March 5, 2021
What is The Best Toy and Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

23 Best Toy and Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

Because it’s not always easy to find The Best Toy and Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls, we spent 10 hours researching the best of today’s best.

What is The Best Toy and Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

Best under 10$: Girl’s Book, by Andrea J. Buchanan (2008)

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Easy to understand and above all very playful, this 100% girly book is an invitation to discovery. From watercolor to gardening, including yoga, he introduces mademoiselle to 1001 activities.

Between 10 and 12 years old, education is not to be taken lightly. It is an age where we build ourselves, while seeking to define ourselves as an individual in its own right. This is why this book is presented as a must.

In addition to being easy to understand and inexpensive, it not only satisfies the curiosity of these young ladies but, in addition, it allows them to broaden their knowledge in a multitude of fields. For us, it’s flawless!

Best under 20$: The POP! by Funko

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Because yes, beyond their great play value, these figurines are especially prized for their aesthetic nature.

It is the latter that allows them to present themselves as real collector’s items in their own right, capable of bringing together the crowds. Thus, adults and adults alike will find a common interest there, and that is what attracted us!

Best under 50$: trampoline

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Originality is essential at this age. So, to stay in the theme, it is better to opt for a gift that is unmatched.

The Domyos trampoline is one of them. Compact and easy to move, it especially combines fun and sport, which can only be beneficial for growing girls. We can only join!

Toy and Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls: Under 10$

Best under 10$: Girl’s Book, by Andrea J. Buchanan (2008)

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If we repeat that curiosity is a bad thing, at this age it sometimes turns out to be a good quality. For those who are thirsty to learn, this book is a gift from the sky.

Soon, making a flashlight, playing basketball, building a cabin or making origami will become child’s play for them. That’s the case to say !

For artists: The Paper High sari diary

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Whether your little protégé uses this notebook as a diary or as a real canvas, it does not fail to make its effect thanks to its design inspired by the most beautiful Indian saris.

Respectful of the environment and from fair trade, it will host the most beautiful works, literary and / or pictorial, of mademoiselle. Hoping that she is not struck by the syndrome of the blank page …

For muggles: Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone

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As you may have noticed by now, we are people who value reading a lot. It must be said that in this connected world, it is a luxury that is lost, especially among the youngest.

This saga, which we already offered you in our article dedicated to the best fantastic books , is what we call one of the best series to introduce a child to reading.

A fantastic universe, endearing characters and endless intrigue, the lucky one will say thank you, believe us!

For literary people: The Magic Finger, by Roald Dahl (1966)

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The common point between Le Doigt Magique, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Matilda , Le Bon Gros Géant , Georges Bouillon’s Magic Potion or even A Tale Can Hide Another , is obviously the mark of the genius of their author, Roald Dahl.

Through his novels with fun and perfectly put together plots, he especially gives his works a unifying character that brings together adults and adults alike around a good reading. You will tell us the news!

For the pipelettes: Les Pipelettes, Tome 1: Taisez-vous, by Anne Guillard (2012)

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Les Pipelettes tells the story of Anne and her friends and, more specifically, their college life. Admittedly, this one is not always the simplest, but together they manage to make it more fun.

Because, yes, between working and talking, some have already made their choice …

For fashionistas: LilySilk’s silk scrunchie

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There is no age to be a fashion victim . If the one you are looking to celebrate is one, then this scrunchie is bound to please her since, made from silk, it will sublimate any hairstyle.

For a 100% successful surprise effect, do not hesitate to integrate it into a basket that you will have garnished with a varnish, a cream or a perfume. You can also opt for the set of 7 rubber bands , but this one will of course cost more.

For the pretty ones: Premyo’s kit

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Beyond the unicorn motif which we obviously find it hard to get tired of, it is its multifunctional nature that has finally convinced us.

With the 10-12 age group straddling the children’s universe and the teenage universe, we kill two birds with one stone by offering a kit capable of accommodating cosmetics or pencils and pens of all kinds. .

Yes, we are quite proud of ourselves!

Toy and Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls: Under 20$

Best under 20$: The POP! by Funko

While these figures now take on the features of various characters , here we have decided to present the Elsa from Frozen 2 to you.

Measuring 9 cm high, it is packaged in an illustrated box whose transparency will allow the lucky one to contemplate the face of this snow queen. Finally, that’s if she is in the optics of adding it to her collection, otherwise she can always unpack it to include it in her craziest stories!

For the bitches: Mortelle Adèle (T1): All That Will End Badly, by M.Tan and Miss Prickly (2013)

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Mortelle Adele is the story of a heroine of a whole new genre. Fascinated by nonsense, she can not help but chain them one after the other.

Between black humor and tenderness, this book will not fail to capture the attention of its reader. If so, be aware that there are a total of 17 volumes, the last of which has just been released.

For artists: The designer mandala from Ravensburger

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If you did not know, the mandala is an Indian technique which aims to achieve absolute zenitude. By making this ancestral art accessible to the youngest, the now famous Ravensburger brand offers them creative moments and peaceful moments galore.

In addition to designing and customizing her own mandala, the birthday girl can also draw it as she wishes.

It is high time to give art its rightful place, modern societies or not …

For mug addicts: Pusheen’s PUSHCCMUG

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Drinking from a cup has never been so fun. With its high quality ceramic finishes and color changing mechanism, it is sure to catch the eye.

Appreciated and appreciable for its rather kitsch nature, it will effortlessly enhance Mademoiselle’s cocoa breaks.

For gamers: Support for Nintendo Switch

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If your darling is an avid Switch gamer, then this support is sure to enchant her. Certified by the brand and 100% foldable for more transportability, it offers several angles of inclination to adapt to the needs of the player.

You can even charge the console simultaneously, so you can play anytime, anywhere.

PS: If you want to accompany this gift with a small game in addition, do not hesitate to consult our selection of the best Nintendo Switch games .

For designers: The creative jewelry kit from Sentosphere

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Certainly, creativity is in the spotlight in this selection!

The Sentosphere brand invites you to revisit Brazilian bracelets by adding very girly pearls.

Whether your protege chooses to make friendship bracelets or trendy accessories to match her outfits, one thing is certain: she will have enjoyed making them.

For cocooning fans: Brubaker’s bath balls

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Vegan and cruelty-free, they are designed not to attack the skin. On the contrary, they will come to hydrate it, thanks to the presence of olive oil and coconut / shea butter in their conception.

Well, in the case of these ladies, the soothing properties could well go by the wayside in favor of the effervescent spectacle which is offered to them because, yes, the glitter will be there. They would be wrong to want to deprive themselves of it!

Toy and Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls: Under 50$

Best under 50$: Trampoline

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If you know an aspiring gymnast, investing in a small indoor trampoline can be a really nice gift.

This model can support up to 80 kg and its compactness makes it easy to store and move.

Healthy, fun and inexpensive, what more could you ask for?

For women in the making: Calvin Klein bralettes

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Made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, they are particularly comfortable to wear and, above all, very fashionable.

But beyond their aesthetic, it is their multifunction nature that seduced us. Indeed, the young girl will have no trouble using them as a bra or, even, as real sports bras. There will be happy ones!

For sportswomen: Anker Slim SoundBuds

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Combining the useful with the pleasant and inexpensive, this is the promise that these sports Bluetooth headphones aim to keep.

In addition to punchy bass and efficient insulation, they also benefit from an IPX4 waterproofing which makes them resistant to sweat and rain.

An ideal gift for little sportswomen who wish to practice in music, therefore.

For movie buffs: Popcorn Maker

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Let it be said, a movie (or a series) without a snack is not a movie! So that your little one can fully appreciate his moments of relaxation, Russell Hobbs has at his disposal a small popcorn machine that he is not ready to do without.

Whether it’s “salty” or rather “sweet”, she will enjoy a cinema atmosphere from her living room!

For the illuminated: Lamp 2160 LVA2160 Colormax Northern Lights

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When we say attractive, we mean completely hypnotizing.

Your protege might spend hours watching the lava and glitter rise and fall. And you know what ? So much the better since this lamp promises relaxation and relaxation. We just want to see!

For nail artists: Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper

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The least we can say is that with this device, doing a manicure is child’s play.

Including 1 machine, 2 varnishes, 1 top-coat, 5 pattern cartridges and even a pencil case, the Go Glam has it all!

In addition, rest assured, the varnishes are removed with water. A very practical alternative for all mothers whose young girls (for the sake of mimicry) want to polish.

For occasional: The Ice Watch Ola Kids

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We find here all the codes that made the brand what it is today.

Composed of a silicone strap that is ultra resistant, this children’s watch is especially designed to adapt to small wrists.

Because they always try to do like the grown-ups, you are sure to make a big splash with this pretty present.

For music lovers: Tribit XSound Go bluetooth speaker

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If the miss is an accomplished music lover, look no further because this Bluetooth speaker is made for her.

Compact and easy to transport, it is characterized above all by its waterproofness (IPX7 certification) and by its autonomy which amounts to no less than 24 hours!

Whether she is on the other side of the world or at a simple pool party, Mademoiselle can enjoy her favorite music without moderation.

For the princesses (or not): Disney Villainous from Ravensburger

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Admittedly, the Disney princesses often occupy the foreground but, let’s face it, playing Jafar, Maleficent, Ursula, the Queen of Hearts, Prince Jean or even Captain Hook, it’s much more fun!

Whether you are playing it with 2 to 6 players, this strategic board game gives you the same wickedly evil fun. The question is, will you let your protege go to the dark side of the force?

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