April 18, 2021
How to Choose The Right Coffee Machine For Home

4 Best Steps: How to Choose The Right Coffee Machine?

Welcome to our shopping guide dedicated to How to Choose The Right Coffee Machine?. Today there are a multitude of coffee makers : filter , capsules , Italian , espresso , piston , etc. Several technical criteria and elements are to be known to make the right purchase. Find out how to choose the right coffee machine below .

4 Best Steps: How to Choose The Right Coffee Machine?

Speed ​​and ease of use

The speed of use of the device is associated with the power of the coffee machine . The more powerful it is, the faster the water will heat up . Brewing coffee is generally straightforward on all models of coffee machines .

The fastest and easiest coffee makers are the pod or capsule models . All you have to do is insert the element into the receptacle provided for this purpose, start the machine and start the preparation . You will be able to get a coffee in less than a minute .

The espresso coffee machine is also a quick and simple model . All you have to do is fill the percolator with ground coffee, position it on the coffee maker, then start the program . In less than 1 minute , you will have one or more coffees.

The filter coffee makers are suitable to prepare coffee for several people , in a friendly or family event for example. Just fill the water tank , put on the filter , and the ground coffee, to obtain coffee in less than 5 minutes .

The Italian coffee can be the longer models . On mechanical models, it will be necessary to wait until the water is at high temperature , so that the coffee passes into the upper reservoir.

If you want quality coffee , you can also choose an electric coffee grinder . Combined with a coffee machine, you can prepare coffees with multiple aromas and flavors .

The aromas and flavors of coffee

The different coffee machines allow you to have a more or less strong coffee , or with different pronounced aromas and flavors.

The capsule or pod models allow you to have a coffee strength according to everyone’s tastes. The filter coffee makers offer coffee stronger or weaker depending on the amount of coffee ground used.

The coffee machines with the best aromas are found in the espresso models . The freshly ground beans will offer coffees with very pronounced aromas . French press and Italian coffee makers make it possible to create strong coffee . It all depends on individual tastes.

The Italian coffee maker makes it possible to design coffee that is better for health . The preparation mode offers a lower level of caffeine .

The ecological aspect

The respect for the environment has become an important criterion to choose the coffee machine . Espresso models ( with grinder or not ) allow you to use only the coffee beans or ground coffee for one or more coffees. Coffee grounds can be recycled in a green space.

Like espresso machines, French press or Italian coffee makers are ecological models . They do not reject waste . The coffee grounds can be emptied into a flower pot or in the garden. The filter coffee makers are almost the same ecological principle. We recommend choosing biodegradable coffee filters .

However, the less environmentally friendly models are pod or capsule coffee machines . They produce a lot of waste , with the single-use capsules / pods. Brands have understood this and some offer biodegradable pods and others which are recyclable .

How to Clean coffee Machine and Maintenance

The coffee machine is a model which is very easy to maintain . For a high- performance appliance , regular maintenance must be ensured ( every month if used regularly, and every quarter for a few coffees per day ).

Some coffee machines need to be cleaned less regularly , such as the filter , French press or Italian coffee maker . They can be maintained with water and white vinegar , poured into the tank. Then just rinse it several times with clean water.

For models with capsules , pods , or espresso , it is preferable to use a descaler . Vinegar should be avoided on these devices. On the other hand, the espresso models with grain need to be cleaned very regularly ( twice a month ). The grains can get stuck in the mechanics.

We hope this guide will help you choose the right coffee machine model .

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