May 22, 2022
How To Get Roomba To Clean Whole House

How To Get Roomba To Clean Whole House?

How To Get Roomba To Clean Whole House? A lot of people already own a robot vacuum cleaner in their homes. These robots are supposed to help keep your floors nice and clean without you having to do any work yourself. However, most people find that their robot isn’t quite up to the task. It does an okay job here and there but it never seems like your floor is completely cleaned; especially if you have pets or kids who make a mess. If this sounds like something that’s happening in your house, then we know how you feel because we’ve been there too! There are some easy things that you can do at home to make sure your robot is able to do a good job for you.

How To Get Roomba To Clean Whole House?

Remove Clutter

The first thing that you should remember is to remove any clutter from your floor. This includes anything with wheels, small objects, toys, etc. These things are dangerous because they can set off the sensors on your robot and cause it to bump into furniture or just stop working completely. A lot of the time these robots will come back online if you power cycle them so give it a shot before beating yourself up about having brand new floors only to have them trashed by your robot.

Stairs and Permanent Floor Items

Some models include stair detection sensors but they’re not very accurate. If you have stairs in your home then you need to make sure anything on them at all times is safe. Items like dish racks, pet food bowls, magazines, etc. should be moved out of the way because they’re likely to get in your robot’s way and cause problems down the line.

Tidy up the Wires

One of our favorite tricks for getting any new electronics appliance to work better is to tidy up the wires around it if possible. It’s no secret that messes can affect how well something works so if you want your robot vacuum cleaner to do a good job then make sure you move any wires or cords away from where it will be operating. This includes things like power strips with electrical cables plugged into them, phones jack lines, chargers, etc. Also make sure you clean the wires up as best as possible because they’ll likely be clogging up your robot’s sensors if they’re crisscrossed over one another.

Virtual Wall Sensors

Most of these robots will come with at least one virtual wall piece which is used to block off certain areas that you don’t want it to go into. There are three types which include magnetic strips, infrared blockers and barriers that emit high-pitched sounds. These are all effective for keeping your robot away from some areas so if needed, use them! But keep in mind that none of them last forever so you might need to replace or change them out periodically.

Remove Water Threats

There are a lot of things that can be dangerous to your robot when it comes into contact with water. One of the biggest problems you can have is if your machine runs over too much water because this will likely cause it to short out and stop working completely. If this happens then you should keep trying to power cycle it until you’re able to get it back online again. Also make sure there aren’t any water sources in areas where your robot is going to pass by regularly, because these could potentially cause damage over time as well. Some robots will come with an extra wire specifically for keeping them safe in wet situations but if not then just go for a cheap extension cord instead.

Leave the Lights on

If you want your robot to do a good job then make sure that it has as much light as possible. This includes turning on any lights near where it will be working and leaving the main room lights on as well. It’s not exactly clear why these robots need this extra lighting but we’ve noticed they work better when there is more of it available for them to use their sensors with. Luckily though, most newer models include smart technology which allows them to turn off certain areas of their own accord so they can save battery!

Types of Robots: Domobots, Entertainment Robots, Care and Chore Robots

This article doesn’t really go into detail about different types of robots, but it does mention that there are different types of them. More information about the types of robots would be useful here.


These are the most widely used robots as they include all of the biggest brands like Roomba, Neato, and iRobot. They’re used mostly for cleaning purposes but some have been made to do other things as well such as monitor homes while owners are away on vacation or even provide a home assistant function with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa.

Entertainment Robots:

A lot of people think that entertainment robots were going to be a big thing after seeing movies like Wall-E but the truth is that they haven’t managed to gain much traction outside of Japan where there are tons of them designed to mimic celebrities and even mimic ways of talking using AI technology. It would make more sense if these robots could actually help out with day to day tasks but these are still pretty new and it might take a while before people get sick of seeing the same old things over and over again.

Care and Chore Robots:

These robots are slowly becoming more common as the prices for making them goes down, but even then they’re not exactly cheap to have in your home. These include things like smart toilet seats which can raise or lower themselves so you don’t have to touch anything when getting washed or going #2, robot vacuums which automatically clean your floors without any effort on your part, and even larger care robots that help with elderly members of the family who might be suffering from certain ailments that affect their daily lives.

How Does the Roomba work?

The article doesn’t really give a full explanation about how the Roomba works, but it does mention that there are virtual wall sensors. Additional information regarding the Roomba would be useful here. The article also goes on to say that keeping lights on makes a difference in how well a robot can navigate around your house.


This article gives an overview of what you should do to make sure your robot is clean and working properly. It’s good if you’re looking for general advice on how to get the most out of your robo-vacuum cleaner, but if you’re looking for more specifics then you might want to look up other articles just so that your knowledge isn’t limited by this one particular source.

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