September 21, 2021
Best Modded PS4 Controller

🥇[Top 12] Best Modded PS4 Controller Reviews in 2021

Anyone who plays a lot on the PS4 will at some point wonder if the gaming experience can be further improved with a good controller. A Best Modded PS4 Controller is a must for console games. Especially if you want to play competitively.

But now there is a large selection of different controllers on the market. To make your choice easier, presents the Best Modded PS4 Controller and explains the purchase criteria to find your best choice.

What is The Best Modded PS4 Controller

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

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Sony’s DualShock 4 is the official controller for the Japanese company’s new game console. Probably the coolest new features are the touchpad and the share button.

If you look at the new gamepad for Sony’s next-gen console, the first thing you’ll notice is the touchpad in the middle of the device – where the start and select buttons were on previous models. This should expand the gaming experience – depending on the manufacturer, or even revolutionize it.

You can use it for drawing and gesturing. Many will be used for similar commands from smartphones or tablet PCs. The so-called share button is now located right above the control pad. When you press this button, you can quickly and easily share game content with friends.

Screenshots or video clips of special moments in the game can be downloaded with the push of a button. Another innovation is the built-in mono speaker, so you should feel like you are even closer to the game. For example, when bullets fly past the character in an exciting battle.

An LED bar on the front can light up in four different colors and, among other things, should make it easier to distinguish between different players. In addition, the shape of the pad as well as the analog buttons and sticks have been improved to make the controller more convenient.

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

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The Razer Raiju is the best high quality classic controller. It fits perfectly in the hand and thanks to the special arrangement of its additional buttons, the right thumb hardly ever has to leave the analog stick. This gives the game a lightness and impeccable precision.

In no time at all, you can assign any function to the additional buttons and enjoy precise, full clicks on all buttons, including the touchpad. Comfort is a top priority, which is noticeable at the latest when the microphone mute button is attached to the gamepad.

And all this also goes for the Wolverine Ultimate, with small drawbacks, making it more difficult to use with two additional buttons, with variable acceleration of the analog sticks as well as interchangeable control keys and analog sticks, but also offers a more wide variety.

Note that the rigid or relatively imprecise control crosses on the two pads are not suitable for some games. For everyone, however, the Raiju and Wolverine are a big gain in quality!

Hori Official Sony Licensed

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With Hori’s ONYX controller, the Xbox controller layout comes to the PlayStation – even affordably and without any cables! Many players should especially like the stick layout.

The analog sticks are slightly larger than the ones on the DualShock 4 and are easier to squeeze, which can lead to unwanted L3 / R3 clicks, especially at first. After a short period of habit, it is no longer tragic.

The controller has a built-in battery which is fully charged in just 2 hours. After that, it should be able to last 6 hours of continuous playtime, but the controller doesn’t quite handle it with us.

On the other hand, the controller behaves very well in practice. It responds cleanly and quickly, but you still need a few sessions early on to warm up with the controller.

PS4 Mini Wired Gamepad

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Manufacturer Hori has now designed a much smaller controller. Anyone who has children and wants to play with them more actively will be well served with the Hori Controller. The same applies to people who naturally have smaller hands than everyone else and cannot play correctly with the DualShock.

It’s about 40% smaller than the normal DualShock controller and uses a different shape. Instead of the two ends that allow the DualShock to rest comfortably in the hands, the gamepad has an oval or rectangular shape.

NACON Revolution Pro Controller V2

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Like almost all Pro controllers, the 2nd generation of the Nacon Revolution Pro controller is also wired. The cable connection has been changed to USB-C. The left analog stick is now fully configurable with PC software.

The software, with which you can almost completely configure the controller, has been revised and made much more user-friendly and is now also available for MacOS. The additional buttons on the back can now also be assigned directly on the controller without PC software.

The controller still has an Xbox-like layout, i.e. the analog sticks are not arranged symmetrically unlike the PlayStation’s DualShock 4 controllers. On the left side, the position of the control pad and the analog stick have been swapped.

NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro

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With the Revolution Unlimited Pro, Nacon brings another noble controller that can be used on the PS4 and on the PC – both wired and with a Bluetooth connection. The four big action buttons in the PlayStation design on the right side, which leave a stable impression and have good pressure points, are really very nice.

Due to the official license only, the PlayStation button, the touchpad and the two buttons for Share and Options should not be missing, which are still quite narrow compared to previous models, but overall a little larger and therefore easier to reach.

The convex or concave cap and shaft can be swapped separately for each analog stick. Significant progress has been made with the digital cross: it feels more solid and therefore more precise than previous Nacon controllers, which 2D fighting games such as Mortal Kombat should benefit from.

But analog sticks with ALPS technology also bring improvements: Oddly enough, if the previous models had a concave and convex cap, you can just swap them out here.

In addition, you can now change the metal rod. There is a choice of three types of differently shaped shafts, which also influence the maximum impact trajectory of the sticks. Depending on the shaft used, the angle of the analog sticks varies between 30, 38 and 46 degrees.

HORI Fighting Commander

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Most game controllers are designed to be as flexible as possible. The Hori Fighting Commander is a wired gamepad that has all the controls you need to play a fighting game (and most classic arcade games and 2D platformers), but in a larger package. user-friendly.

The fact that it’s made by Hori, a company best known for its arcade sticks, makes it even more appealing to members of the fighting game community, despite being a niche device. .

The Fighting Commander is a round, thick black gamepad that evokes the six-button Sega Genesis / Mega Drive controller and is very comfortable to hold in large hands.

It features a directional pad, six face buttons (square, circle, triangle, X, R1, and R2), and Options, PS, Share, and Turbo buttons on the front, as well as four trigger buttons on the top. Two three-position switches are located below the PS button and on the bottom edge of the gamepad, between the grips.

Logitech Gamepad F710

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The Logitech F710 wireless gamepad did not reveal any weaknesses in terms of compatibility. If you don’t want to steer with the left analog stick, but prefer to use the digital control pad, simply press the “Mode” button to swap the two control units.

Either way, the digital control pad is significantly better than the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, as it also cleanly implements combination strings in fighting games such as Street Fighter 4.

The two analog shoulder buttons are not ideal for racing games, because compared to the Xbox 360 wireless controller, the way the buttons take up is much shorter and therefore it is difficult for you to control the throttle and the brake.

The force feedback effects are sharp and reflect the handling of your racing car, for example in racing games. All keys respond accurately and reliably and can be freely assigned.

Logitech Gamepad F310 – Blue

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The Logitech Gamepad F310, like the two larger models, impressed with its precise analog sticks and a surprisingly useful digital control pad, much better suited for fighting games like Street Fighter 4 compared to the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller.

Flawless analog sticks, like those on the Playstation 3 controller, lack the last bit of slip resistance due to their outward curvature. In the XInput preset operating mode, the Logitech Gamepad F310 controller operates completely without a driver.

For all games that support the Xbox 360 controller, the correct buttons are also displayed on the Logitech Gamepad F310 controller, such as when menu navigation is explained or quick events require us to act quickly.

Those who enjoy playing retro titles in addition to current games that don’t work with XInput can switch the Logitech Gamepad F310 to DirectInput mode.

TUTUO Wireless Controller for PS4

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If you put a little more importance on the feel, we recommend checking out the TUTUO Wireless Controller. It offers all the functions of the Pro controller, but is cheaper than the Nintendo version.

What is also immediately noticeable is that the TUTUO Pad is really light at only 195 grams. The battery is the key word here. According to the manufacturer, the built-in 380mAh battery lasts for five hours. Charging is done via USB-C, which can take around two hours.

Neither hanging keys nor reaction issues were an issue during the testing period. The TUTUO can collect positive points on the control keyboard. With that, Shoryukens and Hadokens definitely worked more reliably for me with Street Fighter than with the Pro controller.

PS4 Controller Wireless

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The Pictek has an asymmetric layout. The buttons are labeled with the PS symbols, but also contain the typical Xbox letters. The usual PS4 features like light bar, touchpad, and motion sensor are included.

On the plus side is the 1300mAh battery, which is larger than the DualShock 4 (1000mAh) and much larger than that of cheaper competitors like the CSL Wireless Controller (500mAh).

The Pictek Wireless Controller fits comfortably in your hand. It might be a bit too big for little hands. The sticks and buttons do their job reliably, but it takes some getting used to.

Sticks in particular are much harder to move than with the Dualshock 4. Especially with shooters you may not be able to perform as well as you would during the first few hours. In addition, the keys sometimes shake a bit loudly.

Little Gadgets: The Pictek Wireless Controller offers a few extra features like a turbo button and a switch to turn the microphone on and off when the headset is connected.

Both are good additions, but few players need them. The constant illumination of the buttons is particularly unnecessary. During the day it’s a waste of battery life and even at night very few gamers need this help finding the buttons.

Nacon – Revolution Pro Controller 3 (PS4)

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The Revolution Pro 3 allows weight adjustment using two chambers into which one or two of the six supplied weights can be inserted. But even so, the controller sits comfortably in the hand.

There are four configurable buttons on the underside, and the control pad can also be used in a four- or eight-way version. You have to get used to it: the buttons are much closer together than on the DS4.

Of particular interest to professional gamers is the special software that allows you to configure different profiles. The reaction curve of the two sticks, the vibration force and the sensitivity of the two trigger buttons can be adjusted.

The latter makes the Revolution Pro 3 very well suited for racing games or titles like Rocket League, where you like to have precise control over how much gas you open.

Like its predecessor, the Revolution Pro 3 works exclusively with a cable connection, the sticks are arranged symmetrically like the Xbox controller. Otherwise, there is hardly any change.

The button layout at the bottom is a bit more comfortable in our opinion, but ultimately a matter of taste. The same goes for minor adjustments to the D-pad, right stick, and buttons.

The Revolution Pro 3 works with precision, and with its many configuration options, offers the flexibility to tailor the controller to your own needs. But there is not much progress.

Because it’s cheaper than other high-end controllers, the Pro Evolution 3 is our buy recommendation. But if you already own the predecessor or a comparable gamepad, you don’t need to spend any more money.

Buying Guide: How To Find Your Best Modded PS4 Controller?

Bluetooth Or Cable?

When looking for the best PS4 controller, there are a lot of things to consider. It’s not enough to just decide if you want to spend more money on a Sony branded product or if you prefer to buy a cheaper version from another brand. V

You should also pay attention to the connections and connection options of the game controllers offered. PS4 controllers fall into two categories: wired and wireless controllers. While Playstation controllers are connected to game consoles with a USB cable, wireless controllers connect via Bluetooth.

Besides the tangled cable, which doesn’t happen with wireless controllers, both connection options have individual advantages and disadvantages. So that you can find the best PS4 controller for your gaming behavior, we have compared the two connections for you.

At just 3 meters, the cable length is relatively short, but the wired controller draws power directly from the device. Controllers for the PS4 that are connected via USB cables are especially useful for you if you want to play for a long time. Simply connecting the controller to your PS4 or computer is quick.

Presets, an additional bluetooth adapter, or the annoying search for the PS4 controller on the PC are no longer needed. All you have to do is connect the PS4 gamepad to the desired device (such as Xbox or computer) via the USB port and you are good to go.

For these benefits, apart from the bulk of the cables on your consoles, you must also accept the limited freedom of movement. The cable length for USB cables is three meters maximum.

If you want to move more freely and not sit directly in front of your PC screen or TV screen, you should instead use a PS4 controller with Bluetooth functionality.

Bluetooth is radio technology. This means that you can connect your PS4 controller with Bluetooth functionality to your PC or Playstation without any cables. If you need an additional USB port for wired gamepads, all you need to do is establish a Bluetooth connection with a Bluetooth controller.

If you want to use your controller on your computer without any tangled cables, you should keep in mind that in some cases a Bluetooth adapter is still required. So only have older devices without built-in bluetooth. The adapter does this. All you need to do is plug it into your computer’s USB port.

Another advantage of these types of joysticks is their reach. If the cable length for wired controllers does not exceed three meters, the range of Bluetooth controllers is on average ten meters. If you also use a wireless headset or a Bluetooth headset, you have no restrictions in terms of freedom of movement.

However, since the PS4 controller cannot draw its power from the game console itself in this case, the battery or the rechargeable battery needs to be recharged after a while. This is done, for example, via a PS4 controller charging station (also: Ps4 controller charger), which you have to purchase additionally.

If you want to save money and keep gaming while charging your controller, just connect it to the computer, Playstation or Xbox by cable. However, this does mean that you take away your freedom of movement while playing.

Additional Functions

Why do you want to use your PS4 controller? In addition to the optimal connection, you should not lose sight of this issue. Depending on whether you only want to use your gamepad for occasional gaming sessions on the PS4 or use it as a PS4 controller on the PC, your gamepad must be equipped.

So before buying a PS4 controller, you should check if it has all the functions you need for an extended gaming experience. So you need to use a PS4 controller with Bluetooth that has a headphone connection if you want to be completely independent from cables.

Headphones: the headphones are directly connected to the controller via this connector. This way you don’t have to depend on your headphone cable length when playing.

The speaker box for the PS4 gamepad sits in the middle of the controller. This feature is useful, for example, if you are sitting further away from your computer and do not want to fully mount the speakers. So you can hear music from video or playstation game without disturbing your neighbors.

Note, however, that not all controllers are equipped with a speaker. If you are looking for such a game controller, you will find it among others on the PS4 Dualshock 4 controller from the manufacturer Sony.

Vibration Feedback: The first vibration feedback feature was incorporated into its N64 by the manufacturer Nintendo in 1996. This was an expansion slot to which a so-called rumble pack could be connected.

The visual experiences that occur in the game are supported by the commentary, so the fights can also be experienced haptically (to touch) by the player.

LED Light: Unlike some other devices, where it only serves as a good addition, the LED light of the PS4 controller has an important function in some games.

For example, the light shows the player how much life energy their character has, or in some cases, it simulates the blue light of a police car. In the case of the vital energy indicator, for example, the indicator will light green at full energy and red at very low energy.


How much money do you want to invest? A controller doesn’t have to be expensive to function well. The more expensive are often much better processed or rely on more precise and mechanical components.

Real Experience With Built-In Speaker

In the middle of the PS4 controller, there is usually a speaker. This way the sound of the game and the console is focused directly on the player. Even if you have turned the TV down and are across the room, you can still hear the game well. That way they don’t disturb anyone in the apartment or in the house next door.

Vibration Effects When Playing

The vibrating effect on controllers has been part of the video game experience for some time. It helps to represent a complete and even realistic experience. If the player is hit by something or hits a wall with a car, you can experience it through the vibrations of the PS4 controller.

Touchpad For Easy Use

PS4 gamepads now have touchpads with which you can, for example, simply move around playing cards and explore them. This touchpad is located between the option and share buttons.

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