June 30, 2022
What is The Best PS4 Gaming Headsets and Headphones

🥇 [Top 10] Best PS4 Gaming Headsets Reviews in 2020

If you’re a Best PS4 Gaming Headsets looking to maximize your gaming experience with a great headset, then you’ve likely encountered the incredible variety of PS4 compatible headphones available. Good gaming headphones are the key to a truly immersive experience. A great PS4 headset may be significantly larger than your favorite in-ear headphones, but it also has more gaming-specific features like dedicated software support, high-quality audio, surrounds sound, and a clear, reliable microphone – and that all in a comfortable design.

What is The Best PS4 Gaming Headsets and Headphones Reviews


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The headset came on the market in 2015 and is considered a true all-rounder within the gaming scene. The padded ear cups of the headphones completely enclose the user’s ears, thereby blocking out external noises and optimizing the immersive sound experience during the individual game sessions.

In addition to the fairly lightweight of around 318 grams, a special memory foam built into the temples of the product ensures that the headset is particularly comfortable to wear and that it does not exert any pressure on the wearer’s head even after prolonged use.

Thanks to the AGC function, the desired volume level of the microphone is kept constant. An extremely pleasant circumstance that your online friends will particularly benefit from. This also applies to the foam protection of the microphone included in the scope of delivery. The device ensures that hard background noises are filtered out of the acoustics and creates a particularly pure sound image of your voice.

Should you decide to buy the HyperX KHX-HSCP-RD Cloud II, you will receive a lot of useful accessories in addition to the actual headset. This includes, among other things, an aircraft adapter for use when traveling and a bag for transport.

With a price of around 80 euros, the HyperX KHX-HSCP-RD Cloud II is one of the medium-priced headsets. The gaming headphones are particularly suitable for multiplayer-savvy players and are also compatible not only with the PS4, but also with the PC and the Xbox One. The excellent voice reproduction has now also been certified by Teamspeak.

Together with the excellent sound quality, the dashing design and the fair price, the headset from HyperX ranks first in our selection.

Beexcellent GM-1 gaming headset

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If you don’t necessarily belong to the old guard of Playstation 4 veterans, but also like to think outside the box, the Beexcellent headset is the best choice for you. Regardless of whether it’s a PS4, Switch, Xbox One, notebook or smartphone – the GM-1 gaming headset can be connected to virtually all devices that have a jack input. The extremely affordable price of just 25 euros also makes the product attractive and is only undercut from third place on our list.

Visually, the device impresses with the LEDs built into the ear cups, which additionally refine the acoustic gaming experience with optically coherent lighting effects as soon as the headset is switched on. In this case, too, the manufacturer attached great importance to ergonomic comfort. Thanks to the comfortable upholstery, unpleasant headaches are no problem even after hours of sessions. With the help of the length-adjustable bracket, you can ensure that the headset fits your head perfectly.

The microphone has a rotation radius of 120 degrees and can therefore be individually adapted to your needs. The same applies to the volume of your voice, which you can easily adjust using the integrated rotary control.

Crystal clarity sound and noice cancellation mean that you can completely sink into the game acoustically. Since the headphones are connected to your Playstation 4 via a jack plug, you should always keep in mind that your radius of action is limited.


When it comes to price-performance ratio, nobody can beat the G9000 from PUNICOK so quickly. With a cost factor of less than 20 euros, the headphones are especially interesting for those gamers who have to keep an eye on their budget.

Despite the low price, the G9000 looks anything but cheap. The integrated LED lighting gives the product a noble look, which is pleasantly rounded off by the otherwise simple look. The ear cups, which are provided with soft foam, are covered with skin-friendly synthetic leather elements, which means that the ear cups are ultimately water-resistant and can be cleaned with liquid.

Because the ears of the user are completely enclosed, only those noises penetrate the ear canal of the player that are emitted by the headphones. Distracting sounds from the environment are blocked out due to the full isolation. Thanks to the volume control on the device, which can be operated manually, there is no need for alternative, external software.

Overall, the G9000 is one of those headsets that are particularly robust. The manufacturer paid particular attention to the headphone cable. This is extremely resistant. The combination of copper, fever wires and sturdy outer textile means that the headset cable can practically not tear and can withstand extreme forces. In the case of the G9000, the makers not only brought an extremely good product onto the market for owners of the PS4, but also cover a broad gaming clientele. If, in addition to your Sony console, you also have a device from Microsoft, you can also connect our price-performance winner to this product.

PlayStation 4 Gold Wireless Headset

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Sony’s in-house headset is probably one of the best headphones the Japanese electronics company currently offers on the gaming market. As the title suggests, the device is completely cordless and thus extends the player’s range of action. At the same time, however, gamers should always keep an eye on the battery, otherwise the gaming sessions can come to a surprising acoustic end. Usually, however, the battery lasts about seven hours before it has to be recharged.

The wireless appearance of the product is joined by a breathtaking 7.1 virtual surround sound with powerful bass reproduction. A sound experience that will contribute significantly to the immersive gaming experience and which knows how to shine especially in VR games. The two integrated noise-canceling microphones, together with the automatic volume controls, form the ideal basis for exchanging ideas with other PS4 players from the community in crystal-clear language. Many of the available modes can be comprehensively adapted to the preferred settings of the user using a customized app.

The device can connect not only with Sony’s iconic game console, but also with the Macintosh or PC. In terms of design, the makers chose a rather simple approach and dispensed with elaborate LED decorations or other optical highlights.

For a price of around 90 euros, the buyer not only receives the actual headset, which is a real flyweight at just under 100 grams. In addition to the gaming headphones, a wireless adapter, a 3.5mm audio cable and a USB cable are also included.

Razer Thresher

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The Razer Thresher Headset gives gamers a 7.1 surround sound experience. This model can be used completely without cables, so that the game session can take place without any movement restrictions. The use of the headphones is very easy and proves to be pleasantly uncomplicated. One push of a button is enough for the device to connect to the console.

The product has high-quality workmanship and proves to be extremely robust even after prolonged use. For this quality, the manufacturer demands a reasonable price of around 80 euros. Thanks to the gentle foam elements built into the headset’s bracket, the Razer Thresher is a very good headphone for people who wear glasses. For example, users who use a visual aid while gaming report that they did not feel any pressure on their head even after long gaming sessions.

The flawless surround sound is convincing all along the line and is particularly impressive with first-person shooters. Thanks to the delay-free ambient acoustics, players can locate their opponents based on their noises without them being visible in their own field of vision. The only drawback that we have to list in the case of the Razer Thresher is that the volume level of the device leaves something to be desired in some places.

Although the sound can be adjusted manually, the maximum level can still be perceived as too quiet for some players. At the end of the day, however, this is a matter of taste. The noises themselves are easily perceptible at all times, only a little intensity is lost. Apart from this small point of criticism, we can recommend the Thresher to you with a clear conscience.

DIZA100 PS4 Gaming Headset

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The makers of the DIZA100 headset once again rely on luminous elements, which are intended to give the gaming session a certain visual appeal. If you switch on the device, the LEDs attached to the outer surfaces activate and shine in a rich red.
Of course, the sound is more important than the look of gaming headphones.

Here the DIZA100 is in almost no way inferior to its competition and has an integrated surround sound system. A 40 mm neodymium driver, the acoustic positioning and the internal noise suppression underline the positive impression of the headset. Overall, the sound of the device can be described as rock-solid, which is only slightly behind the products already presented.

What might bother some gamers are the rather large dimensions of the DIZA100. The headset measures 20 x 9 x 21.5 centimeters and weighs just under 460 grams. The flexibly adjustable microphone allows the player to position the same without restricting the field of vision while gaming. The headphones are connected to the controller via a jack plug so that they never run out of juice.

When it comes to compatibility, the DIZA100 covers a wide range. The headset is not only suitable for the Playstation 4, but can also be connected to the Xbox One, the laptop or even some handhelds. And all for a small thaler of just under 30 euros.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

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Just looking at the name of the product reveals that the player can expect stability. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 not only impresses with its robust housing, but also scores thanks to its technical quality. Here 7.1 surround sound, noise suppression and a crystal clear voice sound are combined. The wireless headset has a range of 12 meters before the signal to the console is lost. The included battery guarantees extensive gaming sessions and lasts up to 15 hours before it has to be charged.

The special AirWeave ear cushions, which are integrated into the earcups of the product, are based on certain articles in terms of their materials that are also used in competitive sports. As a result, the manufacturer promises a particularly high level of comfort. The majority of users also seem to find it comfortable to wear, but some gamers report a certain pressure that is noticeable on the ears after long gaming. However, these voices appear only very sporadically.

The bottom line is that the SteelSeries Arctis is an all-round harmonious headphone, which is not exactly a bargain at just under 140 euros.

Nubwo N2

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If you had to swallow because of the price of the previous headset, the Nubwo N2 should be much more interesting. The price of around 25 euros is easy on the wallet. In contrast to some other models, the ear cups of these headphones are firmly integrated with the rest of the housing. Due to the comfortable upholstery, however, the player never feels restricted. The earpieces surround the user’s ears so that other sounds from the environment are significantly attenuated.

As it should be, the focus is on the acoustic signals that the headset emits. Fortunately, synthetic leather cover is very easy to clean. This makes regular maintenance of the headset much easier and at the same time increases its longevity. Meanwhile, the microphone can be flexibly aligned. The noise cancellation allows other players to hear the user’s voice is a perfectly understandable sound. With the manual volume control, which the manufacturer has attached directly to the ear cups, the sound can be adjusted to the desired intensity in no time at all.

The headphones are connected to the Playstation 4 joypad via a jack plug. In detail, it is a tangle-free cable that practically does not form any knots. The risk of unpleasant wire breaks is thus reduced to a minimum. Despite the low cost factor, with the Nubwo N2, buyers get a well-made product that withstood long-term tests without any problems.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

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Thanks to THX Spatial Audio, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition takes its users into a whole new sphere of Dolby Surround experiences. The 50mm drivers, which, according to the manufacturer, cover a particularly wide sound spectrum, also fit. A cooling gel is used inside the ear cups. This significantly reduces the development of heat, so that the player can literally keep a cool head.

The common 3.5mm jack plug turns the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition into a multi-platform headset that can be connected to all current consoles. In terms of acoustic fine adjustment, the headset shines with its individual adjustment options. This also applies to the microphone, which can be easily retracted and extended. If you are considering buying the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, you should expect it to cost anywhere from 80 to 90 euros.

VersionTECH. Gaming headset

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Last but not least, we would like to recommend the VersionTech gaming headset to you. These headphones are particularly suitable for fans of unusual aesthetics. The optical design of the product increases the style factor of the headset immensely, the camouflage pattern should therefore perfectly round off the next first-person shooter session. The textile fabric inside the ear cups ensures that the heat build-up is weakened and that hot sweat beads are a thing of the past. The wearing comfort of the headset was also convincing to the full. So there are virtually no reports of feelings of pressure or headaches.

The practical telescopic headband also contributes to this, with the help of which the player can adjust the headset to the shape of his head. To the aforementioned, To add the finishing touch to optical highlights, the manufacturers also chose numerous LED elements. The lighting was not only installed on the earcups of the device, but also lets the microphone shine in a stylish light.

As in many of our previous courses, VersionTECH. Gaming headset compatible with countless technical devices, as long as they have the corresponding jack connection for the headphone cable. Last but not least, the slim cost factor of almost 25 euros should not go unmentioned, which makes the headset affordable for everyone.

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