May 22, 2022
How To Take Apart A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

How To Take Apart A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

How To Take Apart A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner? A Dirt Devil upright broom-type vacuum cleaner can become clogged with dirt over the course of its lifetime, which restricts its ability to gather in dirt. To clean it out and remove any contaminants that have gotten stuck inside, disassemble the machine from top down using only common household tools. The procedure is straightforward but involved; be sure not to skip a step or you could break your brush roller!

Steps on How To Take Apart A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

How To Take Apart A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1: Remove the Power Brick or External Battery:

Remove the battery or electric plug from the socket. If you are using an external battery pack, remove it.

Step 2: Lay the Dirt Devil on the Floor:

Lay your vacuum cleaner on its back and place a towel over it to protect against scratches.

Step 3: Detach the Handle:

Using a flathead screwdriver, push the release button at the center of the vacuum handle and pull it away from the machine.

Step 4: Unscrew the Sections:

On either side of where you removed your handle, there are two screws that hold on each section of your Dirt Devil. Use a Phillips screwdriver and remove these two screws on both sides to take off each section.

Step 5: Release the Dirt Cup or Canister:

On your vacuum, there is a release button located on the dirt cup or canister. Use this to detach the cup and set it aside.

Step 6: Remove the Screws of the Brush:

In front of where you removed your handle, you will see a brush roller. This is held in place by three screws that you must remove using a Phillips screwdriver. The head of the brush will also pull off, allowing you to clean it and any debris out from underneath it.

Step 7: Remove the Metal Plate:

Reset your vacuum cleaner upright so that it looks like what it did before you took it apart. You should still see a brush roller on your machine, but this time, there will be a metal plate behind it and above the dirt cup or canister. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove all of the screws that hold this in place, then pull up on the center to remove the plate.

Step 8: Remove the Brush Head for Cleaning:

Your brush now exposed, use pliers to unscrew its head from its base. Using water and mild soap, wash down the brush and rinse off any debris that has collected on it. Allow it to air dry completely before putting everything back together again. Once complete, reassemble your Dirt Devil by reversing these steps!

Are Dirt Devil Vacuums Easy to Maintain?


Since the dirt cup has been removed, be careful not to get any foreign objects inside.


Your filter is located underneath the metal plate you removed at step 7 and above your dirt cup or canister. It slides into place, so simply remove it and wash in warm water mixed with mild dish soap; rinse off any debris that may have collected on it before drying completely and putting back where it came from.


Clean out all of the visible brush rollers and roller brushes by hand washing them thoroughly with water and soap, then rinsing off any debris that may have collected. Allow them to dry completely before reassembling your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

Motor Brushes:

The brushes at the base of your motor are turned by a belt that must be removed and cleaned in place. This is a very involved process, so it’s best left to an authorized service professional unless you’re confident in your ability to do this yourself. If you have any questions about this, refer back to the manual for your vacuum cleaner or contact Dirt Devil directly.

Vacuum Head:

There are no components of this section on which dirt and debris will accumulate so there aren’t any parts that need special attention before reassembly! Simply set everything back where it came from and put each screw back into its proper place using a Phillips head screwdriver until they are all tightened.

Related Questions of How To Take Apart A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

Which is Vacuum Brand is Better: Dirt Devil or Bissell?

When it comes to choosing between Dirt Devil and Bissell, the most important factor is suction power. Although Dirt Devil has smaller bag capacity compared to Bissell models, they have better offerings regarding portability because of their lighter weight.

Why Won’t My Dirt Devil Vacuum Pick Up Anything?

There are many reasons why your vacuum cleaner won’t pick up dirt and debris. One thing you should ensure is that the filters are not clogged before trying anything else to see if it will help improve suction power. Usually, this is the case when there’s a lot of dust in the air or if you just purchased a used vacuum cleaner with pet hair inside of it which is sticky and thick enough to cause problems with the airflow. You can change out your filter for new one using the guide above.

What is the Best Handheld Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner?

The best handheld Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners have either cordless operation or are operated through a cord with an automatic cord rewind function. This will prevent you from having to manually wind the cord each time which is very useful when it comes to cleaning certain types of hard-to-reach areas.

How do you disassemble a Dirt Devil upright vacuum?

There are many things that can happen if your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner won’t turn on or seems like it’s broken in some way, but no matter what the case may be, always start by checking the power supply to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the electrical components inside – this includes all cords and wall outlets. If everything looks good, check all of the filters located at different sections throughout your machine using our guide above before proceeding with additional troubleshooting.

How do you unclog a Dirt Devil vacuum?

When it comes to unclogging your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, the best method is to remove the hose and then detach any other removable parts such as the sleeve or filters which are present when this problem arises. After that, try blowing air straight into each opening at full speed in order to dislodge any clogs that may be stuck inside of them. This will make it easier for dirt and debris to escape through the suction power of your machine instead of coming out sideways through an opening somewhere else making it less effective overall. If none of these tips work, you’ll have no choice but to consult with an authorized repair professional who can fix any damage that’s been done to your dirt devil.

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