August 5, 2021
Best Toy and Gift Ideas for Girls 6 to 7 year old

Best Toy and Gift Ideas for Girls 6 to 7 year old in 2021

There are so many games for girls that sometimes it’s hard to know which one to choose. To satisfy our little princesses, especially 6 to 7-year-olds, here is our selection of 19 toy and gift ideas not to be missed. LOL Surprise or Barbie dolls, Lego Friends toys, magical animals, there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

The Best Toy and Gift Ideas for Girls 6 to 7 year old

LOL Surprise! Lights Glitter

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If your daughter loves dolls and hairstyles, give her this LOL Surprise! Collectible doll. From new surprises to new looks to brand new styles of hair and a series of makeovers. The pack contains 8 surprises, including a sparkling doll with a black light.

Canal Style 4 Ever Deco Llama Bank

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Style 4 Ever allows you to get creative with fantastic animals with a design worthy of works of art. Everything your daughter needs to enhance her collection of dolls and figurines. Thanks to the possibilities it offers, this game inspires children to be creative and make their dreams come true.

LOL Surprise! – Collectible Fashion Dolls

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Ideal for a 6 year old girl, this LOL Surprise collectible doll! is one of the most popular toys of the moment. The package contains 20 surprises including 4 OMG Series 3 fashion dolls from LOL Surprise! With these dolls, your daughter will be able to play divas with her sisters and friends and create their own stories. There’s even a dressing room provided!

Jewelry Making Kit for Kids

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Awaken the artist who sleeps in your 6 to 7 year old daughter with this jewelry kit. To obtain a beautiful piece of jewelry, simply trace the model on a sheet of plastic, color it and cook it. The kit contains 3 ring holders, 3 chains, 3 clasps, 1 brooch, 5 pendants, 1 punch, 2 pattern boards, 4 plastic sheets, 20 rings and a 1 instruction booklet.

LEGO Friends – Emma’s Artist Workshop

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Join Andrea for a shopping spree at Emma’s art studio. On the ground floor is a shop with art objects for sale. Upstairs, there is a workshop where, palette in hand, Emma creates her latest works. Let your daughter’s endless imagination run wild as she paints the magic canvas textile.

Hasbro Twister – Party game

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The Twister game challenges you to put your hands and feet in different places on the mat without falling! It can be played by 2 or more players and will make family evenings even more fun. This classic game makes everyone laugh. Spin the roulette wheel and see what happens while trying to keep your hands and feet on the mat.

LEGO Friends 41427 – Emma’s Fashion Store

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Budding fashionistas can make their designer dreams come true in Emma’s clothing studio with a sofa corner where clothes are imagined over a cup of coffee. The studio also has a sewing area and a balcony. Your daughter can also remove the studio for easy access to the store below.

LEGO Dots 41903 – Cosmic Wonder Bracelet

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Designed as an easy and intuitive creation, this DIY set offers little girls the chance to create their own jewelry and change it to suit their outfit, mood or whatever. This cool bracelet kit features an adjustable band in black that fits around larger or smaller wrists and 32 colorful tiles, including special tiles decorated with shooting stars and planets and unique diamond elements.

Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise – Collectible Jelly and Mysterious Character

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With the Poopsie Unicorn Cutie set, you get a golden glitter unicorn horn filled with scented surprise slime and a bundle of glitter. Mix the two as you like and give the unicorn your personal touch.

LOL Surprise, Amazing Surprise

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This amazing LOL Surprise box set! includes 2 connectable fashion store cabinets. Put the puzzle of boxes back together to recreate the fierce cityscape. Included are 2 exclusive LOL Surprise OMG fashion dolls, 3 exclusive LOL Surprise dolls, 3 exclusive boys, 4 exclusive animals and 2 exclusive Lilo, as well as all their outfits and accessories.

LEGO Disne Frozen – Elsa’s Jewelry Box

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This LEGO Disney Elsa Jewelry Box is a perfect gift for a Frozen fan. It will also make a great decorative piece for a 6-7 year old girl’s bedroom. This jewelry box is inspired by Elsa’s ice castle with a snowflake decoration. She has a turntable to spin Elsa and Nokk mini-doll figure, a mythical water spirit, a horse figurine.

LEGO Disney Frozen – Enchanted Treehouse

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Still in Elsa’s country, make your daughter live new adventures with this LEGO Treehouse toy including 3 characters: Anna, Olaf and Mattias. The set of builds will guide your child through endless Frozen stories while exploring the miniature tree trunk bedroom and upstairs dining room.

MGA LOL Surprise! Fuzzy Pets – Washable Stuffed Animals

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This LOL Surprise toy! got a new look. Unwrap the shampoo bottle and find 7 surprises: 1 magic mirror, 1 secret message, 1 bottle, 1 spout, 1 fashion accessory, 1 outfit and 1 fluffy animal. The shampoo bottle converts into a tub to wash the down from the plush to slowly reveal the animal below.

Creative children’s leisure kit – Lovely Box Collector

In this gift box is everything a 7 year old girl needs to create jewelry. It contains 6 bottles with cork stopper of various sizes, 2 loaves of dough which hardens in the air, 1 feather, 2 charms, 1 mini pompom, 1 shell, 6 hooks, 1 golden thread, 1 tube of sand, 2 pieces of felt, 2 pins, 3 sticks of air-hardening paste, 5 beads, 1 chain and 1 instruction booklet.

Barbie Signature – Collectible Christmas Outfit Doll

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Barbie is one of the essentials in the world of toys for girls aged 6 to 7. For this year, the famous doll is dressed in the colors of the holidays in her magnificent red and white dress. Your daughter will undoubtedly be seduced by its elegance and its genuine red satin train.

V Tech KidiSecrets Selfie Music

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This dual-camera diary unlocks at the sight of your daughter’s face using facial recognition technology! Thanks to it, she will be able to take photos and videos and apply superb effects or filters to them. This toy is also used to listen to music via a micro SD card not included. Your daughter will also have fun creating voice memos and applying fun voice-changing effects!

LEGO Disney Frozen II – The Adventures of Anna and Elsa in a Storybook

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Open the Lego book and explore this magnificent castle. Cross the bridge to Arendelle Castle and see all the cool things inside. Play a tune with Anna while Elsa sings, then head to the bedroom for a nap. Once you are refreshed, bundle up and get on the sled. Your daughter will definitely like it!

Canal Toys SSC 002 So DIY – Factory to make your DIY slimes

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Does your daughter love slimes? That’s good, this toy allows you to create at will. Neon, pastel and metallic, she can even add confetti, glitter and a pretty collectible surprise for the most creative and colorful slime ever. Let your daughter’s imagination run wild without any mess, just add water for hours of fun.

Crayola – Decorating unicorn

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This decorate unicorn is one of the favorite toys for little girls ages 6-7. It can be personalized with the markers and accessories included in the box. The kit contains 1 unicorn to decorate, 5 dry-erase markers, 1 brush, 6 pearl-shaped bars, 1 cloth.

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