May 9, 2021
What is The Best Unique Cool Harry Potter Gifts for Girls, Women, Adults, Kids, Boy and Fans Christmas and Birthday Ideas

Best Unique Cool Harry Potter Gifts In 2021

Do you have any Hogwarts alumni or graduates in your life who eat, breathe and sleep Harry Potter Gifts? Perhaps they have read all the books of the saga and know all the characters? We have the perfect gifts for Harry Potter fans of all ages: games, goodies, assortments of the famous Bertie Crochue treats, and more. We also have something to help them concoct their Butterbeer themselves.

What is The Best Unique Cool Harry Potter Gifts for Girls, Women, Adults, Kids, Boy and Fans Christmas and Birthday Ideas

Harry Potter Gifts, The Complete – Blu-ray Box

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With this Blu-ray box, give a gift that would allow a true fan to see, review and re-watch, as many times as he wants, the magic of the world of Harry Potter. Almost 20 hours of happiness to bring all these magical characters to life!

Lego Harry Potter Gifts – Hogwarts Express

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This gift will be perfect for children. They will be able to build the iconic Hogwarts Express. This lego also contains 5 minifigures: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor Lupine and the witch with cart, as well as a Dementor and Scabbard. It contains 128 pieces.

The Noble Collection – Hedwig (Magical Creatures)

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This elaborately detailed and painted figure depicts Hedwig sitting on Harry’s desk, awaiting her next important message. The figurine comes with a display case and a removable cover.

Paladone – Vif d’Or night light

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This small Golden Snitch lamp will make a perfect gift to accompany a Harry Potter fan in his reading. This handy reading light is powered by 3 AAA batteries. It can make an ideal travel accessory for fans of the JK Rowling universe.

Harry Potter Gifts – Unofficial Cooking Manual for Wizards and Non-Wizards

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Give this cookbook to a potterhead so that he can create without magic all the essentials of the wizarding world: Harry’s favorite dishes (molasses pie, pumpkin juice …), surprise dragees, famous potions (polyjuice , felix felicis…), etc.

Pierretoiles – Hermione time turner necklace

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This necklace makes a perfect gift for anyone juggling a busy schedule. In The Prisoner of Azkaban , Hermione uses one to be able to attend all of her classes. Be careful, 3 laps should be enough!

Abystyle – Marauders Mug (Heat Change)

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When cold, the mug shows the Marauder’s map password and a few footprints. Once heated, it reveals the Marauder’s Map. A perfect gift for young and old alike.

Roommates – Repositionable giant sticker The Marauder’s Map

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This set of decorative stickers will make an ideal gift. It’s a fun and creative way to transform any room in seconds. To apply it, just peel off and stick the decals to any smooth, flat surface. It can be removed and reused.

Groovy – Hogwarts Express

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With its embroidered patterns, printed interior linings and recognizable colors, this 9 ¾ platform-inspired bag is the perfect gift for a potterhead. It includes a tote, backpack, toiletry bag, and makeup bag.

Half Moon Bay – Hogwarts Box

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This iron box is perfect for serving as a lunch box, jewelry box or as a decorative item. It is stamped with the Hogwarts crest. It is quite solid, and can hold a light meal (a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a 33 cL bottle).

Harry Potter Gifts – Hogwarts Great Pop-Up Book

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This large pop-up book can easily be deployed to form a giant Hogwarts map. With this book, your child or teenager can easily discover all the mythical places of the sorcerer’s school. Reading level: from 9 to 18 years old.

Cinereplicas – Harry Potter – Silicone Ice Cube or Chocolate Mold

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This silicone mold is the perfect gift to give a Harry Potter fan the opportunity to create ice cubes or chocolate in the image of his favorite symbols: the Sorting Hat, the Deathly Hallows, the Snitch , the coats of arms of the 4 Houses, the mark of darkness, platform 9 ¾, etc.

Ambrat – Hoodie

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Want to give a present to a former Hogwarts student? Try on this cozy and stylish hooded sweatshirt, so he or she can grace his or her old home.

Harry Potter Gifts – Makeup Bag

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So that your sister or friend can easily carry her shower kits or makeup products, give her this stylish makeup bag. The quote “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good” will appeal to the biggest fans.

Warner Harry Potter Bed Set

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With this 100% cotton / 54 thread count bedding set with impeccable finishes (buttons) you will be able to make happy more than a fan of the magical world of Harry Potter. Set consisting of a duvet cover (140 x 200 cm) and a pillowcase (63 x 63 cm). Machine washable.

Topi Games – Harry Potter Gifts: A Year at Hogwarts

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Give this box to a Hogwarts sorcerer’s apprentice so that he can familiarize himself with the spells and potions needed to fight the forces of evil. He will have to complete missions and win the 4 Houses Cup to win.

Paladone – Harry Potter Patronus Tealight Holder

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Looking for the perfect gift for a Harry Potter superfan? Try this candle holder representing his famous Patronus. This light canvas has dual battery or USB power and can be simply hung or wall mounted, depending on preference.

The Noble collection

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This reconstruction of the mirror of Riséd seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will have a very nice effect in the bedroom of a true fan. The mirror is 42 cm high and 22 cm wide. It can be mounted on a wall or simply placed on a table.

Burmount’s Specialty Gift – Harry Potter Ultimate Basket

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Surprise a big Harry Potter fan with this selection from Burmount’s. The basket contains an alcohol-free version of the famous Bièraubeurre, replicas of Bertie Crochue’s beans and slugs in jelly, and a Chocolate Frog with its menu.

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