May 22, 2022
How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner - Best Buying Vacuum Cleaners

How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner – Best Buying Vacuum Cleaners

How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner? There are so many different types of vacuum cleaners on the market that it can be confusing to decide how to choose a vacuum cleaner that best fits your needs. This article will help you understand how vacuum cleaners work, what your options are and how to narrow down your options to find the best types of vacuums for you and your home.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Types of Vacuum Cleaners


These vacuum cleaners are small and lightweight. They can easily be picked up by the hose handle to clean stairs, sofas or cars. Most come with a number of attachments including crevice tools, dusting brushes and upholstery nozzles that allow you to use your vacuum in more than one room or area in your home. Some handheld vacuums have rechargeable batteries while others use batteries that must be replaced when they lose power.


These vacuum cleaners consist of a stick which houses the motor and serves as the base of the machine, an electric suction head on a long flexible tube attached to the stick, and a receptacle known as a “Dust Bag” attached another short segment of tubing (the “hose”).

The electric suction head is the part of the vacuum that actually does the vacuuming and contains a motor, suction fan (blower) or impeller that creates air flow. The Dust Bag is attached to the bottom part of this unit and traps dirt and debris in it’s bag. canister cleaners come with various hose lengths which allows you to clean further than a canisters smaller brother, the handheld vacuum cleaner. Canister cleaners range from corded models to battery operated and rechargeable units as well. There are even some commercial grade units for use in stores, offices, restaurants, etc.


These vacuum cleaners are made up of large clear plastic dust collection bin that holds the dirt and debris. They have a handle on top to allow you to carry them from room to room. Some have an electric cord attached and others are battery powered or rechargeable. The easiest way to figure out which is the best upright vacuum for you is to get down on your hands and knees in a dark room, turn off all the lights and crawl around with a small flashlight (or even better, do this in the store). Turn on each unit while “crawling” around it so that you can see how well it cleans up your dust bunnies. You will quickly be able to tell which units work well and feel comfortable while carrying them around.


This category of vacuum cleaners falls between an upright vacuum and a handheld vacuum cleaner. They have the long hose of an upright with the lightweight design of a handheld model, but may not come with as many attachments.

Autonomous / Robot:

The newest and most expensive type of vacuum is the autonomous or robot vacuum cleaner. These are small, round units that clean rooms on their own, docking themselves in a recharging unit when power gets low. The best robot vacuums use sensors to see obstacles and to avoid stairs or other drop-offs, contain rechargeable lithium ion batteries which allow them to run for about 45 minutes at a time (depending on the model), and come equipped with HEPA filters for excellent filtration .

Vacuum Cleaners Bag or Bagless – Which Vacuum Is Better:

Bagless vacuums are better at sucking up dust, dirt and other particles. On the contrary, bagged vacuum cleaners can be made to last longer because they prevent any leaks or damages in case of a damaged filter due to repeated use over time. The general consensus is that your house will still remain clean regardless if you have either one as long as it’s being used regularly; however there are small differences between these two types of products which may make the decision easier for some people while more difficult for others. For instance: Bagless vacuums tend to suck up all kinds of things like sand, hair and even coins with ease whereas those who own bagged ones say their machines can take damage from faulty filters after many uses instead

How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner for Your Cleaning Needs

Traffic and Carpet Soils:

Carpet has to be cleaned regularly otherwise there is a risk of it looking old and dirty even when you have just purchased it. So choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your carpet will require an upright, canister or handheld one so that you get rid of ground in soil and other such things which build up over time on your carpet.

Carpet Fibers:

Vacuum cleaners today come equipped with special brushes that are designed specifically for cleaning carpets and these allow better performance than those models with no brushes at all. On the contrary having too many brushes can cause damage to your carpet’s fibers. For this reason, you should go for a unit that comes with bare floor setting as well so that if dirt gets stuck in the brushes you can turn them off and then back on for regular cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaner Performance:

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, check if it has been tested by any independent lab or not. If yes, then it is good for use when finding out which product will be best at cleaning your house. Check through online reviews by taking down the model number of a product before also checking out YouTube videos of that product being used to get an idea of how well it works .


You should consider investing in a unit that comes equipped with a HEPA filter since this type filters out 99% of dust particles thus providing you with clean air while vacuuming and better results when cleaning the floor. With this kind of filter, you can also capture fine particles like pollen and mold spores thus reducing exposure to them as well which is good for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Quality and Durability:

When it comes to choosing which vacuum cleaner is best for your house you should always go for one that has been made using durable parts so that it lasts longer and doesn’t need replacing after a few uses. Plastic parts are better than metal ones because they do not conduct heat or cold throughout the machine as easily but choose a unit with hard rubber wheels instead of plastic wheels since these have more grip on carpets and floors .

Ease of Use:

Always look out for an upright vacuum which has been designed with a recline handle as these help you clean under furniture more easily rather than those models that have no such feature. To make your life easier when vacuuming floors it is best to invest in one of those units that come equipped with swivel steering so that turns are smoother and accurate while cleaning.

Noise Level:

Although the noise made by vacuum cleaners isn’t usually much of a problem, but for some people this can be something they would like to avoid if they want to keep their sanity intact. So go for a product which is well-sealed because they tend to be quieter as compared to any other unit on the market today .


Make sure that when you pick a unit it has sufficient room to accommodate the debris bag. If your vacuum cleaner can only hold two gallons of dust then this means you will have to empty its contents more often as compared to those models which have larger capacity. With large capacity, you won’t need to change bags after every use which is better for the environment and also costs less money in the long run .


If you live in an apartment or small house with little storage space then choose a model that comes with folding handlebars since these occupy less space than non-foldable ones which are bulkier and harder to store away .


When it comes to choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your house always go for one that has been equipped with a number of useful accessories like crevice tool and dusting brush.

How Much Does a Quality Vacuum Cleaner Cost?

$80 or less:

For this price, you’ll be able to get a decent cordless vacuum but don’t expect much when it comes to suction power. If your home is fairly small with mostly bare floors then this should suffice.

2. $100-120:

If you want something more powerful and versatile for both carpeted areas and bare floor surfaces then going in the mid-price range could be good for you. There are many models in this category that provide excellent suction power as well as versatility since they can do both wet and dry vacuuming which means you can use them to clean up spills too without having to buy another unit .

$180-$200 :

If you have pets or suffer from allergies and need something that can remove even the tiniest particles of dust then look in this range for a vacuum cleaner that has great filtration. Or if you want to go cordless, then expect to invest around $180 for a decent option with good suction power.

More than $200:

For those who have larger homes with many carpeted areas as well as bare floor surfaces then going with an upright vacuum cleaner priced over $200 is a good investment since it’ll last longer and provide thorough cleaning without the hassle of continuously changing filters which are expensive in the long run

Under $399:

For this price, you’ll again be able to get a decent cordless vacuum but don’t expect much when it comes to suction power. For the very low price of $80 – 90 you can get a handheld unit that won’t have very good filtration or suck up power but will be great for quick pick-ups .


By spending between $400 and $600 , you’ll see an improvement in both suction power as well as filtration capabilities and versatility. If your home doesn’t have any carpet then investing in something like this is excellent bang for buck since many models provide excellent cleaning results on bare floor surfaces too while still being lightweight enough to carry around with ease .

$649 – $999+:

For those with larger homes and want a top of the line model then expect to spend more than $650 for excellent filtration and power that’ll suck up any debris in its path without leaving anything behind. More expensive models tend to be better suited for carpeted areas since they provide deeper cleaning action thanks to their powerful motors but these come at a cost as they weigh over 20 lbs so might be too heavy and cumbersome for some users.

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