April 18, 2021
How to Choose The Right Teapot [Guide 2021]

How to Choose The Right Teapot? [Guide 2021]

Welcome to our buying guide for teapots . With 3 types of teapots , users have access to a wide choice of models . To choose the right teapot, it is important to take into account technical criteria . Discover our recommendations and our technical guide to teapots .

The Different Types of Teapots:

The teapot is a small household appliance , ideal for tea lovers . There are different types of teapots, each with its own advantages and uses :

The classic teapot

This model of teapot is the traditional device . With a water capacity between 500ml and 1200ml , the classic teapot is the most economical model . They are designed in glass , cast iron , stainless steel or porcelain .

The preparation time turns out to be longer . The user must first heat water ( in a saucepan or kettle ), pour it into the teapot and put the tea basket or tea scoop. You have to wait a few minutes to brew the tea. With enamelled cast iron appliances , it will be possible to heat the water directly on a gas stove or an induction hob .

The classic teapots are for people who have time . Another advantage of this appliance is that it is easier to clean and can be put in the dishwasher ( depending on the model ). The tea basket is usually removable and is very easy to clean.

However, on these models, the tea will tend to cool faster or steep for too long . The classic teapot is suitable for people who drink tea occasionally .

The electric teapot

The electric teapot is a design and modern device . More expensive to buy, it offers a jug capacity of between 1 liter and 2 liters . This type of teapot is innovative with a multi-temperature setting ( up to 10 levels from 50 ° C to 100 ° C ), of the tea intensity ( depending on the models ) and with the presence of pre-programs on the teapots. most equipped electrics.

Operation is faster . Just fill the jug with water , fill the tea basket ( with leaf or tea bag tea ), then start the machine . Some models are equipped with an intelligent program which determines the brewing time according to the desired intensity and the nature of the tea. The tea basket is then removed from the water. Several features are fitted to electric teapots , such as delayed start and automatic stop to avoid over-infusion or the risk of overheating.

The advantages of electric teapots are faster preparation , more tea, and better quality infusion . These devices fit well in kitchens and can be used as a kettle .

The electric teapot is suitable for people who drink tea daily . Discover the best electric teapots .

The Tea Machine

This new model of teapot is marketed by the Krups and Riviera & Bar brands . With a water tank of between 1.3 liters and 2.3 liters , this tea machine is innovative . Similar to a capsule coffee maker , depending on the model, it allows you to insert a capsule which determines the time and temperature of infusion . Other models are equipped with a basket that allows you to put leaf tea.

The tea maker works like a capsule coffee maker. On the side or behind, the water tank is detached, to be filled with cold water. The user inserts a special capsule or the tea basket . The capsule teapot determines the time and temperature of the water. With the basket model, the user selects one of the predefined programs . All you have to do is start the program for a quick tea or infusion. If more brewing time is needed, the duration is adjustable , as is the temperature.

This type of teapot has many advantages, ease of use , reduced time , and automatic programs . It is suitable for people who drink tea regularly. The cleaning is very fast and the handling improved . However, the purchase of this model is more expensive.

The right criteria for choosing a teapot

Beyond the type of teapot , there are purchasing criteria to take into account. They will determine the comfort of use and the performance of the device . Below, find the criteria to be taken into account:

  • The capacity of the jug or the tank : this criterion will determine how many cups you can fill with a preparation. We recommend a capacity between 1 liter and 2 liters to be able to prepare several teas in a few minutes.
  • The type of container : depending on the type of teapot, you can insert tea leaves , and / or a tea bag , and / or a specific capsule . For more choice of aromas and flavors, it is better to choose a model that can contain tea leaves .
  • How to Clean a Teapot and maintenance are one criterion to be reckoned with on the choice of a teapot. For everyday use, you should orient yourself towards a model that is easy to clean . It will be necessary to ensure that the tea basket is removable . You can also go for a model that can partly be put in the dishwasher.
  • The power of the teapot : this criterion is not to be taken into account for a classic teapot. For other models, the power determines the heating time of the water and the total duration of the infusion . With high power ( greater than 1000W ), the duration will be reduced.

We hope this buying guide will help you choose the right teapot .

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