September 21, 2021
Tribit Maxsound Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Tribit Maxsound Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews in 2021

With the MaxSound Plus, Tribit has produced its most powerful and high-quality Bluetooth speaker to date. The sound quality and battery life included for its size and a price of just under 56 $, the water-resistant housing make the speaker a real tip!

Anyone looking for a bluetooth speaker for almost any purpose should take a look at the Tribit MaxSound Plus.

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  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Good sound
  • Extra bass is convincing
  • Good battery life (20 hours)
  • Great price


  • 4 hours of charging time
  • Micro USB charging
  • No power bank function

Scope of delivery

In addition to the speaker itself, which is neatly wrapped in a protective foam film, a micro USB / USB-A cable and an AUX cable are included . A black ribbon is attached to the outside of the speaker, which provides an additional way to transport the Bluetooth speaker.

A small manual explains the setting options briefly and precisely. Two small business cards explain that you supported the aid organization UNICEF with the purchase and how you can continue to support the group.

Design and processing

Anyone who has ever held a wireless Bluetooth speaker in their hands is familiar with the pill-shaped design. Unlike many of its competitors, Tribit uses a slightly soft, matt polycarbonate that is comfortable to hold. This encloses the entire device with the exception of the connection cover, which is made of rubber.

The front of the loudspeaker grille is made of metal. On the back is the bass, which is cut out of the polycarbonate material instead of being under a grille.

Four rubberized feet along the bottom keep the device from slipping and work well as a buffer to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the speaker’s surface.

Both a micro USB and a 3.5 mm audio connection are located below the connection cover. The USB connector is used for charging, while the second connector is for audio input. The flap that covers the ports is a bit difficult to open. No wonder, especially with regard to the IPX7 waterproofness of the speaker. Advantage: The port cover won’t tear off as quickly.


The six buttons located on the top of the MaxSound Plus include a power button, bluetooth, play / pause, volume control and XBass button. The Power and XBass buttons have special LEDs. For the former, this shows the charging, power and connection status, while the latter shows whether an additional bass has been activated. The power LED can display three different colors to quickly find out the status of the device.

If you press the play button twice, you will jump forward one song. If you press the button three times, you can jump back again.

The Tribit MaxSound Plus has a small microphone with which you can record voice messages, make phone calls and use the Google Assistant.

The loudspeaker cannot be used as a power bank – too bad!

The Bluetooth connectivity is 30 meters and effortlessly penetrates solid walls or doors that are between the device and the source. A completely interference-free reproduction is thus given.

Thanks to the IPX7 certificate, the Tribit MaxSound Plus is waterproof and can therefore be kept under water at times. Splash and rain water are also no problem for the speaker.


Listening to music is possible in two modes via the MaxSound Plus Bluetooth speaker.

The default mode is playback with the XBass technology switched off. In this mode, the sound quality is clean and razor-sharp, with the bass tones appearing evenly and balanced.

From a technical point of view, small loudspeakers cannot generate real hits or bumps. Even the best small format speakers in the world fail in this regard. Still, we were impressed by turning on XBass. The Tribit MaxSound Plus does a great job in music where the bass plays a major role.

Despite the bass, the overall balance is not affected. The XBass definitely brings the sound to the front, but the penetration of the other tones is still very clear. This is not least due to the identical frequencies used by the 24 watt loudspeaker. Distortion can occasionally occur at full volume, but is not noticeable in almost none of the songs we tested.

The relatively low price surprisingly does not affect the audio quality and can easily keep up with higher-priced speakers.

Battery pack

The battery life is given off with 24 hours. In our test, the device almost reached the 20-hour mark. However, the battery life is more than sufficient to cope with almost any application. The battery life is still significantly better than many of its competitors.


The Tribit MaxSound Plus Bluetooth speaker is a great product. Despite its low price and small size, the MaxSound Plus delivers powerful, deep bass and loud, but high-quality mids. Long-range playback, additional smartphone or loudspeaker functions, and a classic look, as well as water resistance, make the loudspeaker an absolute tip.

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