July 1, 2022
What is The Best Unique Christmas Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From Daughter

20 Best Unique Christmas Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Giving a gift to the one who gave us life is a beautiful proof of love. However, to make her more happy, opt for an original present that she does not yet have in her possession or that she would never have thought of. To help you in your quest for that rare pearl, here is our selection Best Unique Christmas Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

What is The Best Unique Christmas Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom From Daughter

Gift box scented candles

Offer mom the best of aromatherapy with this set of 4 scented candles offering around 25 to 30 hours of relaxation. As the box is already nicely packaged, there is no need for wrapping paper anymore and the pretty candle cans can be used later as storage objects.

Amethyst bracelet in solid silver

Being a mom is no easy job! To this end, share the benefits of lithotherapy with your mother. This amethyst bracelet will do him a lot of good thanks to the soothing, anti-insomnia and anti-stress properties recognized by this miraculous stone.

Electric makeup brush cleaner

If your mom loves to wear makeup, this little gadget will surely make her happy. With a high rotation speed of 12,000 to 13,000 rpm, this YunMei electric cleaner effectively washes and dries makeup brushes in just 10 seconds.

Recipe book holder

Simple, yet stylish, this cookbook holder has it all for a cordon bleu mom. A book, a sheet, a tablet: everything fits! In addition, the two metal branches with which it is equipped keep the book open, while offering several inclinations.

Gift box “Absolute relaxation”

This gift set offers 9,300 wellness experiences, including body and facial treatments. Valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, the box can be exchanged by the recipient and the experience is renewable with a subscription.

Elevator soles

These elevating soles are sure to seduce your “little” mom! Available in 1.7 cm, 2.3 cm, 3.6 cm in height and easy to maintain, they will save good centimeters while remaining discreet and comfortable in boots, pumps, etc.

Smart watch

This smart watch is the perfect gift for a sporty mom. Sleek and waterproof, it has a 1.3 inch HD touchscreen, 24 sport modes, etc. It tracks the heart rate and assesses the quality of the user’s sleep. Connected to a telephone, it also allows you to manage calls.

Book Mon amour by Astrid Desbordes and Pauline Martin

This childlike little wonder describes the unconditional love between a mother and her son and offers a few pages of emotions and tenderness that will allow you and your mother to strengthen your bonds.

Garden Kneeling Bench

Does your mother have a green thumb and enjoys spending time tending her plants? Indulge him with this sturdy, well-padded gardening equipment. It can be used as both a seat and a kneeler, making gardening less tiring.

4-in-1 wireless charger

If your mother is fond of new technologies, this wireless charger will be essential for her high-tech toys. Both design and ultra practical, it offers fast charging for smartphone, iWatch and AirPods and light guides make it easier to use.

Kensington smart keychain

Associated with an Android and iOS application, this Bluetooth keychain will allow your mother to no longer lose her keys and her smartphone and to find them easily via an alarm or a light alert. And other more interesting functions are yet to be discovered!

Barbecue utensil kit

Fan of barbecue and grilling, your mother will appreciate this set of 35 utensils made of high quality stainless steel with heat resistant handles. Enough to provide a successful and safe barbecue experience for the whole family and guests!

Sensorwake scent alarm clock

Allow mom to start her days gently with this scent awakening. Its operation is simple. It does its job by first diffusing a pleasant sweet scent. Then, it diffuses light and rings if the person is still not awake.

Pipamoka coffee machine

This little machine is the perfect gift for super moms who love coffee. Portable and easy to use, it allows you to brew and enjoy delicious 236 mL coffee anywhere, and offers a 3 to 4 hour “keep warm” function.

Ayaoqiang cocktail kit

Showcase your mother’s talents as a mixologist by giving her this cocktail kit made up of 12 complete accessories as a gift. You can also accompany your present with a book of cocktail recipes to inspire it further.

Waterproof bluetooth speaker

100% waterproof and portable, this device will allow mom to listen to her radio station or her favorite songs in the shower, by the sea or by the pool. It offers 30 hours of autonomy, a torch and a very practical dimmable “bedside lamp” function.

Lavender scent natural bath set

This bath set contains body care products based on natural ingredients associated with Vitamin E for optimal hydration of the skin without damaging it. The lovely wooden handle bag that comes with it can also be used for outings, shopping, etc.

Meditation and sophrology box for relaxation and sleep aid

This set offers 210 meditation and sophrology sessions for 7 different themes, carried out by sleep experts to help fall asleep more easily. Morphée works on batteries and you just have to turn one of its 3 keys to start a session of your choice.

High Density Memory Foam Pillow – Noffa

Thanks to this pillow, your mom will be able to relax, comfortably watch television or read a book after a long day. Certified by Oeko-Tex, the Noffa pillow can also be used to effectively relieve the legs, hips and knees.

Complete Kitchen Utensil Kit – NexGadget

This kitchen utensil kit has everything to please any mom and will make you enjoy moments of real pleasure in the kitchen. Easy to clean and ultra robust, they have been well thought out for quick and easy daily use.

Tide candle

What could be better than offering a Quebec product, natural and handmade? Marée candles are distinguished not only by their dreamy fragrances, but also because they are made of organic soy wax which allows greater durability of the product! The new summer collection has just been launched with its refreshing scents of peach & lychee , citrus zest & pineapple and pear, cactus & mango .

Ricardo storage container

I’m pretty sure all moms would love to receive this gift. These airtight containers are used to preserve your food so that it stays fresher for much longer! These dishes are available in 5.4 liter and 1.13 liter formats.

Diffuser of essential oils

An essential oil diffuser is definitely a big plus in a home. Just add a few drops of essential oils to water to feel the therapeutic effects. You can find a wide variety of diffusers on Amazon or on site in several stores such as Claire de lune, Homesense, Walmart, etc.

Lavender House Product

This Quebec company offers a variety of products, leaving us with a large choice of gift ideas to spoil your mom! You can consider offering lavender linen water, either a product to spray on the sheets that promotes sleep, a bar soap or even milk powder to put in the bath.

Egyptian Magic Cream Travel Size

This multi-purpose natural cream can be used to heal burns, hydrate your skin, repair scars, treat acne and more. It is the favorite product of the biggest celebrities like Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz.

Pot of Happiness

There is the traditional jar of happiness which has 365 quotes to take every day of the year. On the other hand, you can always opt for the “around the fire” pots which offer 100 questions that generate discussion or the “around the table” one with a similar concept.

Map your region

What a perfect gift for a mom who loves discovering new restaurants, microbreweries, accommodations, shows, museums, boutiques and more! An annual subscription to “m ta region” will allow access to discounts of 25% to 50% with affiliated partners, not only for the card holder, but for the accompanying person as well! Partners meeting all over Quebec will allow your mom to discover the region’s little treasures! You can purchase a subscription via the internet or at one of the points of sale displayed on their website.

A facial treatment

Give your mom a moment for herself that will allow her to take care of herself while relaxing. Depending on your region, several salons offer treatments such as facials or exfoliations for example.

Reusable bag Three times a day

Offered as a trio, these handmade cotton bags will be useful to your mom both at the grocery store and in bulk stores. A nice ecological and local gift!

A bouquet of flowers

Giving a bouquet of flowers is a great sign of love and gratitude. Each flower and color have their own meanings. You can opt for the traditional rose, but daring a different color than red such as yellow signifying loving nature. The tulip is just as much a good choice since in addition to recalling spring, it signifies happiness and the joy of living. Another option is available to you, the carnation, which happens to be the flower par excellence to offer on Mother’s Day since it recalls all the beautiful qualities of motherhood.