May 22, 2022
best survival kits for hiking

Best Survival Kits in 2021

Asurvival kit with a ration allows you to face a natural disaster, an accident, or simply a hike. Having enough to eat and stay alive is essential in nature. But what does a kit contain and which one to choose? To find out, read our comparison of the best survival kits and rations.

The 4 Best Survival Kits Reviews

The best survival: NRG-5 – 1 pack of 9 biscuits for survival ration 500 g

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The NRG-5 survival ration comes in the form of cookies. It is suitable for a 3-day hike in complete autonomy as well as for any survival situation requiring a sufficient reserve of food. The 500g packet provides a total of 2300 kcal, which equates to two meals for each cookie.

Composed of 9 bars, the package ensures the nutritional needs of 2 people for 3 days . In addition, they can be kept for up to 20 years. Its compact dimensions allow the package to be slipped into a hiking bag or at the bottom of a closet without taking up much space. On the flavor side, you will not be disappointed.

The best cheap: BP ER Elite – Emergency food

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Sourced from stocks destined for military units, special units, governments and other organizations, the BP-R Elite Survival Ration consists of 9 bars each wrapped in a vacuum pack. Despite their compact size, these cookies are very nutritious as the 500g tin provides 2,432 kcal and 10,187 KJ .

Beyond their high energy intake, these bars are also appreciated for their taste reminiscent of real good cookies, with a hint of sweetness. BP-R Elite cookies keep for about 20 years, and they can be eaten dry or made into porridge by mixing them with boiling water. They are suitable for camping or survival situations due to natural disasters.

The best high end: 72 hour emergency survival kit for 2 people

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If the food ration remains essential in any survival situation, it is unfortunately not enough to react when you are alone in nature. This is where the emergency survival kit for 2 people for 72 hours comes in handy. The kit consists of a premium backpack containing tools, 2 survival ration bars which provide 2400 kcal, and 2 water packs.

The essential survival tools are available, such as the flashlight, glow sticks, survival blankets, or the water filtration system. A first aid kit is also included. This survival kit is characterized by the premium quality of the tools that compose it.

For camping: Emergency Survival Kit

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The Cliff & Cliff survival kit is the most compact in our review, with a case that is only 17 cm long and 12 cm wide and 4.5 cm thick. It is nonetheless very complete and functional . This kit provides essential survival skills in an emergency situation, such as cutting, lighting a fire, lighting up, but also orienting yourself and protecting yourself from the cold.

Resistant and waterproof, the case contains, among other things, a folding knife, a compass, a torch, a paracord, as well as a fire starter and an anti-hypothermia emergency blanket. It will easily find its place in your hiking bag, in your car or in a closet.

How to choose your survival kit and ration?

A survival kit and ration must be able to provide you with sufficient autonomy while waiting for help to arrive, or simply until the end of your adventure. It is therefore important to make the right choices. Here are the most important criteria to consider.

Criterion 1: Your needs

The choice of your survival kit and ration depends primarily on your needs. Indeed, a survival kit intended for a nuclear conflict or for survivalism is not necessarily suitable for hiking or trekking. You must therefore choose your kit according to the intended use.

Criterion 2: The number of people

Determine in advance if the survival kit and ration are intended for one or more people. This criterion is particularly important in the choice of a survival ration, which must be able to provide the calories necessary to survive for a specific duration. For two people, choose a larger survival ration.

Note that you can rely on the number of days of use. If the survival ration corresponds to an autonomy of 6 days for one person, it may be suitable for two people but for an autonomy of 3 days.

Criterion 3: The composition of the survival kit

Beyond food, a survival kit must contain several essential elements for drinking, shelter, warmth, orientation, and fire preparation. Some of the most common items in a survival kit are a blanket, multi-purpose knife, first aid kit, flashlight, fire starter or lighter, and a compass.

Criterion 4: The type of survival ration

In an emergency situation, it is essential to be able to feed yourself and keep your strength until help arrives. The survival food or ration should be an integral part of your survival kit. However, you can’t pack your entire pantry in your backpack.

The survival ration must therefore be compact. These are mainly prepared ready-to-eat foods, but also freeze-dried foods that can be stored for several years. You have the choice between different formats, such as survival ration packs packed in an airtight bucket, dried meats, canned goods or even energy biscuits.

Criterion 5: The shelf life

When buying a survival ration, it is worth checking its shelf life. This type of food is not meant to be eaten every day or as a snack during a simple day hike. A survival ration must be able to remain edible for several years, and wait wisely at the bottom of your survival kit! Therefore, avoid quickly perishable rations.

The different types of survival kits and rations

Corresponding to different user profiles and situations, three types of survival kits and rations can be distinguished.

The all-in-one survival kit

This survival kit comes in the form of a pack of tools gathered in a specific container. It can be a waterproof case, or a backpack containing many tools and survival equipment. Some kits contain up to 88 tools. These often include a knife, compass, survival blanket, first aid pack, and rope.

If you go on an adventure with the idea that you may be faced with a survival situation, it is better to opt for a complete kit. Although its price is significantly higher, this type of survival kit allows you to have the essentials without having to add more . A ready-to-use kit that will simplify your choice.

The survival ration pack

Designed for survivalists, but also for those who want to be prepared for any eventuality, survival ration packs provide food autonomy for a period ranging from several days to a few weeks . They come in the form of an airtight bucket containing up to 60 survival meals.

Survival ration packs can also be stored for several years. Their main advantage lies in the choice of flavors and the variety of recipes. However, they cannot be added to your survival kit if you are going for an outing in the mountains or in the forest. Indeed, their substantial dimensions make them difficult to transport.

The military-style survival ration

Compact and light, the military-style survival ration is available in several formats. You have the choice between cookies, ready-made meals, dried meat and preserves. In a survival situation, you should know that the objective is not primarily to appreciate the flavors, but to recover calories and strength.

However, everything is done to ensure that the survival rations bring you a minimum of taste pleasure. Their strong point is that they concentrate large amounts of calories in a small size . They will fit easily in your survival bag, or in the glove box of your car. They can also be stored in a cupboard.

All-in-one kit or to compose yourself?

All-in-one survival kit

All-in-one survival kits have the advantage of being economical and in a sturdy container. In general, they understand everything it takes to be independent in an emergency situation. However, they can include things you may not need. And sometimes, the essentials can be missing from these kits. For example, all-in-one kits rarely contain survival rations.

Self-made survival kit

If you are able to comprehensively determine your survival kit and ration needs, another advantageous option is to assemble it yourself. So that you don’t miss the point, make a checklist of the survival tools you can’t get rid of. Then add the survival ration that tempts you. This option may be less economical, but it allows you to tailor your survival kit and ration precisely to your needs.


If you are not very comfortable putting together a survival kit, and you want one to go on an adventure, the all-in-one kit is recommended. It is suitable for trips of several days in nature, as part of a wild hike for example.

On the other hand, the kit to compose yourself will be useful if you are looking for tools adapted to your specific needs, or if you want to be better equipped.

What should a survival kit contain?

A worthy survival kit should include a number of items that are useful on a daily basis. If there are any tools missing from your survival kit, you can always purchase them separately. In any case, you must include the following items to compose a functional and useful daily survival kit, called Every Day Cary across the Atlantic:

  1. A versatile knife that you can use to perform various tasks, such as chopping wood or slicing food for example; opt for a well-made folding knife.
  2. A gourd to store water.
  3. A water filter to supply water in nature.
  4. A flashlight.
  5. A survival blanket to protect yourself from the cold or the wind.
  6. A fire starter to make fire which will be used for heating and lighting.
  7. A first aid kit.

If some of these items are missing from your survival kit, consider completing it to leave with peace of mind, or to feel ready for the vagaries of life. You can add a kit for fishing, without forgetting the sewing essentials. As for the choice of your survival ration, you should base yourself above all on your daily calorie needs. Expressed in kcal, the calorie content of a survival ration is always indicated on the packaging, in addition to the energy value in kilojoules.


Stock up on non-perishable food rations.

Make sure that the survival ration that interests you can be kept for several years. The shelf life is indicated on the product packaging.

Make sure the survival ration is properly packaged.

It is advisable to store only well packaged and processed foods, otherwise their shelf life will be greatly reduced.

Vary your tastes.

If you are putting together survival rations for your family, consider varying the tastes by choosing assorted rations. Taste pleasures can boost morale in an emergency. This is also why survival cookies taste better than before.

Store your survival rations in an appropriate container.

If you are bringing a large amount of survival food into your home as part of survivalism, take an airtight, sturdy container to keep them away from air and moisture.

Store your rations in an appropriate place.

Your survival food should be stored in a cool, dry place. This is the guarantee of excellent food preservation even if it is packaged and packaged rigorously.


What are the best survival kit and ration?

The best survival kit and ratio depend on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products around.

What is the price of a survival kit?

A survival kit costs between $ 20 for entry-level products, and over € 150 for high-end all-in-one kits.

What is the maximum shelf life of a survival ration?

Some military-type survival rations can be stored for up to 30 years. Their specific packaging and treatment make them insensitive to external conditions.

What is the number of calories indicated on the packaging?

It corresponds to the total number of calories provided by the entire ration. Each ration bar contains sufficient calories for a person and for a given number of days.

How to transport a survival kit?

If you have to take your survival kit with you, put it in your backpack. However, there are also survival bags that will save you the expense of buying a bag if you don’t have one yet.

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