November 28, 2021
Best Toy and Gift Ideas for Boys 10 to 11 Year Old

Best Toy and Gift Ideas for Boys 10 to 11 Year Old in 2021

Are you looking for gift ideas for a 10 to 11 year old boy? It’s not easy to find something that appeals to a preteen. But with this selection of great gifts, you will find something to delight your child or that of a loved one. Instead of having his eyes glued to a screen, he will expand his imagination and interact with nature, engaging games and puzzles.

The 17 Best Toy and Gift Ideas for Boys 10 to 11-Year-Old in 2021

Retevis RT62 – Walkie-talkie

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The Retevis RT628 is a walkie talkie set designed for kids but works like adult receivers. Available in four colors, these small and lightweight radios are impeccably designed. There are six buttons including the “talk” switch located on the side of the device. Likewise, they are great for small hands. Textured ribbing on the sides prevents radios from slipping out of hands and pockets.

Mini quadcopter Potensic drone A20W

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The Potensic A20W is a great little drone with a multitude of functions at a great price. It is perfect for children but also adults wishing to learn to pilot a drone. Note that it comes with a transmitter and can be piloted alone, or using a smartphone.

LEGO Creator – Hot Rod Sports Car

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This 2020 version can be fitted into a trio of crafts, including the main model, which is a sports car, as well as alternate builds of a Hot Rod and an airplane, described as an old-fashioned airplane. .

Harry Potter, Volume I: At The Sorcerer’s Stone

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If your child is a fan of Harry Potter, this book will certainly make him happy. JK Rowling’s writing is as magical as the story itself. The sets and locations provide rich backdrops for the drama, including Hogwarts, the school nestled against the Forbidden Forest. The moments of well-being soften, and also propel, the ever increasing tension.

UNO – Board and card game

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Ideal for boys ages 10-11, Uno’s success includes a number of aspects: simple gameplay, colorful artwork and graphics, and good timing. Since its creation by Merle Robbins in 1971, this game has affirmed its differences with its iconic Wild Cards, Draw Twos, Draw Fours, Skips and Reverses.

Peradix – Children’s Magnetic Chess Set

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Introduce your child to chess with Peradix. The box contains gold and silver chess pieces each with a built-in magnet and flocking for a better feel. In addition, the chess board can be used as a storage box for chess pieces to prevent loss.

Super Mario PP4375NN – Mini lamp

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This fun lamp will light up your son’s room. It will make a great gift for fans of the mustache plumber and his pal Luigi. The 3D Super Mushroom light is perfect for use as a bedside lamp or desk lamp.

Blokus BJV44 – Board and Strategy Game

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Blokus presents itself as an inverted version of Tetris. Players compete against each other to place as many pieces as possible on the board and cover as much as possible. Pieces of the same color cannot touch the outer edges but must be connected by corners. Pieces of different colors can touch in any way.

Mölkky 53656 – Finnish bowling set

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Molkky is a fun outdoor game. It can bring the whole family together and is suitable from the age of 6. For those who don’t know, Molkky is based on an old Scandinavian throwing game called Kyykkä.

Funbee – Folding Scooter

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This Funbee foldable two-wheeled scooter will be perfect for a 10-11 year old boy with its flashing LED wheels. The handlebars adjust from 68 to 79 cm. The frame is made of sturdy material, which can withstand a maximum load of 50 kg. The non-slip platform provides excellent safety, along with the sturdy 120mm PVC wheels and soft EVA foam handles.

UBTech – Jimu Robot Mini Kit

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This toy is both very fun and complex, perfect for children between 10 and 12 years old who are interested in construction, robotics, coding. Your child will have fun creating an interactive ChampBot, BasketBot and ScoreBot. It requires a free app for building instructions, commands, and coding features. Once the robot is built, the app controls it.

Official Nerf Elite Jolt and Nerf Elite Darts

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All boys love Nerf guns! If you are looking for a compact blaster to fit in a pocket or bag, the Strike Elite Jolt is a great choice. Comes in a simple package that includes blaster darts, this model will be perfect for beginners.

Nerf Elite Alphastrike Wolf LR-1 and official Nerf Elite darts

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For those used to Nerf blasters, here is Nerf Elite Alphastrike Wolf LR-1. With it, your boy will launch into endless Nerf battles. The rifle is easy to handle and comes with official Nerf Elite darts. Note the rifle scope which makes it easier to acquire targets when firing.

Playstand – Support for Nintendo Switch

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This stand supports multi-angle display according to your boy’s personal preference while playing his favorite titles on Nintendo Switch. Its elevated position provides full access to the charging port below when the handheld console is in stand mode.

LEGO Boost – My first constructions

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LEGO Boost is a kit to create 5 robots controlled by an application. The app is available on Android and iOS, but we recommend using a tablet for the best experience. In this creative toolkit, LEGO bricks play as important a role as the software experience. Thanks to the app, you can give orders to move the robot and perform certain actions. There are also voice commands!

Razor Ripstik Air – Skateboard

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The Razor Ripstik Air is a lightweight skateboard built from one piece. This design makes it easier for the child to perform tricks and movements such as flips. One of the advantages of this skateboard is that it is self-centered, perfect for absorbing shocks during landing.

A Fortnite adventure in which you are the hero – Volume 2

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Got a 10-11-year-old boy addicted to Fortnite, the online game from Epic Games? This novel will surely please him! The book relates the adventures of Fortnite without making an apology for the violent scenes that there are in the game. In addition, it is a good way to make him love reading.

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