March 5, 2021
Zodiac MX8 good cheap, for saler Test and opinion on this swimming pool robot (5)

Zodiac MX8: Test and Opinion on This Swimming Pool Robot

Alongside the leaders in the field, namely the Dolphin pool robots from Maytronics, another manufacturer is undoubtedly illustrated: it is Zodiac Mx8, which develops many ranges of devices. Whether we think of hydraulic or electric swimming pool robots , intended for individuals or pressure, it is indeed a very rich offer that is offered to us.

Here we invite you to discover the Zodiac MX8 robot test , focusing on excellent value for money and good performance, achieving the essential. However, since the machine requires a significant investment, is this justified? You will find out in our test and then in our final opinion, at the end of the article.

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Technical characteristics of Zodiac MX8

Max size:For pools with a length of 12 m
Coatings:Tiles, concrete, liner, polyester, PVC
Bottom and walls
Suction:10 m3 / h
Filtration:  Pool filtration circuit
Programs: 2 modes and flow regulator
Power supply:  Hydraulic
Duration of cycles: Choice of
Cable length: 12 m
Weight: 3.2 kg
Guarantee: 2 years

Zodiac MX8 review

Let us now detail the various criteria in which we were interested to constitute the test; to this end, we focus as much on the suction and cleaning performance as the ergonomics and practicality of the device.


To start, let’s see who this rather financially accessible pool robot is for. Suitable for swimming pools with a length of 12 m , it also wants to be compatible with a large number of coatings. We thus find the most classic ones, such as reinforced PVC , painted concrete or even liner . Little surprise at the rendezvous: the tiles are also compatible, which is not often the preserve of competitive products. This way, whatever the coating of your swimming pool, you should not notice any variation in performance. This, especially since the machine takes advantage of tracks solids allowing it to advance indiscriminately on all surfaces, rough or smooth.

The start-up is relatively simple on condition that you follow the instructions for use, rather clear it must be admitted, and available online on the manufacturer’s website. Once the small adjustments have been made, you must connect the robot to the skimmer or to a broom plug before submerging it. The filtration passes through the swimming pool system (we come back to this later in the article, in the part concerned). After having chosen the mode suitable for small or large debris and decided on the ideal flow rate according to the indications (we will also come back to this), it then starts its cleaning cycle.

The operation is fully automatic, the robot cleaner acting in complete autonomy . Unlike the robots in the Dolphin range, this one does not rely on a fixed-time cycle, but leaves you the choice of the time for which you leave the robot in the water. It depends, of course, on the expected result, but don’t kid yourself: you’ll have to be patient. Fortunately, it is quite possible to bathe when the machine is in operation, but we will then think of putting it on β€œsmall debris” mode only to avoid any risk.

As we said, operating autonomy is good news, but it happens that the device requires your intervention from time to time. When it climbs the walls, it happens in fact to stand in an upright position, in which it hangs. You must then put it back correctly so that it resumes the vacuuming and cleaning cycle, as if nothing had happened.

Zodiac MX8 Test and opinion on this swimming pool robot

Like most of this equipment, the movement is done randomly using the X-Drive system , in order to cover the entire surface of the pool. If this one does a rather good job, it suffers however from the comparison with the PowerStream of Dolphin (Maytronics), which abandons the randomness to make room for optimized movements after analysis of the shape and state of your pool. The main consequence is therefore on the duration of the necessary cycle: while Dolphin can achieve a perfect cleaning in 2 hours of time, on the other hand, it will take 2 to 3 times more time for the Zodiac MX8. Remember, however, once again that these products do not play at the same level of range.

Let’s take a look at hydraulic operation , interesting from several aspects, but calling for certain precautions. Compared to the electric transformer, it is effectively more energy efficient , using the power and pressure of the pump to move forward. It also has the undeniable price argument, since this power supply is mainly found on entry-level and mid-range products. However, be aware that the cleaning speed is slower for a hydraulic pool robot. For example, it moves at a speed of 8m / minute, a figure that is certainly quite good for a hydraulic system, but which is supplanted by the electric models.

Let us quickly mention transport and storage which are real strengths of the device. Its light weight of 3.2 kg and its compact dimensions allow you to carry it at arm’s length without difficulty before storing it where you want it.


As we said, Zodiac is ignoring programs in favor of a choice of options. You are thus free to choose the flow rate thanks to the regulator provided for this purpose. Keep in mind, however, that the highest flow rate is not systematically recommended, so Zodiac has an indication system on board to tell you whether it is necessary to regulate the flow up or down. .

Zodiac MX8 Test and opinion on this swimming pool robot

Regarding the modes, there are two: one for “large debris” (such as leaves) and another for “small debris” (by that mean sand or pebbles). The alternation between the modes is done by means of an adapter which is placed or removed. Although very inspired “Plug’n’Play”, it lacks practicality. It would indeed be interesting to include these modes in all-in-one, which for example does very well the Dolphin T55i and its triple filtration system. Once again, however, remember that we are not in the same price range.

Finally, forget the connected features: they are not there. Too bad, because taking control of the movements of the Zodiac swimming pool robot would have been very useful, just to insist on certain areas and speed up the process.

Suction and filtration

Zodiac MX8 Test and opinion on this swimming pool robot 3

Depending on the mode you choose, the suction is effective for the debris it is intended for. The air flow is admittedly a little weak, not exceeding 10 m3 / h , but it is nevertheless entirely in the logic of a long cycle.

Remember that the manufacturer recommends a cycle of 6 hours in 2 times (3 hours each, for filtration passing through the pool system). Note that it certainly requires regular maintenance to prevent it from becoming clogged – a process ultimately classic when you think of Dolphins and their removable filters to wash after each use.

Cleaning performance

Here is a point on which we cannot compromise: does the machine carry out an effective cleaning? We are of the opinion that it is … provided you give it time! Random movements can indeed create variations in the homogeneity of the cleaning, so it will sometimes be necessary to let it work a little longer than expected so that it takes care of the areas concerned.

On the walls, depending on the shape of the pool, cleaning can be more or less successful. We therefore recommend getting this model for swimming pools that are relatively simple in their shapes.

However, we regret the absence of a motorized brush, admittedly difficult to achieve in this price range, but nevertheless managing to remove dirt with surprising efficiency.

Zodiac MX8 Reviews

It is ultimately not so surprising that the Zodiac MX8 stands out among the best Zodiac pool robots . All its strength lies in its controlled price-quality ratio, the machine offering to achieve the essential. This can be seen when cleaning the bottom and the walls – so exit the water line. The quality of the suction, on the other hand, depends above all on the time during which the robot is in operation – exit, therefore, the possibility of short and intensive cycles. However, keep in mind that this is a hydraulic model and that the few sacrifices to be made are well worth the savings, both in purchase and in use.

So verdict: is it worth the investment? Given the range in which it fits, we address a frank “yes”. We recognize some weaknesses of slowness or even autonomy, the robot asking from time to time your intervention if it gets blocked because of a wall or an obstacle. However, these are all acceptable concessions compared to the pricing policy. Definitely a good choice for a first purchase or in case of a little tight budget!


  • Price-quality ratio
  • Cleaning performance
  • Easy to use, transport and store
  • Hydraulic operation, energy savings


  • Slow operation for complete cleaning
  • Sometimes hangs in the “standing” position for the walls
  • Lack of optimization of trips