June 30, 2022
How To Clean Headphones

How To Clean Headphones

Headphones are our daily companions so that we can listen to our favorite music everywhere. To ensure that they always deliver the same performance over the long term, they must be treated with care and cleaned from time to time. A topic that seems complicated, especially with in-ear headphones, and where there is a little perspective. But it is not difficult to clean headphones and other models. How to do it right? – You can find the answer here.

Where does the pollution come from?

Soiling affects every headphone first of all, but in-ear headphones in particular are extremely susceptible to all kinds of dirt. Ear wax occurs naturally, as does bacteria and other dirt in general. With over-the-ear headphones, there is less ear wax, but sweat, especially in summer.

After a long period of use without cleaning, headphones look like a real spinner. And the result is not only that they become unhygienic as a result, but also that wearing comfort and sound quality can be restricted. In the worst case, the in-ear headphones even stop working completely. This is exactly why it is important to clean the headphones from time to time.

What’s the best way to do it with different headphones?

Cleaning requirements for different types of headphones

Especially with expensive and high-quality headphones, it is extremely annoying when they break or sound worse due to pollution. When it comes to cleaning, there are roughly the same requirements for every type of headphone . In any case, do not use running water near the technology and do not use aggressive chemicals, as these can damage the materials. So both are extremely counterproductive. This applies to all construction methods and even to waterproof headphones . Their technique also does not tolerate if you hold them under a running tap.

A dry, clean cloth, cotton swab or toothpick, light compressed air, cold air with a blow dryer or simply blowing may be used as cleaning aids. You can use lukewarm water with or without soap if, for example, you remove the soft silicone attachment from the case of in-ear headphones and clean them without the water coming into contact with electronic components. The exact cleaning process depends on the respective design, i.e. on whether it is in-ear headphones or on / over-ear headphones (headband headphones).

Clean in-ear headphones

Because the manufacturers are also familiar with the fact that in-ear headphones can get soiled up quickly , replacement attachments are included and can also be purchased individually. But if you don’t want to buy new attachments regularly, you can simply clean the in-ear headphones carefully yourself.

To do this, you remove the essays , e.g. B. the rubber or silicone pillows without technology, which are most likely and most likely to be soiled by ear wax. These can be cleaned well with soap and water. Stubborn dirt can be easily removed with a cotton swab or toothpick. However, be careful not to damage the material. Special cleaning agents are often supplied with expensive headphones; You can of course use these without fear of material damage. The earphones themselves are then carefully cleaned with the dry cloths and without water or soap / chemicals.

A slightly damp cloth is also fine. If even the fine pores of the grid are clogged, you can try blowing away this dirt. Otherwise, light compressed air or a blow dryer on cold setting can help. If that doesn’t help either, you can stick an adhesive strip on firmly and try to pull off the dirt with the adhesive strip. If everything is clean and especially the attachments are dry after wet cleaning, you can put them back on the housing.

Cleaning in-ear headphones is not nearly as complicated as it seems. To prevent contamination , you can carefully wipe the headphones with a clean cloth after each use and remove any visible dirt directly.

It’s even easier, as the following video shows:

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Clean headphones

The cleaning of headphone headphones, regardless of whether the shell sits over the ears or on the ears, is basically the same as with in-ear headphones. In many models, the ear cups or pads can be removed and then cleaned wet. Otherwise, carefully clean the headphones with a dry or slightly damp cloth. The advantage of over-the-ear headphones is that there is no such thing as ear wax, which is a major dirt factor.

In-ear headphones come in direct contact with the ear, ear-head headphones not or hardly at all. They are therefore generally easier to clean; Soap and water are usually not necessary. If you can remove the ear cups or at least the cushions and clean them wet, they must be completely dry, as with the in-ear attachments, before they can be reattached to the bracket with the technology. As already mentioned, this point also applies to waterproof headphones . With headband headphones, you should also pay attention to the cleaning instructions in the instructions for use, because they can sometimes be a bit unique.

Conclusion: cleaning tips at a glance

  • The cleaning of headphones and in-ear headphones is similar.
  • In-ear models are more often contaminated with wax, which is why the attachments are dampened and cleaned with cleaning agents.
  • The electronics should generally not come into contact with water.
  • With these tips, you can easily clean your headphones. What experiences have you had and what tips do you have yourself? – Tell us in the comments.

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