March 5, 2021
Maintain your Roomba vacuum cleaner

Maintain your Roomba vacuum cleaner

Your Roomba vacuum saves you a lot of time, no more time spent walking around with your vacuum cleaner. But in order for your robot to continue working for you for a long time to come, it must be maintained.

How to Maintain your Roomba vacuum cleaner

Clean your Roomba vacuum

The first maintenance to be carried out on your robot is of course cleaning. Don’t worry, Irobot, the manufacturer, has plans to make your life here as well. There are several elements to check and clean:

  • The bin : nothing complicated, you can take it out and empty it. You can also run it under water to remove the finest dust, but let it dry well before putting it back in place.
  • The main brushes : by turning your Rommba over, you will see two small yellow tabs, by pulling on them you can access the brushes. Use the tool that came with your vacuum to clean the brushes. Don’t forget to clean the bearings as well.
  • The side brush : use a small screwdriver in.If you remove the brush, clean it before putting it back.
  • Filter : remove the filter, shake it or tap it to remove dust and any residue.
  • Front wheel : bristles and hair roll up easily here. To remove the caster, pull it out. Clean the housing as well as the axis of the caster before replacing it.
  • Load contacts and vacuum sensors : with a soft, dry cloth, clean the two load sensors on the robot as well as on the base. Also clean the openings of the vacuum sensors.

A maintenance kit for your vacuum cleaner

There are maintenance kits for all Roomba robot vacuum models. They usually contain filters, main and secondary brushes, and cleaning tools. Check the compatibility with your Roomba vacuum cleaner.

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