April 18, 2021
What is The Best Christmas and Birthday Toys and Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Best Christmas and Birthday Toys and Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Whether it’s for his birthday, to reward him or just to make him happy, your child deserves something really original and special to mark the occasion. Here is a small gift guide, in which we have carefully selected for you, the 15 Best Christmas and Birthday Toys and Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys happy.

What is The Best Christmas and Birthday Toys and Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

The Playmobil rocket launch base toy

The beautiful Playmobil Base Rocket Launch toy is a great gift idea for any space fan . This game includes in addition to the launch pad with rocket, 2 characters and several accessories (computer, robot, satellite, tools, etc.) for a total gaming experience. Acting on a mobile control platform, the capsule can open once it has detached from the rocket, and there are beautiful light and sound effects on this game.

Very pretty and offering high quality finishes, the child will be able to have fun freely with its large capsule and try experiences that will allow him to enrich his cognitive development.

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a new generation game console that will make 8 year old boys crazy with joy. With such a gift, they will have plenty of entertainment during their vacation. This is supplied with a neon red right Joy-con controller and a neon blue left Joy-con controller, 2 Joy-con straps, an HDMI cable to connect it to the TV, a Nintendo Switch docking station and a Nintendo Switch power adapter (EU). As for its autonomy, that varies between 3 and 6 hours depending on the conditions of use.

Practical, the child will be able to play Nintendo Switch directly on his TV using the 6.2-inch multi-point touch screen of his Nintendo … The portable mode allows him to take him everywhere with him, while enjoying the games of his nintendo, while the tabletop mode allows him to put his console wherever he wants thanks to the integrated support and to play with his friends. Excellent gift idea!

The book enigmas on all floors

Third, the book enigmas on all floors is a magnificent paperback by Paul Martin released in 2004. This one contains precisely 17 enigmas, and its particularity lies in the fact that it folds to transform itself into a very specific investigation: victims, clues, suspects, sets, witnesses, atmospheres mixed with crazy humor will allow 8-year-old boys to discover and forge their talent as young budding investigators through picturesque and original places ( ghost train , swimming pool, saloon, theater , etc. etc.) Very fascinating book which will give a lot of pleasure as a gift.

The Brain Box Voyage Around the World game

Fourth in this top 15, the Brain Box Voyage Around the World game is no less interesting than the previous choices. This Asmodee game is an observation and memory game accessible from 8 years old, suddenly, it will be perfect for little boys of this age, especially to move their minds, and develop knowledge while s’ amusing. It can be played alone or with several other partners.

The goal of this board game is simple: each player must observe a card for 10 seconds, after which he will have to answer a series of questions which will contribute to his memory. Very nice game to please a child, but which can also allow to share good moments with family.

The Spiderman figurine

Number 5 of this selection of gifts for an 8 year old boy, the Spiderman figurine is a splendid representation of the famous hero, signed Marvel. The frame of this figure comes in 12 inches, and young boys will be very proud to discover the all-new armor of their favorite hero, ready to embark on new epic adventures.

This figure is also sold with a Power Pack separately. By plugging the latter onto Spiderman’s back , he will instantly emit sounds and pronounce sentences exactly like the real character. Small nice gift for the toy collection, which will go very well at Christmas, Easter, for a birthday or baptism …

The Bikestar children’s scooter

The Bikestar children’s scooter, for its part, rose to sixth place in this top 15. As always, the scooter is a choice of gift that all children love. And your 8 year old boy will be very moved. Respecting the requirements and quality standards of the EU and the USA , this machine offers all the guarantees of safety and practicality so that your child can enjoy a fun and safe game.

It is equipped for this purpose with reinforced tires and equipped with an optimized suspension system for better stability when traveling. Encased in a super strong steel tube frame for total impact resistance, the Bikestar children’s scooter employs a ball bearing direction whose tilt angle and height are adjustable to adjust to your child’s needs. . The hand brakes are adapted to the conditions of your child.

Batman’s racing car

In seventh position, Batman’s racing car , signed Joy-Jam. Perfect for young boys, this wall mounted remote control car is an incredible racing machine for its ability to defy gravity to give them a total play experience. The ultra-light body of this car is no less robust: made with durable and safe ABS plastic, it is perfectly resistant to bumps and other shocks.

In addition, the child can roll it on any smooth surface thanks to its powerful suction fan: grass, walls, ceilings, windows. You can be sure this black racing car will be a great gift idea for any 8 year old kid for any occasion.

The Lego Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Number 8, the Lego Chevrolet Corvette. It is an excellent construction game, the aim of which is to reconstruct the famous Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The reconstructed model is quite original and unique. These characteristics are very realistic, especially the black and orange colors. Note in addition, a large rear spoiler like on the real model, a detailed V8 engine with moving pistons, black spoked rims, 4 exhausts, a steering wheel that works … all this built from 579 Lego parts .

Simply brilliant gift choice that will allow the child to piece together a perfect Hot Rod replica. Intelligent game that allows you to learn while having fun.

The Uttora Exploration Kit

In ninth place, the Uttora exploration kit is composed of a telescope, a compass, a magnifying glass, a butterfly insect clip, a whistle, a network of insects, ‘an insect collection bottle, a butterfly net, an insect collection box, six insects, a scorpion and a bag… It was designed for your children, so that they can develop the talents of exploring wildlife and nature.

Ideal for camping and hiking , this kit is equipped with all the essential accessories to discover insects and their little world, boost their curiosity (children), learn and have fun at the same time. Binoculars or binocular telescopes will, for example, allow you to have a close-up of nature and insects, etc. Perfect for the holidays, Halloween, and any occasion that lends itself to playing outdoors all year round and unleashing your instinct as a future scientist.

The Insects Explorer Game

Tenth, the insect explorer game from Buki France. 100% French, this high-quality game has been designed just to allow your children to have fun while developing a scientific mind. Available in a complete kit, this allows them to go and explore the garden and all the insects that live there: it is an observation game during which, your child will be able to catch insects and learn their way of life. life.

Consisting of a pot, an insect observatory, a net, a magnifying glass and a clamp, this kit also offers a beautiful presentation of 5 insects in particular: the ladybug, the fly, the ant , the butterfly and the grasshopper. All this, based on anecdotes and crazy experiences. Very good choice of educational game that will help your 8 year old boy to boost his creativity and gain more control over his environment.

The book The wonderful world of my 8 years

Eleventh of this selection, the book The wonderful world of my 8 years is a small very fascinating paperback of 48 pages by Charlotte Grossetêt (author), with illustrations by Lili Baleine. Ideal to celebrate the 8 years of your little boy, this gift book serves you completely new content, based on an original concept around the beautiful and great story which, through discovered pages, revisits the age of the child as you have never experienced it. Very nice book, with some super cool games at the end.

The children’s smartwatch

Number 12, the Vannico kid smartwatch is a smart watch for play. With this gift, your little boy can learn to learn, while learning and having fun at the same time.

Developing an interest in learning and improving one’s abilities in a fun way, this is made possible thanks to this Smart Watch with 9 main functions all configured: alarm clock, game, album and camera, phonebook, telephone, low consumption, recorders call, lighting. A whole armada of intelligent functions that have many surprises in store, accessible from the 1.44-inch LCD touch screen of this new generation blue watch… Nice little gift that will greatly delight whoever receives it!

The Buki Formule Marbles game

The game Buki Formule Billes occupies the thirteenth place in our ranking. Accessible from 5 years old, this one will suit the playing requirements of your 8 year old boy. Based on the themes of imagination, creativity, invention, design and construction, this educational game includes 70 pieces that must be assembled to give shape to a maze, and 10 marbles that the child will then just have to watch successfully cross the different traps of the labyrinth: turnstiles, wheels, levers.

The game is very easy, and the assembly is done without any particular difficulty. A guide provided will finally allow your child to experiment with different maze models for even more intuitive play sessions.

The 3D maze reflex action game

In fourteenth position, the 3D maze reflex action game from manufacturer Perplexus will impress every 8 year old. They will be particularly seduced by the large sphere which contains an incredible 3D labyrinth. The object of the game is to manipulate the sphere delicately and carefully to advance the ball and reach the finish. But first, you will have to overcome the 125 obstacles first, knowing that the slightest mistake will be fatal to them.

Excellent gift idea, because this game not only allows the child to have fun, but also to develop the sense of observation, self-control and a certain dexterity in complex situations.

The skateboard

The maple wood skateboard deck features a 5 inch 5V magnesium aluminum alloy truck. Its non-slip surface ensures a perfect balance on obstacles, while its roller with grooves guarantees a perfect glide on smooth surfaces. Moreover, this machine is equipped with high quality wheels, quiet and which turn very quickly.

Designed to withstand loads of up to 180 kg, the skateboard is sturdy and durable. It also has a very neat design, which makes it a fun object for your little boy who will be able to combine pleasure, sensation and elegance during skate outings with his friends. Top gift choice for a birthday, Christmas or just to reward your boy after his success at school.

How to Choose Best Christmas and Birthday Toys and Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

What types of toys are suitable for Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys?

At this age, Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys have everything. They hone their learning of patience, concentration and precision. To support them, play is the best solution. From books to construction games, including board games, card games and puzzles, the list of gift ideas does not stop there:

  • The puzzle: patience and reflection are essential. The older the children, the more complicated the puzzles are to put together. The rooms are smaller, more numerous and the colors more difficult to distinguish.
  • The construction game:Lego, Playmobil, wooden models, these building sets are perfect for stimulating patience, attention to detail and perfection as well as thinking and manual skills. To allow them to complete their collection of toys, accessories and additional parts to assemble are sold separately.
  • Board games: with family, parents or friends, board games are always popular. Just like card games, they contribute to the learning of team spirit and cohesion.
  • Toys and figurines: small or large, these products are easily transportable in a bag for children to have fun and create their own stories both at home and in the car.
    -The book: it is by far the most stimulating. It allows children of all ages to escape and travel with the help of words and pictures. For those who have difficulty reading, some books have a font that is large enough to make it easier for children to read.

How to choose a game, a toy or a book for an Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys?

Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, choosing a gift for an 8-year-old is never easy. Once the idea has been found, it is important to respect certain criteria:

  • age: this is the most important. The toy must be suitable for the age of the child. Pay attention to the inscriptions on the box. The toy should not bother or scare your child.
  • size: it will depend on the space you have available. If the child’s room is small and lacks storage, avoid large toys. They take up a lot of space and your child may not play with them much.
  • the accessories:there is nothing better than a toy sold with a few accessories. The more, the better. In some cases, the presence of accessories allows the customization of the toy. However, even if the child understands that plastic cannot be eaten, it is important to pay attention to the small parts.
  • opinions: before embarking on the purchase of a toy, it is necessary to read the opinions of other parents. Quality is good, safety is better! Some opinions can be revealing about the quality and strength of a product.

What are the best toy brands?

When looking for the perfect toy for a child you know, you are probably wondering which brand is the best. Each year, the world of toys evolves and new products appear. Despite the many brands of toys, a few stand out. Among them are: Lego, VTech, Vertbaudet, Playmobil, Ravensburger, Hasbro, Clementoni, Hot Wheels, Kapla and Nathan.

How to stimulate the creative side of your child?

Boys and girls, no matter their age, children all have a creative side. To support them in the realization of their ideas, creative toys are the perfect gifts.
With family, friends or alone, children have many means at their disposal to express this aspect of their personality:

  • dolls to be personalized: a great classic of childhood, this toy exists today in different forms ( Veiling Barbie, Monsieur and Madame Patate …). But there is nothing better than styling and makeup dolls. They allow children to carry out more or less successful experiences.
  • Coloring books:adored by children, these products are everywhere. Both to occupy during a trip in the car and at home, these notebooks can occupy the children for several hours.
  • The creation box: it allows children to make their own jewelry. Boys and girls will be able to create original jewelry for their friends and their parents.
  • Construction games: Lego, Playmobil, Kapla, you are spoiled for choice. Thanks to these brands of construction games, your children will be able to create with their own hands a castle, the house of their dreams or a spaceship. Knight, farmer or princess, they can be whoever they want!