May 9, 2021
The Best Gaming Headset HyperX Cloud Alpha S Reviews

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Reviews – Best Gaming Headset in 2021

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S easily rivals the best gaming headsets out there. With a great design and good drivers that are almost identical to the HyperX Cloud Alpha, the Alpha S offers the same high level of comfort with which you can listen to music for hours without problems.

Compared to the previous model, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S Reviews offers new controls for bass adjustment, a mixer that can change the balance between game and chat sound and a virtual 7.1 surround sound that can be switched on and off.

In addition to the great wearing comfort, the powerful, crisp, rich sound convinced us in the test. Bomb explosions or bass-heavy music are the strengths of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming headset.

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The Best Gaming Headset : HyperX Cloud Alpha S Reviews

Design and comfort

The Cloud Alpha S doesn’t look much different than the original Cloud Alpha, but it’s still an attractive design. The headphones have a padded synthetic leather headband, a robust plastic housing and a steel rail that holds both ear cups together. This time HyperX has decorated the earphones with metallic blue instead of red highlights.
On the left auricle, there is a connector for a detachable microphone and a connector for a detachable 3.5 mm audio cable. Each auricle also has a slider for the bass setting, a small button that can be moved to three settings.

The auricles can also be exchanged. There are synthetic leather and a foam set, both of which are about equally comfortable. Attaching the different ear cups are more difficult than expected, which is why it is best to stick with one set.

A new feature compared to the previous model is the USB mixer. With this you can adjust the game / chat balance, adjust the volume and switch to surround sound (the USB connection is necessary for the use of virtual surround sound, the button lights up white when it is activated). The headset plugs into the mixer via a 3.5mm jack, and the mixer connects to your PC via USB. All of the buttons on the USB mixer are large, making it almost impossible to accidentally press the wrong button.

A small problem is that the mixer hangs quite far below the headphones, so it is better to attach them to clothing beforehand so that you can make your desired setting more quickly.

The first thing that caught my eye with the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is how light the headset feels. The headset weighs just 308 g. The Cloud Alpha S lies very lightly on your head. The headset is very gentle on your ears so that nothing stands in the way of hours of use.

The memory foam ear cushions felt cool to the touch, which is helpful for those who have hot ears during intense or long gaming sessions thanks to the breathable synthetic leather material. The headband’s memory foam reliably prevents the feeling of pressure points. It should also be mentioned positively that the aluminum frame of the ear cups and the leather headband do not allow fingerprints to be attacked.


The Cloud Alpha S uses the same 50mm neodynamic drivers as its predecessor. The 50mm size is standard for a gaming headset. They are dynamic drivers that tend to have good bass, and HyperX claims they tuned them differently for better sound. Dynamic drivers are also known to fall prey to audio distortion at high volume levels. However, we could not determine this in our test. There was no distortion in the vocals or the instruments. At low volume, all instruments were still audible.
The bass slider on the headphones, with which you can select three different bass strengths, have no great effect. We couldn’t find a really noteworthy difference.

However, enabling 7.1 surround sound instantly changed the sound. The individual audio elements sounded crisper when 7.1 virtual surround sound was switched on. The sound sounds louder and fuller. If you really want to hear every sound while playing, you have to switch on the surround sound!

The bass is warm and precise, and the much touted dual-driver design really works to cleanly separate the bass from the mids and highs. Overall, the Cloud Alpha S offers a clear tone and powerful bass.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a reliable gaming headset that builds on the sound quality of the Cloud Alpha. The headset can clearly show its strengths in the video game area. With the headphones you can of course just as easily be heard music. In particular, the impressive surround sound and a successful design that is as comfortable as it is chic make the HyperX Cloud Alpha S a clear purchase recommendation.

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