April 18, 2021
How To Choose The Right Electric Teapot

Electric Kettle: How To Choose The Right Electric Teapot? [Guide 2021]

Welcome to our shopping guide dedicated to Electric Teapot. These devices include several technological innovations, a larger capacity and a significant time saving. Let’s find out below the criteria for Electric Kettle Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Electric Teapot?

The different types of Electric Teapot

The electric teapot is a small household appliance. More innovative, easier to use and more aesthetic, it is gradually replacing the classic teapot. Let’s find out below, how to choose the right electric teapot :

The capacity and the container of the electric teapot

Expressed in liters, the capacity of an electric teapot is between 1 and 2 liters at the level of the jug. This capacity will depend on the use you can make of it. For occasional use, plan a capacity limited to 1 liter. If you and your family regularly drink tea or infusions, you should turn to a model of at least 1.5 liters

To keep tea for several hours after preparation, brands market electric teapots with innovative functions. The keep warm feature allows tea or infusion to be kept at a constant temperature for drinking at any time. To have a suitable intensity and well-infused aromas, the tea basket must be removable.

In terms of containing the electric tea usually contains a basket with tea for tea leaves. Others may only contain tea bags. It is better to choose a model with the possibility of putting tea leaves and tea bags.

The power of an electric teapot

The power of the electric teapot is a criterion that will define the heating time of the water. The higher the power, the faster the water will heat. Preparation time will also depend on the water capacity

The electric tea have a power of between 600 watts and 2000 watts. For teapots with a capacity of 1 liter, it is better to go for an 800W model. For larger jugs ( around 1.7 liters ) the recommended power will be 2000 W

However, too much power for the electric teapot will have a significant impact on energy consumption.

Multi-temperature and smart programs

The electric teapot is a modern and innovative device. On most models, the temperature is programmable with several levels of 50 ° C to 100 ° C. The more equipped models have a 5 ° C level for 10 multi-temperature programming levels on the best electric teapots. They will be ideal for tasting different teas and infusions, coming from the 4 corners of the world.

The most innovative models have a control screen to set the temperature, the intensity of the tea, or the type of tea. Other teapots will determine the time and temperature of infusion depending on the nature of the tea. As soon as the tea is ready, the tea basket is removed from the infused water.

The electric teapot can be equipped with delayed start. This feature allows you to program the machine, to obtain a newly brewed tea in the morning, or when returning from work in the evening for example. The delayed start on a teapot is generally configurable up to 15 hours.

Additional features

The electric teapot is a small household appliance that offers rapid tea infusion. More equipped and innovative, they have additional features such as:

  • The automatic shutdown : this system off the electric teapot to avoid over-infusion or overheating
  • The kettle function : some teapots can also be used as a kettle, ideal for various preparations.
  • The self-immersing basket : the most innovative models have a basket that plunges into the water and rises as soon as the preparation is finished. The infusion will retain the flavors and intensity of the pre-defined program.
  • The removable parts : the jug and / or basket can be removed for better maintenance. Some brands of electric teapots offer you the ability to clean them in a dishwasher.

The electric teapot is ideal for everyday tea drinkers. Our ranking of the best electric teapots will be tailored to your different needs.

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