May 22, 2022
Dyson v10 vs v11 What is the Best

🥇 Dyson v10 vs v11: What is the Best?

Dyson brings a new cordless vacuum cleaner onto the market every year. Most recently, the Dyson V11 Absolute followed the V10 Absolute. One reason for us both in our comparison Dyson v10 vs v11.

What we want to find out in this comparison of the two devices is:

Has the technology been improved so that the more expensive, newer V11 Absolute is worth buying?

We will compare the two premium class cordless vacuum cleaners (v10 vs. v11) for you to find out the differences and similarities.

You can also find out in this comparison for whom a purchase of the newer, more expensive model is worthwhile.

Both cordless vacuum cleaners performed very well in our tests and impress with many good extras.

If you can’t wait, follow the link directly to the overview.

The advantages

Advantages of the Dyson V10 Advantages of the Dyson V11

Advantages of the Dyson V10Advantages of the Dyson V11
Suction power: 150 AWSuction power: 185 AW
Running time: approx. 50 minutesRunning time: approx. 60 minutes
Dirt container volume: 0.76 lDirt container volume: 0.76 l
Weight: 2.6 kgWeight: 3.05 kg
Cleaning test result: 99%Cleaning test result: 99%

What are the differences in the design of the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner V10 vs. V11?

Both models are high-end bagless cordless vacuum cleaners

What are the differences in the design of the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner V10 vs. V11

The Dyson vacuum cleaners use a very efficient system of cyclones. These accelerate the air in order to throw the dirt out with the generated centrifugal force.

With the V10, a completely revised design of the Dyson V series came onto the market for the first time in March 2018. The arrangement of the engine and dirt container was changed so that both were in line with the intake manifold. Above all, this had the positive effect that it was much easier to empty the dirt container. This design was retained on the Dyson V11, which was released in March 2019.

Both models are available in different versions. These are mainly decided by the scope of the accessories supplied.

What other similarities and differences do we find in the Dyson V10 vs. V11?

  • Dirt container
  • engine
  • activation
  • Hepa filter
  • height and weight

Dirt container

Comparing the Dyson V10 vs. V11 is noticeable that the dirt container has not only remained the same in terms of its arrangement. The capacity of the container has not changed either. 0.76 l

The emptying function introduced in the Dyson V10 and retained in the V11 via a slider on the underside allows the container to be emptied precisely into the bin.

The motor

The motor is basically the same in both models and has an output of 535W and generates 125,000 revolutions per minute.

The suction power was already at a very high level with the V10. Nevertheless, the suction power of the new V11 could be improved despite the same engine. We would like to go into this in more detail later.


To activate the Dyson , both use the conventional “trigger system” .

Like a pistol, pull the trigger and the Dyson immediately starts with full power. If you let go of the trigger, however, it switches off immediately.

What is often found inconvenient at first is part of the secret of how Dyson gets its outstanding battery performance. It is only activated when you really vacuum and battery is saved in between.

It is very good that the bottom roller starts rotating immediately at the push of a button. This is by no means the case with all cordless vacuum cleaners.

Hepa filter

The Hepa filter is a unique selling point of the cordless vacuum cleaner . Very easy to remove and clean, no “disposable filter” is required here. That saves money and protects the environment. This works the same for the V10 and the V11.

Height and weight

Both Dyson models can be used as a cordless vacuum cleaner as well as a cordless hand vacuum cleaner

If you place the Dyson V11 next to the V10 on the floor, you can see that both are about the same height .

The size of the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V11 as a cordless vacuum cleaner (rounded figures)

CriteriaDyson v10Dyson v11
Length125 cm128 cm
Size of the power unit25 cm26 cm
Width of the bottom roller23 cm23 cm
Weight2.6 kg3.05 kg

The conversion to the hand vacuum cleaner also shows that the size varies only insignificantly.

In contrast, there are clear differences in weight . The new V11 model weighs an impressive 400 grams more. With the V11, this corresponds to an empty weight of 3.05 kg. This makes it noticeably heavier. This is not a restriction when vacuuming the floor, as the weight is well distributed. When vacuuming with a hand-held vacuum cleaner, however, the weight becomes noticeable after longer vacuuming.

The size of the Dyson V10 as a handheld vacuum cleaner

CriteriaDyson v10Dyson v11
Lengthvaries greatly with the essayvaries greatly with the essay
Power unit size25 cm26 cm
Weight1.7 kg2.1 kg

LCD display


One of the main differences between the models is that Dyson has given its V11 an LCD display .

With the help of this display you get useful information about the current suction mode, the remaining running time, etc. This enables Dyson to use the cordless vacuum cleaner more efficiently.

Accessories in comparison – how does the scope of delivery differ?

The included accessories differ mainly in the Torque-Drive nickel brush that comes with the V11. This is the main cleaning brush of the new Dyson, which has a direct drive on the roller.

As far as usual. The brush rotates and with the help of the bristles conveys the dirt into the suction tube.

What is new with the Torque-Drive Nickel, however, is that this roller recognizes the ground and automatically adapts to it.

This is how Dyson manages to achieve a higher cleaning performance with the same engine power.

We think that this is a real innovation and enrichment, because it makes changing the brush, depending on the surface, superfluous.


Another innovation in the supplied accessories is the Quick Release extra-hard brush.

This is ideal for coarse soiling on a robust surface. It is now also included with the Dyson V10 Absolute Pro

EquipmentDyson V10 AbsoluteDyson V11 Absolute (Pro)
Suction pipeYesYes
Torque-Drive nickelNoYes
Electric brush with direct driveYesNo
Electric brush with soft rollerYesYes
Combination accessory nozzleYesYes
Crevice nozzleYesYes
Mini electric brushYesYes
Quick-release extra-soft brushYesYes
Quick-release extra-hard brushNoYes
Storage and charging stationYesYes
Bracket suction pipe (only 2020 model)NoYes

The accessories also vary due to the different designs. You should therefore think carefully about which version you choose.

Each essay has its specialty and is very useful in this. 50 euros more for additional articles can quickly pay off. If you buy the essays afterwards, they are much more expensive.

For example, the Dyson V11 Animal + comes with fewer accessories. That’s why we recommend the Dyson V11 Absolute in this case.

Dyson V10 vs. Dyson V11

Cleaning test Battle Dyson V10 vs. V11: Which one makes cleaner?

To understand the differences between the Dyson V10 vs. To find out Dyson V11 and to be able to compare them properly, we of course subjected both cordless vacuum cleaners to our cleaning test.

We test the equipment not only in everyday life but we test them well in our test area . They have to suck up dirt of different types on different carpets and on hard surfaces.

Here’s how you cut off:

The test results overall

Dyson V10Dyson V11

You can also see the detailed test results in the two individual tests of the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V11 .

Test on a hard surface

Both devices performed very well on hard surfaces and achieved almost 100%.

Dyson V10 on a hard surface

Dyson V10 on a hard surface

Dyson V11 on a hard surface

Dyson V11 on a hard surface

Low carpet

The two cordless vacuum cleaners have also successfully removed the dirt on low carpets . While the V10 mini “only” managed 99%, the V11 could suck up 100%.

Dyson V10 on low carpet
Dyson V10 on low carpet
Dyson V11 on low carpet
Dyson V11 on low carpet

Long fiber carpet

Even with long-fiber carpets, the suction power was extremely good, almost perfect .

Test results of the V10 on a long carpet
Test results of the V10 on a long carpet
Test results of the V11 on a long carpet
Test results of the V11 on a long carpet

Comparison of the two devices in everyday life

We had fun cleaning the carpets first with a Dyson V7 until it couldn’t suck anything out. Then we are over it with the V11 or the V10 and have again been able to suck a lot of dirt out of the carpet.

After extensive comparison, we can attest both devices a sensational cleaning performance.

What influences the cleaning performance of the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11?

As already mentioned, the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 can be used both as a cordless vacuum cleaner and as a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. The plug-in system for this is identical for both devices and the conversion is child’s play. It is particularly practical that all attachments can both be attached to the suction tube and attached directly to the dirt container.

Vacuuming with the Dyson V10 as a handheld vacuum cleaner is less strenuous than with the newer model. This is where the almost half a kilo that the V11 also has becomes noticeable.

How do the Dyson V10 and V11 differ in terms of suction levels and how long can I vacuum with the Dyson?
Both models have three different suction levels . While the levels on the V10 are classically named level 1, level 2, and max, the suction levels on the V11 eco, for the weakest level, are called Med and Boost.

The suction levels differ not only in terms of their names.

A special innovation is that Dyson has developed an auto mode with the Med suction level. This adapts to the soil conditions . As a result, the vacuum cleaner achieves a higher mileage, from now up to 60 minutes.

The maximum suction power of the V11 in the Boost level is now 185 Airwatt. This corresponds to an improvement of almost 25%.

In the following table you can see a comparison of the suction levels and suction power of the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V11.

Performance comparison of the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V11

Dyson V10Dyson V11
Suction levelBattery power minutesSuction power AWSuction levelBattery power minutesSuction power AW
step 1approx. 50 min14 AWecoapprox. 75 min29 AW
Level 2approx. 30 min35 AWmedapprox. 45 min39 AW
MAXapprox. 9 min150 AWboostapprox. 8 min185 AW

We think the battery power and the suction power of both models are excellent. You can also use it to clean larger apartments in one go.

With the V11 model from 2020, the battery can now even be removed with the push of a button and replaced with a full one.

We think the battery power and the suction power of both models are excellent . You can also use it to clean larger apartments in one go.

With the V11 model from 2020, the battery can now even be removed with the push of a button and replaced with a full one.

Are there any differences in handling between the V11 and V10?

The cordless vacuum cleaner market is a hotly contested business area today. Dyson is at the top, but why is that? Not only the battery and suction power just described is excellent. You can also tell that Dyson attaches great importance to user-friendliness .

How does the commissioning work?

The user-friendliness is already evident when unpacking and starting up for the first time. Both models come with a minimum of packaging material and completely without plastic.

This gives us an extra sustainability point.

Commissioning is very simple. You simply plug the required attachments into each other and the locks snap into place automatically. It works almost self-explanatory.

The manufacturer recommends charging the battery fully first. A slight disadvantage of the new Dyson V11 becomes visible here, as it takes 4.5 hours to fully charge. The older model, however, only takes 3.5 hours.

However, once the vacuum cleaner is charged, you can start right away.

Are there differences in volume between the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V11?

The Dyson V10 moves between 73 and 80 dB on our decibel scale, while the V11 hums with 65 dB in Eco mode to 75 dB in Boost mode.

This shows that they are actually relatively quiet . Dyson was able to implement minimal improvements here , which of course you can’t really hear with the bare ear. In principle, however, the volume of the Dysons is quite tolerable.

Volume of the Dyson V10 and V11

V10 suction levelV10 volumeV11 suction levelV11 volume
Level MAX80 dBboost75 dB
Level 275 dBmed70 dB
step 173 dBeco65 dB

In both models, Dyson relies on a kind of ball joint between the suction tube and the roller. This allows you to quickly change direction and suck into the corners. In addition, the motor sits on top of the handle, which allows you to vacuum under the furniture.

The weight is well distributed with both cordless vacuum cleaners, so that vacuuming is not overexerted by the weight.

Are the Dyson vacuum cleaners easy to maintain?

The maintenance of the V10 and V11 is kept very simple according to the principle of user-friendliness and is again limited to a few simple steps.

The maintenance of the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner essentially consists of three areas.

  • The emptying and cleaning the dirt container
  • The cleaning of the filter
  • Maintenance of the battery
What do I have to watch out for when emptying the dirt container?

One of the great achievements of modern cordless vacuum cleaners is that they work without a disposable bag .

With conventional vacuum cleaners, the repeated purchase of vacuum cleaner bags was a real cost factor and it was not a good deal when it had to be changed.

The bagless cordless vacuum cleaners also impress with the dust container made of transparent plastic. You can see at any time whether the container is full and thus empty it in good time.

The actual emptying then works with the V10 and V11 with the help of a red slide on the underside of the dirt container. If you push this forward, the flap opens automatically and the dirt is pushed out and ends up in the trash can.

If you want to clean the container, it can be removed and washed out at the push of a button.

Both procedures work great. However, we got the impression that the device on the new V11 is even more stable and precise.

How do I service the Hepa filter?

Again, you can save time and money and protect the environment .

Both the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V11 come with washable filters.

Simply twist off the lid on the back and the filter can be removed. Rinse under cold water and then reinstall after drying for 24 hours.

Maintenance of the battery

The batteries in Dyson devices are generally considered to be robust and long-lasting .

However, should a battery break down, it can be changed on both the Dyson V10 and the Dyson V11.

With the latest 2020 model of the Dyson V11 (Dyson V11 Absolute Extra), however, this is much easier than before. With a new click system, the battery can simply be clicked out and a new one inserted.

The revised system of course also opens up the possibility of changing the battery quickly when it is empty. This ensures that the suction time is (at least) doubled.

So it’s a real advantage of the Dyson V11 over the Dyson V10 .

Dyson v10 vs v11: What is the Best

If you now for the Dyson V10 or but the newer, more expensive Dyson V11 decide ?

The answer is clear and unequivocal: It depends!

Both vacuum cleaners did very well in our comparison and it is really not easy to say which of the two is the better deal.

The cleaning tests have shown that both absorb the dirt very thoroughly . So you don’t have to worry about not getting your apartment clean.

The new Dyson V11 particularly impressed us with its new torque drive . The new role that automatically detects the underground is a real asset. This means that annoying changing of the cleaning roller is largely eliminated.

So if you have a lot of different floors , sometimes carpet, sometimes laminate, sometimes etc., then we recommend the Dyson V11 with the newly developed Torque-Drive Nickel (floor roller).

The automatic mode , which ensures that the vacuum cleaner adapts to the surface, is very impressive from a technical point of view and is certainly the future. At the current time, however, this does not yet lead to a measurable superiority in cleaning. With the Dyson V10, we always vacuumed in medium mode and achieved a similar cleaning result.

The battery performance of the Dyson V11 is generally better and, thanks to the exchangeable battery (Extra model from 2020), another enormous increase. In our opinion, this plays a subordinate role, since it is also very good with the V10.

A nice extra is definitely the new LCD display of the Dyson V11, with many useful displays. The V10, on the other hand, comes completely without a display.

If these innovations are important to you and you can spare the change, then you should buy the Dyson V11 Absolute.

However, if you want to save some money, get the Dyson V10 Absolute .

No matter how you decide, you will receive an outstanding cordless vacuum cleaner that will make your work easier every day. In addition, this saves you money and resources in the long run after a high purchase price. You don’t need a filter or a bag. The devices as well as the batteries are tested for 10 years and also prove to be extremely robust in our long-term analysis.

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