May 22, 2022
How to Make Ear Muffs

How to Make Ear Muffs?

How to Make Ear Muffs? Ladies in colder climates want something stylish, cozy and warm for their ears. The earmuffs are the perfect accessory that all women need during winter. There are times when you don’t have enough time because of your busy schedule to go out looking for one.

And since it’s cold outside, you will need something that can keep your ears warm. The good news is that even if the earmuffs are hard to find and expensive, making them would be a piece of cake. With this guide, you can create your own pair of ear muffs without any problem at all.

How to Make Ear Muffs

1. Trace around a cup to get the ideal shape for your faux fur ear muff.

First, you need to trace around a cup in order to get the right shape for your faux fur ear muff. Make sure that the overall size is not too big nor too small. You don’t want it fitting on your head as well as it should fit over your ears.

2. Cut faux fur with fabric scissors.

Then, you need to cut your faux fur with the fabric scissors in order to create a puffy ball of fur that will look like an ear muff. Don’t forget that this step’s importance can’t be stressed enough since creating a puffy ball of faux fur is very essential in making these muffs look really nice and real when done properly. Make sure that you are able to cut all layers neatly because you don’t want the edges of your faux fur to have cuts.

3. Use fabric glue to seal ear muffs.

Furthermore, you need to use fabric glue in order for you to create faux fur ear muffs that will keep its shape and softness after washing it. It’s best if you create a puffy ball first before sealing the faux fur into one so that it can stay fluffy even after drying up. Be careful not to make the layers too thick because it might be hard brushing out excess glue from them.

This step is important so plan accordingly when working on this project since getting the perfect pair of soft and fluffy earmuffs is what every women wants during wintertime especially if they have sensitive ears or those with allergies.

4. Glue popsicle stick onto the end of your headband.

After cutting and sealing your faux fur, you need to glue a popsicle stick onto the end of a headband in order for this project’s pop-up ear muffs looks really good when worn properly.

The idea here is to create a soft touch that will feel comfortable on sensitive ears even if it is made out of plastic or wood (popsicle sticks). You can use hot glue as well because they are both effective when working with materials other than fabric or paper.

Make sure that you carefully measure where to place the popscile stick so that it’d be positioned right above your earlobes and not too low since if it does, it might ruin your overall style when worn properly.

5. Add one more layer of faux fur to cover your glue.

Finally, you need to add another layer of faux fur in order for the ear muffs look neater and well-made even if the edges are exposed from wearing it out too much or washing them off regularly. The extra layer will also keep its freshly bought look even if you use a pasta machine to make them fluffy regularly.

Remember that proper maintenance is very important since these faux fur ear muffs cost money so take good care of them all the time especially when wearing them often during cold weathers especially around February, March or even April because these months can be very cold at night with winds blowing towards you and turning your hair.

6. Sandwich the headband between those two layers.

Then, you need to sandwich the headband (the base frame) between those two layers of faux fur in order for it to hold its shape properly and tightly when worn on your ears.

You can use a strong fabric glue for this part or even sew them together so that they will not separate again later on after washing them off regularly and trying hard to maintain their original look.

You should be able to wear these ear muffs twice before needing another re-glueing because of how fluffy they make it look like if you are careful with each step from start to finish including measuring out everything.

Lastly, don’t forget that preparation is very important since creating an ear muff that can be used and worn multiple times will cost you more money in the end if everything is prepared properly. It’s best to prepare everything on time so that it won’t take too long for you to finish this project whenever you are available during your free time.

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