May 22, 2022
How to Connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS4, PC or TV

How to Connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS4, PC or TV

Happy wirelessly: you’ve bought Bluetooth headphones and now want to connect them to your TV, PC, PS4, and Co.? You can find out how to pair the gadget with the devices in this guide.

How to Connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS4

Gambling without distraction – this not only benefits hot online battles. Especially since you can still crank it up with headphones when your partner is slumbering next to you. A note in advance: Apparently, the connection with the PS4 only works with headphone models that have been specially designed to work with the console.

To connect your PS4 compatible Bluetooth headphones to the console:

  1. Turn on the PS4 and open Settings.
  2. Select Devices> Bluetooth Devices in the menu.
  3. Now press the pairing button on your Bluetooth headphones. After a few seconds, a corresponding entry should appear in the Bluetooth device menu on the screen.
  4. Select the entry and confirm it with the controller.
  5. If too many Bluetooth devices are already connected to your PlayStation 4, you must first remove an entry. To do that, select the device you want and press the options button on the pad. With Forgot device you delete the link to the device. If you still cannot connect to your Bluetooth headphones after this, it is probably an incompatible model.

Tip: Alternatively, in this case, you can also use the jack connection on the wireless PS4 pads to connect wired headphones to the controller. So you can at least play “semi wireless”.

Quickly connected, if necessary via detours

The first connection of Bluetooth headphones takes longer than simply plugging in a cable, but only needs to be done the first time. Every time after that, it means: switch on, put on, enjoy the sound. While a PC often requires additional hardware, the PS4 supports wireless sound transmission as standard – but does not work with all headphone models. Smart TVs, on the other hand, do not automatically support Bluetooth just because they are smart TVs. A Bluetooth transmitter helps here, however. So whether you are gambling, working or watching TV – your Bluetooth headphones can be used almost anywhere if you know how to connect them correctly.

Connect bluetooth speaker to TV

Bluetooth speakers are subject to the same restrictions as Bluetooth headphones: If the smart TV does not support the necessary transmission protocol for Bluetooth audio, the speakers remain silent. A Bluetooth transmitter can help here too.

How to Connect Bluetooth headphones to a PC

A note at the outset: Bluetooth headphones usually require a reasonably current Bluetooth version . If you are still using a Bluetooth adapter that is several years old for your PC and you simply cannot establish a connection, then it is probably due to the outdated hardware. Check which Bluetooth version your headphones require and buy a new adapter if necessary.

To connect your Bluetooth headphones to the PC, first turn on Bluetooth on your computer. In Windows 10 it works as follows:

  1. Click on the notification icon in the form of a speech bubble at the bottom right of the system tray.
  2. If you use a USB dongle for Bluetooth use, depending on the hardware there is already a button here to activate Bluetooth with one click without detours. Otherwise, the right to click on the gear icon at the bottom of all the settings to open.
  3. Open the Settings menu appliances.
  4. At the top of the entry should Bluetooth and other devices are, including an icon with a plus sign with the words “Bluetooth or another device Add”.
  5. Underneath, there should be a switch with which Bluetooth can be switched on and off – activate it. If no such switch appears here, the PC probably does not recognize your Bluetooth dongle or your Bluetooth module. In that case, check whether everything is plugged in and/or configured correctly.

Now it is necessary to pair the Bluetooth headphones with the PC:

  1. In the Bluetooth and other devices menu, click the plus sign icon.
  2. In a new window, Windows will ask what kind of device you want to add. Select Bluetooth.
  3. When Windows 10 says it is searching for devices, press the pairing button on your headphones. That is at least usually necessary. You can find more details in the operating instructions for your headphones.
  4. It can take a few seconds for the connection to be established. If successful, the headphones appear in the device list. Click on it and the connection is complete.
  5. You can now use the headphones as you wish. Your PC should find them automatically from now on, so that a new pairing process is no longer necessary the next time you want to use your Bluetooth headphones on your PC.

Binge watching without cables: connect Bluetooth headphones to the television
Smart TVs can usually be easily connected to Bluetooth headphones. Via streaming boxes or special adapters, you can also use wireless headphones while watching TV on normal TV sets. You will find out what options are available below.

How to Connect Bluetooth headphones to TV

Ideally, you will have a smart TV that allows you to connect to Bluetooth headphones from home. However, not every bluetooth-enabled television is automatically compatible with wireless headphones: some models only support an outdated transmission protocol and can only receive data but not send it. You can usually find out which Bluetooth version your TV has in the manual.

How the connection of a smart TV with Bluetooth headphones works, you will find out below using a Samsung device. The process usually works similarly for models from other manufacturers. You can find more information in the operating instructions.

  1. Press the Home button on the remote control and select the print settings.
  2. Navigate to the Sound submenu.
  3. Here you switch among audio output, the audio output device. β€œTV Speakers” is selected here by default. Instead, select Bluetooth audio.
  4. Now press the pairing button on your headphones. After a few seconds, a message should appear on the TV that the headphones have been recognized.
  5. The TV set now asks you to confirm the connection, which you accept by pressing a button on the remote control.
  6. After a few seconds, the connection should be established and you can use your Bluetooth headphones with Smart TV.
  7. Bluetooth transmitter makes every television Bluetooth compatible

If your television doesn’t have Bluetooth, there is still a solution: Bluetooth transmitters. This is usually a handy adapter that you plug into the audio output of your television and that transmits the audio signal wirelessly. Bluetooth transmitters cost an average of 20 to 30 euros, so the acquisition costs are kept within limits. Tip: When buying, pay attention to low latency times, otherwise the sound may be delayed, which can be annoying even after a split second.

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