July 1, 2022
What is The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 55 Year Old Woman 1. A massage and Spa session 2. The Un Air d’Antan rose care beauty box 3. The bouquet of dried flowers

20 Best Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for 55 Year Old Woman

They are the age of Monica Bellucci or Teri Hatcher, they are beautiful, strong, independent and full of life. Do you know Best Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for 55 Year Old Woman any? 55-year-old women deserve gifts that reflect their natural charm and live up to their status as a free mother, wife or wife, it doesn’t matter. Here is a selection which is specially dedicated to them, whether they are at the cutting edge of technology, classic, elegant or all of this at the same time.

What is The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 55 Year Old Woman

A massage and Spa session

What woman would refuse a moment of zenitude? Treat her to relaxation with a massage and spa session ! Whether it is to enjoy it on your own or with your partner, your wife will certainly be delighted with this well-being outing which will allow her to relax in a zen and warm atmosphere! Besides, why not add a romantic moment to this experience, to end the day well? It costs nothing and she will have an absolutely perfect day!

The Un Air d’Antan rose care beauty box

She obviously loves the sweet scent of roses and the little touches chosen with love. The ideal gift for a 55-year-old woman, the Un Air d’Antan rose beauty care set contains moisturizer, eau de toilette, beauty product, all beautifully presented in a deliciously retro box.

The bouquet of dried flowers

The bouquet of dried flowers is an ecological gift idea for a 55-year-old woman . The Flowrette.com team offers bouquets of dried flowers made with love and passion in their Parisian workshop. Poetic and refined creations, sustainable and responsible. Giving a pretty bouquet of dried flowers is a great idea to please and to enjoy pretty arrangements without seeing them fade.

An innovative repairing cream treatment

We hear about it everywhere, the repairing, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments with snail slime would apparently be formidably effective. An innovative repairing cream treatment is always a good gift idea for a 55 year old woman who takes care of her skin and her appearance.

The Better Than Flowers Bam Box

With the MieuxQueDesFleurs Bam Box, you can offer an original gift and give a pretty surprise to a 55-year-old woman. A BAM Box is a large, very light package, delivered to its recipient by post. Intrigued, the recipient opens his package and then discovers a balloon filled with confetti that he must burst to discover the surprise hidden below! For more surprises, at the bottom of the package are one or more gifts as well as a little note.

Crystal heart with engraved message

Do you have a personal message to get across? Would you like her to keep it at home to remind her? Or do you feel the poetic soul perhaps? The crystal heart with engraved message will be perfect to fulfill its role almost eternally.

The Mon Jardin Fleuri box

The Mon Jardin Fleuri box is a great gift idea for a 55 year old woman who loves gardening and wants to brighten up her exterior with flowers. In this box: poppies, blueberries, sunflowers, marigolds and marigolds. These seeds are French, certified AB by Ecocert and lovingly prepared in Lille by people with disabilities.

The ultra-soft micro-fiber bathrobe

To combine comfort and elegance, nothing like an essential home accessory. The ultra-soft micro-fiber bathrobe will keep you warm while providing an unmatched touch of extreme softness that will make you want to never take it off.

The EcoCube Palmier Message to Personalize

The EcoCube Palmier is a personalized gift that is sure to please a 55 year old woman. This gift is ideal to please a woman who dreams of sun, beach and palm trees every day. It is possible to repot the EcoCube after 6 months as the inner pot is 100% biodegradable and will turn into an effective fertilizer for the plant.

Gustav Klimt’s famous painting silk scarf

If she loves painting , painters who loved women and more particularly the painter Gutav Klimt, she will love to wear this fashion accessory. Gustav Klimt’s famous painting silk scarf comes in a large number of different works, all very colorful.

The box of show tickets

Tickets for shows are a great gift idea that helps support cultural institutions! With this gift box, the beneficiary will be able to enjoy more than 1,200 must-see shows and plays ranging from one-man shows to classical theater, including boulevards comedy, contemporary theater , dance or magic .

The waterproof connected watch with cardio frequency

From a certain age, it can be vital to monitor your heart rate. The waterproof smartwatch with cardio frequency will adapt to any woman of 55 years, whether she is sporty or not. With its Android interface, it connects to a smartphone and can transmit call signals, message, serve as GPS, alarm, pedometer and many other functions in addition to displaying the heartbeat in time real. Discreet, it is available in blue, purple or black and requires downloading an application for Android smartphone (included in the price).

The wooden box of organic infusions

Infusions Bio beautifully presented in an elegant box: what a wonderful idea! The wooden box of organic infusions is available in 60 flavors, i.e. 10 sachets of each: special blend of 5 plants, liquorice, mint, fennel, verbena, strawberry blueberry, apple, cinnamon, honey and linden tangerine.

The ready-to-grow aromatic herb kit

If she enjoys cooking, she will appreciate this gift. The ready-to-grow kit of aromatic herbs allows you to get started without gardening and without a garden in the cultivation of different herbs of your choice according to the box: basil parsley chives, mint, coriander thyme, sage basil lemon dill, or tomato radish strawberries.

The box of Belgian chocolates Dupont

What 55-year-old woman doesn’t like chocolate ? The Dupont Belgian Chocolate Box , a well-known brand established since 1949, is available in several sizes and varieties. The chocolate candies are mixed between milk, white and dark chocolate, with fruits and nuts, ganache, caramel, cream, etc.

The acupressure mat

Here is a simple remedy for back pain, headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, or for muscle and joint relaxation. The acupressure mat simulates the pressure of the fingers on the acupuncture point. It is equipped with 230 vertical pyramidal needle shaped pads and there are 27 pyramidal mandrels on each point. The points are distributed according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

The book The Fashion Museum

A 55-year-old woman inevitably loves fashion and its history, iconic photos and the big names that marked their time. The book Le Musée de la Mode traces the entire history of fashion in one volume, from Coco Chanel to photographer Helmut Newton, including Richard Avedon, the Parisian hat maker Madame Agnès or the first great fashion photographer, Abbe James.

The J’aime La France gift box

The J’aime La France gift box allows you to discover the many treasures of the country for moments rich in sensations and emotions. Wonderbox undertakes by not taking any commission on the activities offered. With this solidary and 100% French box set, you are helping to revive and support leisure players in France!

Laurent Mariotte’s almanac Eat better all year round

The most popular culinary journalist offers his recipes and advice on choosing natural, healthy and seasonal products, adopting good consumption habits without forgetting to indulge his cooking . Laurent Mariotte’s almanac Eat better all year round is a real bestseller to offer with your eyes closed.

Mythology in 100 masterpieces

Why Zeus turned Io into a cow, how did Hera take revenge for her husband’s infidelities or what was Sisyphus’ punishment for betraying the gods? Mythology in 100 masterpieces explains everything through reproductions of sometimes monumental artistic achievements that have survived the centuries.