-adjustable headband, as this exotic way protrudes over the headband.

The nylon cushions promise long-lasting wearing comfort, and the integrated buttons on the headphones for volume, chat game balance and many other settings are available. In addition, the supplied ASTRO Command Center software offers an individual adaptation of the sound and sound experience, which includes a variety of options for personal development.

Of course, the ASTRO Gaming A50 belongs to the absolute upper class of gaming headsets, but it is obvious that numerous functions are included for this high price. Therefore, the satisfied users only complain about the price and only small things that can be found on every gaming headset.

Turtle Beach Recon 70X

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In addition to the Stealth 700X Gen 2, Turtle Beach also makes it onto this list with the Recon 70X. Nevertheless, the headsets differ in many ways, which is why both deserve their fair placement. As a budget headset, you can be extremely satisfied with the balanced sound, as both bass and treble are well represented. In addition, there is the foldable microphone, which fulfills the purpose in terms of price-performance technology and allows clean and undisturbed communication.

The somewhat playful and colorful design of the Recon 70X impresses with its alternating black and the selected color. When it comes to color selection, Turtle Beach is broadly based, as there are a total of 9 headset variants to buy. The black ear cushions and the colored head cushions are made of synthetic leather, which creates a noble and supple feeling and also does not heat the ears too much. There is also a wheel on the auricle to adjust the volume. Unfortunately, an adapter for the Xbox Series X is required for the cable connection, but this can be purchased for little money and is therefore not a problem.

Overall, the Recon 70X keeps what it promises for the low price: Both the tone color and the microphone quality are satisfactory in terms of price-performance ratio. However, some buyers are plagued by a short service life, which often has to do with a broken cable. For the low price, the headset is still a worth considering alternative to more expensive models.

Razer Kaira

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Razer is also represented a second time in this list with the Razer Kaira. Even with the tone color, the headphones of the large corporation know how to convince, as they rely on a special technology. The membranes are coated with titanium, which means that Razer’s state-of-the-art drivers can generate bass, mids and highs separately.

This creates an extremely clean and unique sound that sounds extremely clear in all registers. Furthermore, Razer relies on a flexible microphone, which allows uncomplicated discussions with teammates with integrated noise suppression and game-chat balance.

As with the Razer Nari Ultimate, the Razer Kaira uses breathable memory foam, which ensures soft padding. The Razer-typical black and green design is a matter of taste, as with every product from the group, but it appears a little simpler than that of the Nari Ultimate. With a simple push of a button, the headset can be connected to the Xbox and supports a wireless gaming experience. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts up to 20 hours.

The Razer Kaira is an ideal transition product from a middle class to an upper class headset. The sound experience, valued by many users, is only slightly reduced by the criticized microphone quality, which for some leaves something to be desired due to an unclean recording.

Razer Blackshark V2 X

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The Razer Blackshark V2 X comes from the lower price segment, but it convinces with some great functions at a comparable low price. The patented Razer Triforce drivers, for example, ensure a perfect sound image without annoying background noise or other interference. The headset does not support the Playstation 5’s 3D audio function either, but the sound is very convincing. The balanced mids and highs as well as the powerful bass speak a clear language.

Particularly noteworthy is the crystal clear audio quality of the microphone, which is why this gaming headset is perfect for e-sports. Communication with other players is no problem. Here one would have wished for a solid virtual surround sound, which would have made it much easier to locate the opponents, but you have to make compromises in this price range. In return, the new Blackshark convinces with a high level of comfort of the ear cups and the headband, which is of course essential for long gaming sessions.

Overall, with the Blackshark V2 X, Razer offers a great overall package of innovative novelties and tried-and-tested technology. The customers are also extremely satisfied and enthusiastic. In terms of price-performance ratio, the headset is an impressive offer that is extremely worthwhile to buy.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Premium

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Turtle Beach describes an up to now rather unknown and up-and-coming company in the headset industry. With its Stealth 700X Gen 2, however, the company can certainly compete with market leaders such as Razer, as both the haptic quality and the timbre seem almost unbeatable.

In particular, the powerful bass is emphasized positively, but the mids and highs are not neglected either. In fact, the company even offers the free Turtle Beach Audio Hub app, with which the audio settings of the headset can be easily and smartly adjusted via the mobile phone. In particular, the “Game Presets” function, which allows game-specific presets to be made in order to adapt the sound experience from game to game, is revolutionary and unique to the Turtle Beach Stealth 700X Gen 2.

It is true that the microphone cannot be fully retracted and extended as with the Razer and SteelSeries products, but at least it can be folded up if desired so that the microphone does not disturb any further. The quality of the sound recording is also satisfactory and has no annoying background noise.

The headset comes in a very simple and elegant matt black and without any cables. Due to the wireless and uncomplicated connection to the Xbox, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700X Gen 2 must be charged after 20 hours of use. The soft synthetic leather ear pads are advertised as being extremely glasses-friendly and not causing any pressure points.

All in all, the price is completely justified, as the app in particular is a special feature that only a few alternatives in this price segment offer.

Note: The order of the products does not reflect the placement. This cannot be identified with the enormous price range between the headsets and depends on individual expectations.

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