May 22, 2022
How To Empty Roomba Vacuum

How To Empty Roomba Vacuum?

So How To Empty Roomba Vacuum bin? And how would you know that it is time to do so? This article will teach you.

When your robot vacuum gets full, or after every cleaning cycle, a red light on top of its dustbin turns on and tells us when we need to clean out for more efficient use.

How To Empty Roomba Vacuum?

1. Unplug Roomba vacuum:

This is the first step in emptying the bin.

2. Remove the dust bin and filter:

After unplugging, you need to remove every part of the Roomba that collects dirt and pet hair, including its filter . To access it, simply press down on the bottom of each side and lift off.

3. Empty out the dust bin and filter:

After removing the top, you will find a plastic cone-shaped contraption. This is the dust bin. Open it up to empty out everything inside of it.

4. Rinse out filter in sink with water:

Use your faucet or any other source of running water to rinse off the filter . You may see some dirt come out as well. If so, that’s great! That means that this part of the process is working beautifully, and your Roomba can now run more efficiently when it isn’t clogged up with pet hair and debris.

5. Replace the filter back onto base of dustbin:

Place the filter on top of the dust bin. Press down on each side to make sure it is secure and won’t fall off easily.

6. Plug Roomba vacuum back in:

Once you have completed all of these steps, plug your robot back in to resume vacuuming! Remember that you may still need to empty it out throughout the day or after a cleaning cycle, so just pay attention to the red light that appears when needed and respond accordingly.

That’s how you clean out your Roomba vacuum! Now that we know how it works, let’s get right into using our robot friend for better housekeeping efficiency. Happy cleaning!

When To Empty The Roomba Bin?

  1. After every cleaning cycle
  2. When the red light shows up on the top of the Roomba’s dustbin
  3. Every time your bin is full
  4. Once a month, whether it needs it or not
  5. Never, because I like my house this way!

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