April 17, 2021
How to choose a coffee maker [Guide 2021]

How to choose a coffee maker? [Guide 2021]

Welcome to our shopping guide dedicated to coffee machines . Since the arrival of coffee capsules and sachets , coffee maker technologies have diversified to offer a choice of different machines in their design and the way they are brewed. So which coffee maker to choose?

The 7 kinds of coffee machines

Classic coffee maker

This type of coffee maker works for the majority of them with ground coffee , but some offer bean grinders ( for better preservation of flavors ).

Among the different options to look at are: choice of temperature , removable filter holder , keep warm , aroma selector , integrated grinder , anti-drip system , washable filter, aroma concentrator for small quantities, selector intensity, automatic shutdown , scaling automatically, or coffee makers connected that you prepare coffee automatically at breakfast.

Some brands, such as the MELITTA brand , also stand out with an insulated pourer that acts as a thermos . Good idea of ​​choice for keeping the coffee hot and which avoids having cooked coffee.

Pod coffee maker

In this area, two brands are leading the way: Senso coffee machines from Philips , and Tassimo coffee machines from Bosh.

These are therefore pods for preparing individual cups of coffee. These pods are available in all supermarkets.

The Tassimo coffee makers are a little more advanced in some models and propose to carry out, not not only coffee, but many hot drinks , such as the cappuccino, mocchacino, chocolate, tea … We can mention the models Joy , Charmy , Amia , Vivy , and Suny .

Classic espresso maker

The espresso machines used to make espresso from ground coffee by subjecting the coffee at a pressure (typically 15 bars).

This is the type of coffee you will usually find in a brewery .

They are generally designed in the same way as in a bar, namely a retractable handle equipped with a ground coffee reservoir valid for a dose of 1 or 2 individual coffees.

The Delonghi brand dominates the market, followed by Magimix .

Espresso coffee maker with grinder

If you only like coffee beans , then we advise you to choose this type of machine. The advantage of coffee beans is to keep the flavor of the coffee in the bean and not release it until the moment of making your coffee.

This type of coffee maker is more expensive than conventional coffee makers, with pods or capsules, but your coffee will be of much better quality . It uses the same technology as a classic espresso coffee maker, but using whole bean and unground coffee.

Regarding brands, it is the Delonghi brand that seems to make the best espresso makers with a grinder. Many models are available with milk froth or other options …

Espresso coffee maker with capsules

The most famous brand of capsule coffee maker is undoubtedly the Krups brand , recently acquired by the French group SEB . Their model is among the best on the market , and is well worth most other coffee makers, even for coffee beans.

The advantage of choosing a capsule coffee maker is that it is inexpensive to purchase . On the other hand, the price of the capsules has a certain cost: count around 35 cents per capsule. Even if the capsules of other brands, such as Carte Noire , are sold in supermarkets, to get the official Nespresso capsules that work with this machine, you will have to either go to a Nespresso specialist store or order them on the internet , they are not sold in supermarkets.

Our advice, in order not to spend too much , would perhaps be to combine it with a classic coffee maker or classic espresso so as not to ruin yourself every day in coffee, and reserve this type of coffee for the good times.

Combined espresso coffee maker

Another very good choice is to buy a combination which makes both a classic coffee maker , if you prefer this kind of coffee in the morning for example, and espresso for the coffee at the end of the lunch .

This kind of model remains accessible at the price level , even if it has a cost, of course. But you will be able to control your coffee expenses even more , since you will just have ground coffee to buy for both types, and not capsules.

Here too, the Delonghi brand offers a very good model .

Italian coffee maker

The reputation of Italian coffee is well established. And their coffee makers are surprising in their design and preparation, to say the least .

It is a coffee maker with a plunger . These are the old-fashioned coffee makers that our grandparents used, but which are now resurfacing, by their retro design and return to traditions , but also by the strong taste they provide.

The ground coffee is here completely mixed with the hot water and you have to press the central plunger to lower the ground coffee bean and only remove the water transformed into coffee, above the plunger.

The downside is that you have to know how to dose, and that this preparation requires more work than for another coffee maker where you just have to press a button .

Milk frother

For lovers of milk froth in their coffee and latte, you can choose a milk frother / frother

Everything is automatic and the collected foam is smooth.

The emulsifiers are also very present on the classic espresso machines or the combined ones, but if you do not have any, this kind of model has the advantage of being automatic, where those which are integrated are not.

Coffee grinder

Those who prefer coffee beans , but only have a machine for making coffee from ground coffee , can purchase a coffee grinder . This simply allows you to buy coffee beans, and to grind it (transforming coffee into a bean into ground coffee) when preparing your coffee.

The advantage of coffee beans is that they can retain the flavor of the coffee in the bean until the moment of preparation.

Most models cost between 20 and 60 $.

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