May 22, 2022
How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner?

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner? The bagless vacuum needs to be cleaned properly. If you do not clean it regularly, the airflow will decrease and your cleaner won’t work as well. To maintain a good quality of air in your house, make sure that the canister is always emptied whenever its halfway full. Cleaning should take about 15 minutes so find some time for this every week!

What you’ll need:

– Microfiber cloths

– Dishwashing liquid

– Scissors

– Grout brush

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner?

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

Unplug the Vacuum:

First, unplug the cord from the outlet. This is something you should never forget! If you are using a cordless vacuum, remove the battery before getting started.

Empty the Bag or Dust Cup:

The next step is to empty your canister or dust cup if you have a bagless vacuum. Some models have a hose that helps in removing dirt inside it too. Remove all parts of your house cleaner carefully and set them on the floor beside you so you don’t lose any small parts later on.

Mix a Cleaning Solution:

Fill some water into a bowl and add dishwashing liquid to it. Stir well until they combine completely to form a sudsy mixture, then get a washcloth ready.

Wash the Dust Bin or Cup:

Once you have emptied your canister, place it in the sudsy mixture all around to clean it thoroughly. This will remove dirt and particles that keep on clogging the motor of your cleaner. You don’t want this to happen because it might damage your cleaner beyond repair!

Do not let wet parts sit for long as they might affect the electrical connections inside your vacuum cleaner if left wet too long.

Clean or Replace Filters:

The next step is to clean out or replace filters which are found either in the canister itself or somewhere else in the body of house cleaner. You can find filters which should be removed from time to time.

Wipe Down the Vacuum Housing:

After you have removed filters, wipe down all parts of your cleaner housing to remove any dirt and debris that might be stuck in any crevice or corner. You should start with the bottom first and work your way up until you get to top part of it. There are some models which need a bit more attention at certain areas but as long as you follow cleaning instructions provided by manufacturer, you shouldn’t really worry about much else.

Detangle the Beater Bar and Inspect Motor Belt:

Detangling the beater bar is necessary since this part crushes anything in its path and if it has too many strands wrapped around it, will not function properly anymore thus requiring replacement of parts. When you have detached the beater bar, rotate it and inspect your motor belt to see if there are any cracks or broken pieces on it.

Clean the Hose and Attachments:

After you have disconnected hose from cleaner, this is when you should wash it out thoroughly as well as all attachments for best results. You might need to replace certain clips that hold the hose in place so make sure you test them first before allowing them back into working order.

Reassemble Vacuum:

Before reassembling your vacuum, run some tests by plugging your cleaner back in and then turning it on for a couple seconds while pointing nozzle at floor just to check if everything is working properly.

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