May 22, 2022
How To Use Vacuum Cleaner

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner?

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner? In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine life without a vacuum cleaner. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your home or apartment – heck even if you just want something simple that’ll help with the messes around your house during cleaning season then having one of these little guys is crucial. The older models were really expensive but newer technologies make them lighter weight and cheaper! Everyone should own at least one good vacuum because they’re so convenient for every day use.

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner?

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum to the rescue:

Are you in the middle of a project and there are tiny specs of debris all over your floor? Just pick up your trusty vacuum cleaner and go to work. It will suck up everything from hair, crumbs, bits of styrofoam or any other type of mess.

Make your home smell amazing:

The next time you’re cooking something with garlic or onions in it – don’t bother picking up the phone and calling for takeout. Simply eat what you cooked at home, clean up after yourself (with a little help from your trusty vacuum) and leave the house smelling like a million bucks! Let’s be honest nobody wants their entire apartment to reek like garlic days on end. Your neighbors will thank you for using a vacuum.

Get rid of fleas:

You don’t have to read too many articles on the web before you come across one where people recommend vacuuming your rugs as an effective way to kill fleas and ticks. It probably won’t get rid of all the little buggers but it sure will help immensely! If you’re looking for a quick fix that’ll get rid of some pesky pests, try this out. You might be surprised with how well it works so give it a shot next time you run into any unwanted house guests!

Keep allergens out of your home:

Many people know that vacuuming can suck up pet hair and dirt from carpets but did you know that it’s also an effective way to rid your home of dust and other allergens? When you go about doing normal housework, open up the windows and let fresh air in. Even after a few hours, the particles will settle from the wind outside so by turning on a vacuum before you leave for work or go to sleep – you can ensure that when you come back or wake up, your place is nice and clean!

Catch crumbs:

Let’s say that during your lunch break at work instead of going out somewhere with coworkers like usual – you stay behind and decide to eat right at your desk. At the end of this lovely meal there are little bits bread (and whatever else) all over your keyboard and the small table where you eat.

Instead of using a piece of paper towel to wipe up after yourself, switch on your trusty vacuum and suck up all those bits in no time flat! Plus, this works even better than paper towels as it ensures every little speck is gone for good. No more coming back from lunch to find that crumbs are everywhere again!

Ice out carpet dents:

During winter when the weather gets colder, sometimes people get ice dents on their carpets or rugs because they don’t want to walk across them without shoes on (so as not to slip). Here’s how you fix this problem quickly – all you need to do is set your vacuum cleaner close to the dents and then turn it on. The hot air will rise into the carpet and melt away all of that ice right before your eyes!

Clear your washing machine’s lint filter:

It doesn’t matter if you do laundry in a big place or a small apartment as soon as you start using the machines, there’s going to be some lint that builds up in the drain area. The problem is that when this gets stuck over time – it can clog up your drainage system and cause water damage to your home (and perhaps even flooding). With your trusty vacuum cleaner, go ahead and suck out every speck of fluff or fuzz from where it has built up inside washing machine’s drain hose. It’s an easy way to save your home from flooding and repair any damage done.

Deodorize a smelly cushion:

Let’s say that you have an old cushion or two that starts to smell for whatever reason (maybe the cat had a fight with it?). Well instead of throwing out the cushion – think about using your vacuum cleaner to suck away all of that bad odor! It works great so if you’re looking for tips you can use at home today, give this one a go. You might be surprised!

Clean kitchen appliances:

The next time you’re cooking dinner and accidentally burn something on the stove don’t worry about scrubbing off those stubborn stains with a sponge. Just pop on some gloves and head over to the kitchen sink to grab your vacuum cleaner instead! All you have to do is put it close to the dirty spot and then turn it on. See how quickly all those bad stains come off?

Clean a crumby keyboard:

This one will make you feel like a complete slob… but if you’ve worked at a computer desk for hours on end, chances are that there’s some bits of food or crumbs stuck in between the keys on your trusty keyboard. Well, instead of attempting to carefully pick them out or hunt down an expert just chuck on some gloves and use your vacuum cleaner instead! If you don’t want anyone seeing that this happened (and they would be right not too), do it during your lunch break or after everyone has gone home for the day.

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