November 28, 2021
How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

Did you get new headphones for your birthday that offer great sound and now want to connect them to your Xbox One? We’ll show you how to connect your console to wireless headphones – and what restrictions there are.

There are many different types of Bluetooth headphones. Some offer an integrated microphone for your in-game chat, while others shine with their special sound and special gaming look. Unfortunately, not all headsets are compatible with every console. In addition, the Xbox One itself does not have an integrated Bluetooth module, which makes the connection even more difficult. You can find out here how you can still connect the devices (in most cases).

Here: How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

First of all: A direct connection of Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One is not possible. You have to take a detour via your controller.

To connect the headphones or your headset to the controller, connect the 3.5 millimeter audio plug directly to the gamepad. The connection is circular and you can find it on the underside of the controller, on the left under the control pad.

However, this variant only works with devices manufactured after 2015. For everyone else, you’ll need an Xbox One headset stereo adapter. You connect this to the USB input of your controller, which is located on the bottom. Your advantage is that you can use the adapter to regulate the ratio of the volume of the game to the volume of any microphone. You can also adjust the overall volume of the headphones and turn off the microphone.

In the case of headsets that are not offered by Microsoft, however, it may be that they do not work or not as desired.

A potentially awkward way to use wireless headphones with the Xbox One despite everything is through a Bluetooth adapter. These are often also for car radios without Bluetooth module used. Insert the 3.5 millimeter jack plug into the controller and fasten the Bluetooth module in a suitable manner so that it does not hang down from the controller. Alternatively, you can use such an adapter with your home hi-fi system. You have to decide for yourself whether the additional device and its occasional charging bothers you. In most cases, however, the microphone function is left out.

There are also special USB Bluetooth adapters for the Xbox One, but they are quite bulky and also usually do not offer a headset microphone function.


Connect headphones and headsets to Xbox One

  • Note: A direct connection of your Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox One is not possible without detours.
  • On the bottom of your controller is a circular connector for your headphones
  • Alternatively, first, plug your adapter into the USB port and then the jack cable.
  • Another option is to use a Bluetooth adapter with a battery and connect it to the controller.

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