April 17, 2021
In order How to choose Best Water Cooler Dispenser for your business, it is necessary to know some selection criteria. We have gathered these few essential points for you.

3 Best Tips: How to choose Best Water Cooler Dispensers

In order How to choose Best Water Cooler Dispenser for your business, it is necessary to know some selection criteria. We have gathered these few essential points for you.

How to choose Best Water Cooler Dispensers


It is essential to know in advance the location of the water fountain. This criterion will contribute to the choice of a fountain that can be connected to a water supply in your company or on the contrary, a carboy fountain and independent of your water supply system will be more suitable. Even though water fountains with carboys are independent of the pipes, it is necessary to keep in mind that this carboy needs an electrical source to function.


This criterion defines the maximum volume of water that the fountain can store if it is a carboy fountain. The capacity must vary proportionally with the number of people to be covered and also the influx of users.

Water temperature

In addition to providing cool water, water fountains are capable of providing chilled water or also hot water. This option is very interesting if you do not yet have coffee machines or an electric kettle or if your space is a bit limited and cannot accommodate other drink machines.

The different types of water fountains for businesses

Business water fountains fall into 3 distinct categories. They differ in the way they operate.

Canister fountains

This fountain is the simplest of the water fountain models. It is also the most common in offices. This fountain is equipped with a 5 to 20 liter tank connected and placed above a tap. The fountain can be supplied with bottles of mineral, sparkling or even tempered water.

This type of fountain requires little maintenance but because of its limited capacity, it will be necessary to have a room or a space to keep the spare bottles. The change of these cylinders may require a qualified person. The bottles must perfectly match the models and types compatible with the fountain.


  • Excellent water quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Supply of cylinders ensured by a subscription with the supplier of the fountain


  • Restricted water volume
  • Requires a place to store spare cylinders
  • The carboys are sometimes proprietary formats, there is a dependence on a brand and its products.

Who is it for ?

Canister water fountains are intended for businesses with a small amount of users to cover. Usually, this type of water cooler has low capacity.

Network fountains

The operation of network fountains closely resembles bottle fountains except that they are connected directly to the water supply to the room or the place where they are installed. The constraints linked to the volumes of water available and to the supply are thus eliminated. The purchaser no longer needs to have storage space for spare cylinders.

The water distributed by this type of fountains has the advantage of being excellent because it is filtered and purified. Its installation in the water distribution network is more difficult and requires the intervention of plumbing professionals.


  • Water comes from the distribution network, so it is unlimited
  • The fountain does not need storage
  • The water is purer and safer than tap water because the fountain is equipped with a filter
  • Water can be served at the desired temperature


  • Water quality does not equal that of spring water or mineral water
  • Installation is more difficult and requires plumbing knowledge
  • Maintenance is also a bit complicated

Who is it for ?

The water fountain on the distribution network is ideal for companies with many employees. It is adapted to an increased need for water quantity because there are no restrictions on the quantity of water that can be supplied.

Atmospheric fountains

This category of fountain is a recent category and differs from other types. The water fountain no longer requires the presence of a reservoir or connection to the running water distribution network. The ambient air is condensed and then transformed into drinking water after being purified.

This technique is more respectful of the environment and also more economical. However, the initial cost to purchase is more expensive than other types of water coolers. The amount of water available varies depending on the humidity of the air. It therefore happens that the quantity produced does not cover the expected water requirement.


  • No need for a connection, no need for a tank, the fountain itself generates the water
  • Low cost of use
  • Ecological and modern


  • High purchase cost,
  • Quantity of condensed and transformed water may be insufficient to meet demand

Who is it for ?

  • This category of water cooler is recommended to cover users in small quantities.

The advantages of a water fountain for business

The water fountain is an essential element for both individuals and companies. The installation of a water fountain in an office or a workplace is an obligation according to article R 4225-2 of the labor code which obliges any employer to make available to employees of the drinking and fresh water. This decree concerns any company or company employing employees.

Some water fountains can also act as a distributor of food, hot drinks, small snacks and other products. These fountains can be connected to the running water distribution network or fitted with a reservoir.

In addition to the legal obligation and the fact that it contributes enormously to quenching the thirst of employees, the installation of a water fountain can also serve as a point of exchange and conviviality. It also helps to convey a good image of the company to employees and customers or also to people visiting the company.

Bottle fountain or fountain directly connected to the drinking water network?

The 17 Best Water Fountains for BusinessesAlthough there are 3 types of water fountains, 2 types are the most used in the workplace. These are bottle fountains and network fountains. Each of these types of water coolers has strengths that will define the choice of companies.

The type of carboy fountain is the most democratized since it is the simplest and the most practical to use. The fountain works after connecting it to the electrical source. These fountains are easy to maintain, it only takes a few occasional cleanings. The compatible carboys used may contain mineral water, soft drinks or spring water depending on the brand chosen.

Networked water fountains have the advantage of having an unlimited source because it does not have a tank or carboy and is connected directly to the source of running water. The water to supply the fountain is cheaper compared to that in a carboy. But it is safer and of excellent quality than that obtained directly from the tap. This better quality is due to the filtration and purification processes carried out by the fountain.

The water temperature can also be adjusted as desired. With the use of a CO2 refill, this type of fountain is able to provide sparkling water. This process is more environmentally friendly as it does not need carboys and is also connected directly to water supply systems.

Finally, the choice between these 2 systems is defined by several parameters, they have their respective strengths. In order to better understand the ideal system suitable for your business and the associated costs, quotes from different suppliers are useful.

The waterblock

A water block is a component part of the water fountain. Its purpose is to prevent overflow and to manage the flow of water. This device cuts off the water supply in the event of a leak or abnormal flow. If the fountain crosses the threshold defined by the technicians, then the waterblock is blocked.


Always choose a flat surface

It is necessary to place the water cooler on a flat and stable surface to prevent it from capsizing or falling. The fall could cause material damage and also injury.

Use a rubber mat

To protect the surrounding surface, it is best to put a rubber mat under the water cooler.

Check the safe distance between the power source and the fountain

For greater safety, the fountain should be placed in a location away from the electrical outlet to prevent accidental electrocution if water were to spill.

Store spare bottles well

Replacement bottles or carboys for carboy water fountains should be placed in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and also toxic and chemical products.

Check the drip tray

It is prudent to occasionally check the water level in the drip tray lest it be too full and overflow by spilling liquid on the ground.


What is the best business water cooler?

The best business water cooler depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What if the water no longer comes out of the fountain?

Check the water supply in another room, for example in the toilet as this may be caused by a general cut-off in the water supply. Also check whether the valve is closed.

What if the fountain has a leak?

An overflow in the drip tray may be the cause. This container is used to collect the remaining small drops of liquid which are removed from the cup. This tray must be connected to the waste water outlet of the plumbing. If this is not the case, it is imperative to empty it on a regular basis and also to clean it with soapy water to prevent the presence of unpleasant odors.

How often should we maintain business water fountains?

For optimum water quality and for a longer service life of your fountain, maintenance and repair work is useful. Interviews spaced 6 months apart and carried out by professionals are indicated.

What are the tips for maintaining a water fountain?

The fountain must always be unplugged before servicing or replacing the cylinder. Preferably use hot soapy water or disinfection wipes for cleaning. For each week, plan to clean with bleach and hot water. Every month, separate the fountain components and clean thoroughly with water and bleach. If the fountain has a reservoir, also clean it with this solution. All other parts should also be immersed in it for a few minutes. The fountain must be completely sanitized by your supplier if you have opted for a maintenance contract. Otherwise, you can buy water cooler disinfection kits and do its own maintenance.