October 22, 2021
How to use Earbud Mic on Pc

How to use Earbud Mic on Pc

Do you want to know how to use earbud mic on pc? If so, this blog post is for you. It will tell you all about the basics of using a microphone with an earbud and the different types of microphones that exist. Read on if interested!

We’ll start by looking at what type of microphone best suits your needs as an individual or business owner. Then we’ll go through some examples of specific types of microphones before discussing how to choose wirelessly connected headphones and then wrap up with a look at some common uses for both wired and wireless mics in general. Let’s get started!

1. What is an earbud mic

The most common microphone that comes with computer nowadays is the headphone or earphone set which has a built-in microphone. The sound from your game or music will go into the speakers and then to your ears, while at the same time, sound picked up by the microphone will be converted to electrical impulse, which can then be sent over a wireless connection to other devices, such as headsets or PCs.

In some cases though, there are people who don’t want to use their headphones all of the time because they feel it’s very uncomfortable after using it for long periods of time or they just want something more convenient. And so they try out an alternative: An earbud mic . You can attach the earbud mic onto your shirt, or tie it. It’s great because it hands free and is very convenient to use.

2. How to use the earbud mic on pc .

To be able to use an earbud microphone with your computer, you need these two things: an audio jack (the female one) and a USB port (the male one). And so all you have to do is plug in the headphone wire into the audio jack, then connect another end of that wire into your computer via its USB port. Make sure though that when connecting them together, they must go in this particular order: Audio Jack-Earphone Wire> USB Port > Computer. After that’s done, just plug your headset (which has the earbud mic attached) to a working USB port, and then start using it.

You can use an earbud microphone as often as you like, as long as the battery of your earphone-headset is fully charged. An average earbud mic usually comes with 2 hours talk time. So keep in mind that when the juice runs out, just charge it up again. That’s all there is to using an earbud mic on pc ! And now let us proceed to the more interesting part: Benefits of using the earbud mic .

3. Benefits of using the earbud mic

One great thing about an ear bud microphone is that it’s hands free . So if you’re busy typing or doing something else on your computer, you don’t have to worry about holding the mic and having it get in the way. And since an earbud microphone is attached to your shirt, typing won’t be a problem either because they are not close to the keyboard (unless you’re sitting right up next to your PC). Another benefit of using an earbud mic is that it’s very convenient and small, which means it can fit anywhere (especially when compared with standard microphones). For example, if you want to record yourself during online tutorials/classes while working at home but doesn’t want too many people overhearing or seeing what exactly you do on your computer screen (for fear of being copied), an earbud mic is the perfect solution. And of course, it’s very portable too so you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

And the last but not least benefit we’ll be talking about today is that it comes at a reasonable price . Yes, compared to microphones from standard brands like Sony and JBL, an earbud mic may look cheap and even flimsy. But believe us when we say that they’re actually great for what they are and does the job really well! So if you’re on a tight budget but still want to have a quality microphone that will help improve your sound quality when recording or doing online tutorials/classes, just get yourself one of these babies and don’t worry about spending too much.

4. Drawbacks of using the earbud mic

The drawbacks of an earbud microphone are that it doesn’t sound as good as a standard microphone and comes with low-quality accessories. While using one, you’ll probably notice that even though the recording is clearer than your built-in microphone on your PC (which was initially meant to only pick up sounds from in front of your computer), there’s still some background noise which can get annoying sometimes. And so buying a more expensive version of this mic will improve its quality greatly! Another thing you have to remember when buying one of these babies is not to expect too much from them . What do we mean by this? Well let us explain: You see, since the earbud mic is attached to the earphone wire on your shirt, it can pick up sound that comes from behind you. And this might include unwanted noise (like people talking or vehicles driving by). So what we’re saying is that if you don’t want any extra background sounds when recording yourself or doing tutorials/classes online using a computer microphone attached to your shirt, try using a pop filter instead. Pop filters are usually made of metal netting and placed right in front of the mic’s mouthpiece. This way, not only will your voice come out clearly but also prevent pops and other annoying noises too!

5. Types of microphones available for PC users

Earbud Microphone – As mentioned above, these types of mics are very small and usually comes with 2 hours talk time. Another thing to note is that you don’t need any batteries to use one of these babies, which means more convenience for you! You just plug it into your shirt’s earphone jack, place the mic right in front of your mouth , adjust your settings (like “mic boost” or compressing), and then start recording yourself – voila! In our opinion though, using an earbud microphone as a pc microphone might not be the best option since if your PC has built-in noise cancellation software and/or third party software like Skype , this feature will probably take care of most unwanted background noises for you by itself without having to do anything else. So unless you’re looking for something really small and compact to use during personal recording or tutorials/classes on the go (especially if you’re a travelling English teacher looking for something that’s smaller than your laptop), we think it might be better to save up a little more money and get either a lavalier mic or an omnidirectional microphone instead.

Lav Mic – As with earbud mics, a lav mic is also very convenient due to its small size , which means it can fit under shirts easily without anyone noticing it! And of course, just like the earbud mic above, there are no batteries needed so this too is another great feature in our book for this type of microphones. Another thing that sets it apart from the earbud mic is that you can also use a lav microphone with a video camera or camcorder and not only computers! This makes it very popular among many professional film crews which usually have to record interviews, etc. on the go. But if you’re looking for something more portable than a standard laptop keyboard/mouse plus a tripod (which can be quite cumbersome sometimes), this might be just what you’re looking for. And as always, when using one of these babies, make sure to adjust your sound settings via your computer (which will also help get rid of popping noises) before starting the recording process.

Omnidirectional Microphone – As we mentioned above, this is the most popular types of microphones as they’re very versatile and portable. In fact, it’s also one of our favorites too! This type of mic might be more costly than earbud mics and lavalier mics but if you’re looking for something that can do it all (like voice recognition software , filming videos with your camcorder, gaming online with an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 , etc.), definitely go for this instead! In case you didn’t know, there are two different types available for pc users: desktop omnidirectional microphone (which means its fixed in position), and a handheld omnidirectional microphone which comes with a stand/base so you can move it around whenever you want to. We recommend going for the handheld mic instead as it makes recording/recording videos a lot easier than using one of these static mics!

6. Which microphone should I get for my computer and why

The earbud mic is probably your best bet if you’re looking to buy a microphone under $100. It provides good quality audio recordings, its small and portable (which can be very useful especially when travelling), plus there’s no need for batteries or an external power source – which means more convenience for you (and better portability) as well! However, don’t expect to use this type of mic for anything other than voice recognition software, in-game communication during gameplay , etc., because these types of mics are not made with other uses in mind like lavalier mics or omnidirectional microphones. Also, make sure to choose a model that comes with earbud + microphone components (as opposed to earbud-only models) since they will provide better audio quality than the ones without the mic part.

The lavalier mic is a good option if you’re looking for something small and portable but aside from being used as a pc microphone, it’s also very popular among singers/performers who need more freedom of movement when performing on stage with their band instead of having to stand/sit still like some performers do during concerts! But just like the earbud mic above, unless your computer has its own background noise cancellation software or features (which most laptops and desktops don’t come with nowadays), it won’t be enough to get rid of background noise during recordings so this also means more editing/recording needed on your part.

Of course, you can always use a standard laptop keyboard or mouse + tripod to hold your microphone in place but if you want something easier without having to carry around an extra piece of equipment (and looking like a geek at the same time!), there are models available which come with their own desktop mic stand as well so make sure to choose one that will fit your needs! Also, unlike earbud mics or lav microphones which are made for general use like computer gaming, voice recognition software , recording sound files, etc., these types of microphones are more made for recording instruments alone (like piano, guitar, etc.). They’re a lot bigger in size (compared to earbud or lav mics) and are not very portable either!

7. Earbud Mic VS Lavalier Mic… Which One Should You Choose?

Just like we mentioned above, the lavalier mic is better than the earbud mic if you’re looking for something more versatile! Of course, it will have its drawbacks as well like needing an external power source but at least it has a wider range of uses compared to what you can do with a simple set of earphones/earbuds. But if you just want something small that’s good enough for recording voice recognition software, in-game communication, or even for recording your own voice alone during a solo gig, the earbud mic is definitely your best bet since it’s much cheaper compared to other models and it’s also more portable (as opposed to bigger mics like lavalier mics) which makes this type of mic perfect for musicians who are always on the go.

8. Final Words…

As you can see, having good quality recordings has never been easier with electronic devices these days so if you don’t want to spend $100+ for a laptop/desktop that comes with its own built-in microphone, getting one of the 4 available types mentioned above will definitely do the job! And as usual, make sure to read some customer reviews before you actually buy one so you’ll know which brand to choose and why! Good luck!

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