May 22, 2022
iRobot Roomba 630 reviews in 2020

🥇iRobot Roomba 630 reviews – The Best Vacuum Cleaning Robot in 2021

The ideal entry-level model into the world of robot vacuum cleaners! iRobot Roomba 630 reviews is more than a toy, but it still has small quirks. Most of its owners are satisfied with its suction power, but it shouldn’t be left alone at home at first. Nevertheless, overall a fair price-performance ratio.

iRobot Roomba 630 reviews in 2020

iRobot Roomba 630 reviews: Guide

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  • Good, appropriate suction power
  • Ideally suited for tiles, laminate, parquet and PVC
  • A Roomba 630 vacuums under most beds more thoroughly than the owner usually does with a normal vacuum cleaner
  • Flat design of 9.19 cm
  • The vacuum robot creates around 60 square meters in one and a half hours
  • Simple and intuitive usability
  • Has a “virtual wall”, by means of which it is determined in which room (area) it vacuums or which can be used to protect against computer cables
  • Don’t fall down stairs thanks to sensors
  • Bagless dirt container
  • Roomba 630 automatically returns to its charging station when it is nearby, or turns itself off when it is finished vacuuming


He can’t clean corners and niches
An iRobot Roomba 630 is not suitable for deep-pile and small, light carpets, as it either does not make it onto the carpet or simply pulls runners that are too light through the room
He also likes to get stuck on cables and cords
What he also doesn’t like are cantilever chairs / armchairs, which he also likes to get wedged into and has to be freed
Even if it is built relatively flat, despite its height it usually fails on sofas and simply does not fit underneath
Sometimes drives a bit rough against walls
There is no timer function, which means that it has to be switched on manually, but it didn’t bother most of them
Relatively loud, which is “in the ear of the listener”, because you shouldn’t forget: Even a normal vacuum cleaner rarely vacuums


  • Quick brush wear
  • With its fan, blows up dust sideways from unsuctioned areas
  • Since the robot vacuum cleaner occasionally hits objects, its own surface is easily scratched

Test report iRobot Roomba 630

If you know his quirks and remove hurdles in the apartment or house, you like him! The Roomba 630 robot vacuum cleaner is one of the entry-level models from the manufacturer iRobot. His specialty: sucking. And he fills this with good strength. In the test, even critics were satisfied with its suction power. Corners, edges and niches are not one of its strengths, but it vacuums smooth floors cleanly. The household robot, however, shows difficulties with carpets. If these are deeply woven or too light in weight, the Roomba 630 will not even make it onto the carpet on its own and it will simply pull the little runners along on its way. It gets tangled up in cables or cords. Caution is advised here! Should lamps or laptops not be pulled from the table, It is better to unplug them beforehand and simply fasten the cords and curtains higher. It is also better to place chairs on the table before vacuuming so that the robot does not get tangled up. In short: The way is clear, serves all parties.

The advantage is that the robot, with its flat design, can also make it under almost every bed, and sensors ensure that it does not fall down stairs. iRobot Roomba 630 Roomba 631 has a “Virtual Wall”, by means of which it is determined in which room (area) it vacuums and where not, this is also a plus. This model does not have a timer function and thus the possibility of pre-programming. But it hardly bothered anyone in the test. The robot is simply adjusted manually when it is needed. We were impressed by its ease of use. No time-consuming study of the operating instructions is necessary, which means that the robot vacuum cleaner will convince even less technology enthusiasts. At the beginning it is a bit irritating that he does not take coordinated paths in the apartment. He still manages his suction power and the entire room is cleaned, but in his own way. Once he has done his work, he drives back to the charging station and if he does not find it, it switches itself off. In about three hours, the Roomba 630 (Roomba 631) is ready to vacuum again for the next room.

One of its greatest weaknesses is rapid brush wear. The brushes break easily. A flaw that the manufacturer iRobot has made time and again by replacing the brushes without major obstacles.

The volume assessment is clearly individual in “the ears of the listener”. While some find the robot noisy, most agree that while it is as loud as a normal vacuum cleaner, it does not interfere with its vacuuming when the door is closed.

Overall, Roomba 630 (Roomba 631) is an entry-level model at a fair price-performance ratio, which also eliminates challenges such as pet hair. Those who have it no longer want to be without it.


iRobot Roomba 630 is easy to clean. It should be cleaned regularly so as not to lose work performance and shine. Empty the dust container as required (after approx. Two to three uses), clean the robot with a damp cloth. Clean the filter and change it if necessary. Clean the brush roller in between. Your own iRobot “cleaning tool” is included.

Tips and tricks for the Roomba 630 (Roomba 631)

  1. Make the room “robot-proof” before vacuuming. Lift up cables from lamps, laptops, etc. as well as cords from blinds and curtains so that the little robot doesn’t get caught on them.
  2. The same goes for easy runners. It is better to shake it out by hand and only put it back on the floor after cleaning the robot vacuum cleaner.
  3. Roomba 630 sucks on its own, but you should check it out every now and then.
  4. It is better to be present before the first attempts at vacuuming so that you can get to know your obstacles and, in the future, remove them before vacuuming.
  5. Since the robot stirs up dust sideways with its fan, some people have resorted to a special trick and diverted the wind – using cardboard. The robot is thus somewhat distorted but performs its work more perfectionistically.

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