June 30, 2022

Dyson V10 Review

The Dyson V10 Absolute is the 2018 version of Dyson’s famous stick vacuum. It is equipped with the new V10 engine, which gives its name to the vacuum cleaner as usual, and directly replaces the Dyson V8 (no V9 generation!). It is still a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, and its design has been changed to give it a more futuristic look. The suction performance has been increased, as well as the autonomy which goes to 60 minutes.

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The V10 is available in 3 versions: Absolute , Animal and Motorhead . These versions differ only in terms of accessories and colors, performance and dimensions remaining exactly the same. The Absolute version is the one with the most accessories.

Technical characteristics :

Accessories of the Dyson V10 Absolute:

Dyson V10 Absolute - Accessories
  • Direct drive brush
  • Soft brush
  • Mini turbo brush
  • Mini soft brush
  • Long nozzle
  • 2in1 furniture brush
  • Wall station

The V10 Absolute comes with two main brushes. The first is a direct -drive brush (a turbo-brush), which features a motorized brush made with stiff nylon bristles and carbon fiber filaments. It is designed to clean rugs and carpets by deep descaling dust.

The second is a soft brush , equipped with a soft cleaning roller, made of nylon bristles and rows of carbon fiber filaments to pick up dust and crumbs without scratching fragile parquet-type floors.

The included mini turbo-brush is designed to vacuum dust and pet hair from furniture, in tight spaces, or even in the car.

Three small accessories are provided: the classic long nozzle and the 2-in-1 combined furniture brush (with retractable brush), as well as a mini soft brush (an inclined furniture brush, with soft bristles).

The wall station that allows you to hang the V10 Absolute and two small accessories.

Note: the accessory fixing system is the same as for the V8: each accessory has a safety clip, which is more ergonomic. The accessories of the V10 and V8 are therefore compatible.

As usual with Dyson cordless stick vacuums, the V10 Absolute can be used as both a stick vacuum and a hand vacuum. The lightweight aluminum tube allows switching between roles.

Dyson V10 Absolute - Handheld vacuum mode

The 2 main brushes and the 3 small accessories can be used both in hand-held vacuum mode and in stick vacuum mode (on the extension tube).

The V10 Absolute uses the new Dyson V10 digital motor , which as usual gives it its name (and which curiously follows on from the V8 generation). The V10 engine runs at 25,000 rpm, and it is a bit more compact while improving the suction performance by 20%, which corresponds to a suction power of 150 AW. Three power levels are now available (against 2 for the V8): the small button on the top allows you to select the desired level.

If the overall architecture of the V10 remains broadly the same as for previous Dyson models, with a hand-held vacuum unit that includes the engine and the filtration system, the design of the V10 nevertheless visibly changes compared to the V8.

The 14 filter cyclones of the Radial Root system are now in line with the suction (they were previously placed at 90 °), which gives the V10 a more elongated shape. The suction power remains constant even when the dust container is full. An engine outlet filter and a HEPA filter complete the filtration: they are fixed on the same block, are easily removed and are washable with water.

An indicator light indicates if the air circuit is clogged, and another indicator warns when it is necessary to clean the two filters.

The emptying of the dust container has again been improved: after removing the tube, the container empties directly above the trash can, down a red tab and without contact with dust. A gasket slides inside to dislodge all dust.

Stick vacuum cleaner - Dyson V10 Absolute - Power controller

The trigger button triggers the suction when pressed. The Nickel Cobalt Aluminum 25.2V battery provides an autonomy of up to 60 minutes in the first power mode and with a small accessory, but which varies according to the power level selected and the type of accessory installed. The autonomy is thus 35 minutes with the turbobrush in normal mode, 20 minutes in high mode, and only 7 minutes in max mode.

The trigger still cannot be locked in the pressed position, which is painful for the user, but optimizes the life of the battery since it only sucks when it is useful. A 3-LED indicator at the base of the handle represents the charge level, which allows you to anticipate when to charge the battery, which recharges in just 3h30. It can be charged when the vacuum cleaner is on its wall station, or independently.

Due to its shape, the weight of the device is concentrated on the handle. Some users may find it more tiring, although it makes cleaning high areas easier than with a conventional stick vacuum.

Stick vacuum cleaner - Dyson V10 Absolute - Power controller


  • Excellent suction power in normal mode, and even more in maximum mode.
  • No loss of suction when the tank fills.
  • The range of accessories provided is very complete , including a soft brush for hard floors, a turbobrush suitable for rugs and carpets, and a mini turbobrush.
  • The integrated hand vacuum is convenient for quick cleanings, or at height, or for cleaning the car.
  • The shape of the vacuum cleaner makes it easy to go under furniture, or to clean objects at height.
  • The emptying of the tank is easily done without being exposed to dust. Cleaning the filters is also very easy.
  • The autonomy (up to 60 minutes) associated with trigger operation is now sufficient even for large surfaces.


  • The different weight distribution of other stick vacuum cleaners may put some users off.
  • Still no latch that would block the trigger! You must therefore press with your finger continuously, otherwise the vacuum cleaner will stop. This maximizes the autonomy of the V10, but can be painful in the long run.
  • The sound level of 77 dB at full power is high.
  • High price.
Dyson - V10 Absolute

Customers’ opinion

It is super manoeuvrable whereas the sleds have a wire on the leg which is always a problem in the furniture legs, length of wire, etc … The V10 is supplied with several brushes and other nozzles that can be used everywhere, on all soils. It is close to hand, clips super easily onto its support. With a 170m² house and several animals, he is brilliant. Housekeeping is a pleasure, I never imagined it would one day !! A small downside, its weight which after a while weighs on the wrist in sucking mode but with a brush which rests on the ground, the weight is less. Finally, obviously its price. Downright exorbitant. Mr. Dyson, it would be really nice to stay within a high but reasonable limit! 629 € is too much despite all the strengths of the V10.

The cordless vacuum cleaner is really a plus, as long as you support the weight of the turbine at the end of your arm. This one is really great, several brushes whose use is not obvious and are not explained in the instructions. No light at the end of the brush but it can change direction, which is great for making the “aisles” or between two pieces of furniture. A charge indicator warns you during charging but also during vacuuming. Emptying is also extremely simple. In short, I recommend it despite its price.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Review:

The Dyson V10 Absolute is a stick vacuum cleaner with exceptional performance, which competes with vacuum cleaners in terms of efficiency. It adopts a more futuristic design than the V8, and brings some improvements: in terms of performance, autonomy, and ergonomics. Its maintenance has become even easier, whether it is to empty the tank or clean the filters.

Its main faults are, as often with Dyson, a very high price and a high noise level.

Note: ★★★★★

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